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The Two Ewes are together for this episode. Join us as we discuss our time at the NoCKRs retreat, Marsha’s travels, and our continued obsession with Emotional Support Chickens. We also have a little bit of other knitting, spinning and weaving to talk about. And Prizes!

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Knitter’s Haven is a gathering spot for crafters located in LaQuinta, California. Coachella Valley Yarns is located inside selling various yarns including the owner’s hand dyed yarn called Smirligans.

Marsha’s Projects

Emotional Support Chicken: Finished! Chicken Mania is real! I’ve made two so far. Number One looks a bit like a Barred Rock and Number Two vaguely like a Buff Orpington.

Camella Hat: by Katie Pomper. Using Meeker Street Olive’s Outerwear DK in the colorway Dragon’s Breath. 

Nanny Meier Tea Cozy: Inspired by Lily Pulitzer colors. Using Cascade 220 in hot pink and lime green. Cast on the second side.

Fine Sand: by Heidi Kirrmaier. Using West Yorkshire Spinners Illustrious. Finished the second sleeve but I don’t really like the sweater. Bringing to California for Kelly to give me her thoughts.

Socks: The Artful Ewe Clackamas. Starting toe of first sock.

Baby Surprise Jacket: by Elizabeth Zimmerman. Went to buy yarn at Fiber Gallery to use my gift cards but they have moved and not yet reopened the store. 

Mountain High Combo Spin #3: About halfway done with the body.

Combo Spin #4: I’ve spun two bobbins and started the third bobbin getting ready for a 3-ply.

Kelly’s Projects

I am continuing on the  Classic Knitted Ripple baby blanket using the Red Heart from my mom. There were two grays, black, white and a partial skein of red. I decided I needed to use the white and the pink. The blanket is wider than a typical baby blanket and will take more yarn.   I am about 12 inches from being finished. 

Chickens! Finished: One worsted weight, one fingering weight (size 1 needles).  Started one boucle chicken. 

Out-of-Hibernation Along 

February 1 - June 1. Have you started? Find something that has been in hibernation and get it out and do something. Back to active status, frogging and reclaiming yarn, giving away, throwing away, composting–this is spring cleaning for your project list. Check in with your progress in the Ravelry thread. Patreon Pattern Giveaway! 

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