Bonus! Wool Auction Sneak Peek!

Kelly Locke

A bonus episode with a sneak preview of 100 fleeces that will be at the 2018 Monterey County Fair Wool Auction on September 3.


Kelly talks about the auction, how it works and what to expect.  She also describes the beautiful fleeces, talks about the judge's comments, and shares which fleeces are her favorites.

Here is an article from shearer Stephany Wilkes about canary staining.

Here is an article from Montana State that has a chart that compares the 3 grading systems.

Here is a website from Wildfibres that shows the grades of wool by breeds. 

The auction starts at 11:30 at the Livestock Pavillion near Gate 6 of the Monterey County Fairgrounds.  Viewing starts around 9 am and wool buyers can get into the fair for free with a copy of a flyer.  You can get a copy from me by emailing twoewes@twoewesfiberadventures.com or by going to the Two Ewes website and using the contact form.  Check out the Anne's Web Ravelry group.  The Anne's Web guild is the hosting guild for the wool show and auction. We hope to see you there!


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