Meet Us


At Two Ewes Fiber Adventures we love wool!  We love spinning, knitting, crocheting and weaving with wool and we like to share our passion with others.  We wanted to support the shepherds who raise the sheep and the small mills who process it into roving and yarn. That led us here.  To a shop where we can inspire you to try fiber from sheep breeds you've never tried before. Our wool is a small-batch product, sourced from a single sheep, or a small flock, and processed in small mills, usually on the West Coast. 

We both live on the West Coast (Kelly in California and Marsha in Washington) and we visit fiber festivals and farms in our regions looking for fleeces and yarns. Usually our yarns and fibers will be locally sourced and connected to the geography of our western regions.  Sheep breeds vary in the different regions of the country, so we may also bring you wool from other parts of the country in our quest to provide you with fiber adventures. The American sheep and wool industry has a rich history and we hope to bring that to you in our fibers.

Some of our product is presented in the lovely natural colors of the animals and some is hand-dyed by us, The Two Ewes.  Whether you knit, crochet, weave, or spin you will enjoy the fiber, learn something about the source, and support small farmers and fiber millers in the process.  So please join us for a fiber adventure!


Kelly and Marsha