About Our Yarn

We are proud to offer our Replenish Rambouillet yarn.  This lusciously soft and bouncy yarn is spun from Climate Beneficial (TM) wool grown on a Northern California ranch and certified by Fibershed. The ranch uses Carbon Farming practices to return carbon from the atmosphere to the soil. You can feel good about your purchase of Replenish Rambouillet! The production of this wool contributed to replenishing the soil. 

We also carry yarns that are sourced from small farms or fiber festivals.  We love all grades of wool, from the soft, luscious fine wools like our Replenish Rambouillet or Foggy Coast Merino, to the gorgeous long locks of the luster breeds.  Every wool has a purpose and we want to help you find the right fiber for your projects. Our product descriptions will tell you about the wool and give you an idea of the best uses. 

The yarns sourced from small flocks or single sheep are processed in small mills from small lots of wool, so there may occasionally be imperfections in the spinning or plying of the yarn.  As we wind the skeins we might cut out a section, resulting in a knot in your skein.  The Replenish Rambouillet is milled in a larger mill and the resulting skein quality is more like a commercially spun skein. 

If you are a fiber adventurer who is just beginning to work with breed specific yarns, please feel free to contact us to discuss the perfect yarn for your project.


Kelly and Marsha