Meet Our Yarn

We find our fiber through fiber festivals and contacts with farmers.  We are interested in all grades of wool, from the soft, luscious fine wools, to the gorgeous long locks of the luster breeds.  Every wool has a purpose and we want to help you find the right fiber for your projects. 

We care about the source of our yarns and we want you to know where they come from.  Our product descriptions will tell you where the sheep were grown and where the yarn was processed.  The number of spinning mills in the US is small and they each have different capabilities, so location of the mill will be influenced by the type of fiber being processed.

Because our yarns are processed in small mills from small lots of wool, there will sometimes be imperfections in the spinning or plying of the yarn.  When large lots are processed, imperfections can be removed and amounts of yarn will be wasted in order to create skeins with no imperfections.  With small batches it can be impossible to remove imperfections and still have skeins with no knots or imperfections.  As we wind the skeins we will sometimes cut out the imperfect section, resulting in a knot or two in your skein.  In other yarns, the plying imperfection will be left in to add to the character of the yarn. 

Our product description will usually give you some ideas of what the yarn could be made into.  It will also tell you the approximate yarn weight and the number of plies.  If you are a fiber adventurer who is just beginning to work with breed specific yarns, please feel free to contact us to discuss the perfect yarn for your project.


Kelly and Marsha