Ep 154: Preventing Pooling Presents Problems

Kelly Locke


Preventing pooling, planning with paper, and a dilemma about how to hide where you are alternating skeins. These are the topics of the day! 

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Marsha’s Projects

I finished Holey Comfort cardigan by Hinterm Stein and it fits beautifully. This is a great pattern.

coral colored cardigan "Holey Comfort"

I am continuing to work on a pair of socks for myself using Drops Fabel Print that I bought in San Luis Obispo.

Along with my friend Kim I cast on a Tee called Walk Along by AnkeStrick. I’m using Little Fish Stitches fingering that I got at the yarn shop in Seabrook. I have a bit of a dilemma about alternating skeins. 

the first 5 inches of a hand knit sweater

The yarn is variegated and I want to prevent pooling. So of course, I’m alternating skeins. The problem is how to hide the place where it is happening, especially while working on the yoke.

the place on a sweater where two skeins are being alternated

Kelly’s Projects 

The Persian Tile Blanket for my grand niece is coming along well. I have about a dozen octagons finished and I’m planning to get some of the squares and triangles done before I finish up the octagons. I want the yarn colors to be well distributed.

crocheted motifs for a blanket all laid out-color photo

the same photo of crocheted motifs in black and white

I’m still working on my With Friends Pullover using the pattern Rachel by Josée Paquin.  However, I am planning to modify the ribbing on the bottom of the split hem by using the larger needle size and also by using garter stitch instead in the reverse stockinette sections of the ribbing. That will keep the ribbing from pulling in at the bottom, I hope. 

Paper, Planning, and Plotting

We had our drawing for the giveaway and Marsha identified several themes in people’s responses. Here’s what she has to say:

I went down a rabbit hole watching videos about Bullet Journals, Hobonichi Techno, and Elfinbooks. :-)

Paper still seems to be the most popular...wall calendars, journals, dayrunners, notebooks for lists. Graph paper seems to be a favorite. Notebooks for keeping ideas for craft projects.

Most people seem to keep track of patterns, projects, stashes, etc on Ravelry.

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  • Apologies for far finger typos in previous comment😑

    Francesca Quinn

  • Ladies I can’t tell you how much I look forward to your podcast coming out! I live hearing the very obvious friendship you have with each other, you can hear the affection in your voices and you both have such wonderful laughs and giggles, which is just what I need here in the currently Esther depressing UK! Happy knitting and crochet, I’m poised for another episode! Take care xx

    Fran quinn

  • Writing vs. typing. There is a lot of research of why writing is better. There are even some younger generations who are going back to writing. Couple of articles:

    There is still some question of which is better but it is an interesting discussion.

    I am both digital and hand-written. I enjoy hand-written because it is somewhat of like art to me at times. :)


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