Ep 133: It Takes a Long Time to Talk About Nothing!

Kelly Locke

Our first episode recorded while livestreaming! It takes a really long time to talk about nothing… Because we are recording live, people will actually see how long it takes!  Join the community on Ravelry or become a patron and support the show on our Patreon Page.

Marsha’s Projects:

I’ve knit a bit on my Dusk Into Twilight Shawl by Rosemary Hill. I’m done with the short row shaping and on the last row of stripe before I start the final stripe of lace. I’m using Two Ewes Fiber Adventures Replenish Rambouillet fingering dyed by Kelly in three colors, Bourbon and Suede, Falling Leaves, and Aquamarine. 

No knitting on my John O Groats socks since we last recorded. Using Yarns From the Plain sock yarn.

Learned from a listener Sarah (salpal1) that the correct pronunciation of Isle au Haut is “eye la hoe”. The pattern is by Beatrice Perron Dahlen. I’m using Imperial Yarn Columbia which is an aran weight in the color Juniper Green. We discussed in the last episode that the yarn has lots of knots. About 10-15 per skein. I learned from a listener, Sue, that the ranch no longer owns the yarn line. It’s great to get listener feedback! Since the last episode I have finished both sleeves, attached them to the body and knit a little over half the yoke. I added eight stitches to the body for 4” of ease and I then had to remove those stitches in the yoke. The yoke has raglan shaping with a two stitch decrease at the four raglans which equals 8 eight stitches. Perfect! I did one extra row of decreases at the beginning of the raglan. Should be hidden there.

Arne and Carlos Daily Quarantine Knitting Podcast

Kelly’s Projects:

I decided to keep going on the  Mariannes Cardigan after looking closely at the place where I am alternating skeins. It actually is under my arm when I try it on and it looks ok. It is a pattern by Trine Bertelsen that combines crochet and knitting. 


I’ve made great progress on the Cotswold Ruana and may even finish in time for the Winter Weave Along end (March 31). I have about 18 inches to go before it is ready to come off the loom for finishing. That will go fast since there are only about 8-10 picks per inch. Then I will hem it and wet finish it. I might not finish that part by the end of March.


I started another scrap hat using sock scraps. I’m down to very few tiny scrap balls. But I have some larger sock yarn leftovers.  I’m using the rest of the skein of Little Fish Stitches Seabrook Sunset yarn that I got at Seabrook and holding along with a cream colored sock yarn that I’m surprised I have in my stash.


Cosmic Crisp yarn giveaway. Thread in Ravelry (finally!). Enter by April 12th.

Winter Weave Along--Started October 15 in the Two Ewes Ravelry Group. This weave along goes until March 31, so it ends in just a couple days. 

Marsha and Kelly are taking an online dog training class from Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. It starts on April 1. 

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  • Why can’t I find any pictures of the Sonny Bono jacket? It sounds awesome!

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