Ep 151: Tea Cosy Crazy!

Kelly Locke


We celebrate the life of a fiber adventurer we've lost, plus we talk paper, planning, and plotting. How do you keep your life in order?


In Memory of Greenhook (Amy from Salem, OR)

Amy smiling as she wears a periwinkle crocheted sweater

From her local Ravelry Group: Remembering our Amy with a Caps for Kids KAL

To honor her memory, we are having a Caps for Kids KAL from now until February 15th, to knit or crochet caps in any washable yarn, any pattern, any size, and donate them to a kids charity. Please post a photo of your cap(s) here before donating them. 

Marsha’s Projects

I haven’t knit a stitch on the Holey Comfort cardigan by Hinterm Stein,  but I did wind the fourth skein.

Finished socks for myself using Tilli Tomas Artisan Sock in Coconut Grove. 

Started another pair of socks for myself using Drops Fabel Print that I bought in San Luis Obispo.

I have the book, Tea Cozies 3 by Sian Brown, Alison Howard and Vanessa Mooncie and have made the Pineapple and knitting Devon Violets.

tea cosy with African violets

pineapple tea cosy in progress

Started another tea cosy in red and green using the pattern Nanny Meiers Tea Cozy published by Fiber Trends. Using spirit yarn from Sears! 

red and green ribbed tea cosy in progress

the back of a red and green knitted tea cost in progress
view of thickness of red and green tea cosy
Made the same tea cozy for my friend Gary. 
checkered tea cosy in the ribbed pattern

Kelly’s Projects 

I’m making progress on my With Friends Pullover. I’m using two patterns:  Rachel by Josée Paquin, Fresh by Josée Paquin. To view the changes that I made to the striping sequence, see my project page. I’m back on track after ripping out about 10 rows and I have about an inch or so to go on the body. 

I started the Persian Tile Blanket for my grand niece. I’m using Knit Picks Brava Worsted in lots of fun bright colors.

trio of crochet motifs for persian tile blanket

I’m continuing to knit dishcloths using my favorite stitch pattern, the Triple L Tweed from the Purl Soho Slip Stitch Dishtowels pattern. I cast on a multiple of 3 stitches +1. It’s usually 34 or 37 stitches because I like a compact dishcloth. I’m using four different 108-yard skeins of Tahki Cotton Classic and I’ll make as many as I can with this amount of yarn. 

nine small dishcloths in the L tweed stitch pattern

I have my table loom dressed with one of the Christmas dish towel warps.  It is a red, white, and green warp that reminds me of ribbon candy. The pattern I’ll be using is Textured Stripe from the Marguerite Davison Handweaver’s Pattern Book. 

Recipe I referred to: Butternut Squash and Brussels Sprouts from NPR

Giveaway--Paper, Planning, and Plotting

Two Sheeps Calendar: A Celebration of Independent Yarn Dyers. Each month features an exclusive skein from an indie dyer and the link to order the yarn. It’s not just a calendar!

From twosheeps:  

Working with each dyer, we have obtained a limited supply of each exclusive colorway. The yarn in each month’s photograph is available for purchase on the first day of that month. 

We are grateful to each dyer for creating, dyeing, twisting, and labeling these amazing skeins and are thrilled to showcase their talent in our company’s first calendar! 

Pack of three Field Notes notebooks in the Snowy Evening design

From Field Notes:  We’ve limited this 49th Quarterly Edition to 33,333 3-Packs. Each Memo Book cover features a unique snowflake illustration rendered by our friend and co-conspirator, Brendan Dawes. Each snowflake is different, so every book is different, and so for the first time in a Quarterly Edition – we’ve individually numbered each book.

To enter, answer this prompt: How do you keep your plots and plans straight? Paper, digital, other? Do you use a calendar? What kind? A notebook? What kind? Do you use a notebook for your projects or just Ravelry? When do you use paper and when do you use digital?  Marsha and Kelly will put up a thread in the Ravelry group, or you can send a comment from the website, you can send us an audio file (for example using voice memo phone app and emailing it, send us a dm on Instagram or email us twoewes@twoewesfiber.com. From all the responses we’ll draw a winner on January 20 and you’ll hear the winner during the second January episode on about January 25. 

Winter Weave Along

You can join in with your weaving projects anytime until March 31. We will have prizes, including a class generously donated by Erica at Weavolution. Check out this great website for weavers with projects, discussion, classes, and lots of resources. The website has a handy Weaving Calculator that you can use for project planning.

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  • WOW! You all are a lot more organized then I even want to be. I don’t keep any calendars. I have a journal or two for keeping ever changing passwords and an address book. I use email as my closest calendar event tracker. Facebook keeps track of the birthdays I celebrate, and if they don’t put it on Facebook, they don’t want to celebrate it.
    Pattern planning is generally just a piece of paper in the planning stage and if I like it, I will put it in those sheet protectors to pack it around.
    Like others I have read, I am retired, and only working part-time and really don’t have need for calendars. For me, I can see a correlation between calendars and cell phones. I don’t pack one of those around a lot either.
    Happy Day and to those who celebrate the New Year; Happy New Year! :)

    Peggy Hollen

  • I use notebooks to keep record of the scriptures for each service I attend. It also helps me to keep track of the Psalms/Proverbs verses I read before the main service each week. My life isn’t that busy, so a wall calendar at work gets my meetings/appts marked in and that seems to work. I use my phone calendar for entering far away Dr. appointments, luckily for me they also send out text reminders. Hurray! A simple life can be a good thing, especially these days.


  • I keep notebooks—the spiral-bound ones from the school supply store. I have one for my weekly schedule that I write out each Sunday afternoon. I have one for the house, with a page for each room, the greenhouse, the woods, the studio, etc. I have one for fiber with a page each for weaving, dyeing, spinning, knitting, fiber prep, and sewing. I have one for travel dreams and plans. And I keep a journal, for my plans and dreams and thoughts.

    I have a little pocket calendar that I carry in my purse for scheduling on the go. But I’m retired, so I don’t have a calendar for much!

    Juli S

  • Thank you for remembering crochethook… when we could meet in person I was in one of her groups. She is greatly missed!
    I enjoy my paper calendars I have 3. I am retired, but when working I used calendars as Kelly describes. Now I have a Wheaten Terrier calendar in my office. It is so handy just to glance up and quickly know where we are in the month. I order a Mary Englebreigh calendar for my refrigerator. I love her pictures and happy message.
    I also keep track of Murphy Wheaten’s heartworm meds there. Finally I have a basket with a calendar on my dining table. There I record rain from my rain gauge, hair appointments (when possible) and any family reminders needed.
    Notebooks: i keep a few…. one on the coffee table or where I zoom. I write recommendations for movies, notes from my online class, whatever. I used to keep a gratitude journal by my bed, but lately I am reading Science news at bed time.
    I will post this in Ravelry also


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