Ep 156: Captions, Clarity, and Needles (not the Knitting Kind!)

Kelly Locke

We talk about captions, speaking clearly, vaccinations, and our pitifully small batch of knitting projects. 

We now have full transcripts. You'll find the transcript at the bottom of the show notes. 

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Marsha’s Projects

I’m still working on the pair of socks for myself using Drops Fabel Print that I bought in San Luis Obispo.

I’m making progress on the Walk Along tee by AnkeStrick and I’m using Little Fish Stitches fingering. I’ve put the sleeves on waste yarn and knit about an inch on the body. I lost the tags on the half cakes of yarn that I had set up so I could alternate skeins and avoid pooling. I think it will be ok, but I spent so much time documenting my strategy. 

Yoke of a partially knit variegated sweater

I started a spinning project with olive green merino roving I bought at the Whidbey Island Weavers meet up in April 2019. I'm combining it with another merino I ordered from Paradise Fibers in Spokane, Washington in a dark brown called Bitter Chocolate. Making a 3 ply with two green and one brown single. I’ve spun two skeins.

Handspun skein of 3-ply yarn. One ply brown, two plies olive green

Kelly’s Projects 

I’m almost finished with a pair of socks for Robert. I’m using leftovers of Leading Men Fiber Arts Show Stopper, Independent Will colorway. I had 90 grams left after using it for argyle socks for my brother-in-law. I’m using gray handspun leftovers from his Civil War Socks for the toes and heels. 

Green and gray variegated socks with gray toes and heel.

I also started an Ice Time Hat. The yarn is Lady Dye craftivism kit singles (19th Amendment colorway) in cream, purple and yellow, held double with Duren Dyeworks fingering in a brownish purple and gold. The pattern is really fun and it’s looking great! Check out my project page

Purple and yellow hat using Ice Time pattern

Extremities Knit/Crochet Along

This KAL/CAL was inspired by the generous donation of these patterns:

Abington Mitts, Jennifer Lassonde, Down Cellar Studio

Coffee Socks Collection, Dotsdabbles Designs, Deborah

It starts now (February 2021) and will end on April 25, 2021. Knit anything for your extremities (hands, arms, legs, feet). Some examples include socks, leg warmers, mitts,  mittens, gloves, and wristlets. There will be a giveaway thread in the Ravelry Group for you to post your FOs. 

Winter Weave Along

You can join in with your weaving projects anytime until March 31. We will have prizes, including a class generously donated by Erica at Weavolution. Check out this great website for weavers with projects, discussion, classes, and lots of resources. The website has a handy Weaving Calculator that you can use for project planning.

Full Transcript

Marsha 0:03
Hi, this is Marsha

Kelly 0:04
And this is Kelly. We are the Two Ewes of Two Ewes Fiber Adventures. Thanks for stopping by.

Marsha 0:10
You'll hear about knitting, spinning, dyeing, crocheting, and just about anything else we can think of as a way to play with string.

Kelly 0:17
We blog and post show notes at TwoEwesFiberAdventures.com.

And we invite you to join our Two Ewes Fiber Adventures group on Ravelry. I'm @1hundredprojects,

Marsha 0:29
and I am @betterinmotion. We are both on Instagram and Ravelry. And we look forward to meeting you there. Enjoy the episode.

Kelly 0:43
Hi, Marsha.

Marsha 0:44
Hi, Kelly.

Kelly 0:45
How's it going?

Marsha 0:47
Pretty good.

Kelly 0:48

Marsha 0:49
Had pretty exciting weather here in Seattle, a little unusual for us that we had a huge snores, excuse me, snore... huge snowstorm come through. And it was it was actually Well, I thought I was gonna like it more than I did. I mean, it was beautiful. And I took Enzo out for walks in it every day. And and you know, I really and there's so many people out walking and with their dogs it was it was beautiful. And it was just, you know, it is. But I think what was difficult for me is I felt very unsettled, because I was listening all day long to the impeachment hearings. And that sort of got me wound up. So it was difficult for me to sort of fully enjoy the you know, and then also, we're in the middle of a pandemic, all we do is stay at home so that that sense of like, Oh, I get to stay home and have a fire and cook and make bread.

Kelly 1:55
And you did that yesterday

Marsha 1:57
as well. I do all the time. So and then I was sort of wound up as probably most people were wound up and anyway. So but the snow has melted. But I do have a funny story to tell about the snow. I had an eye and eye exam scheduled for Tuesday at 7:50am. So very early. And I was concerned about getting the car out even though the snow was melting. I was a little concerned about getting the car out. So I on Monday afternoon, I got the car out no problem. Since I got it out I went to the grocery store, went to my brother's house to drop off some grocery groceries and then I came back and as I was carrying things in I made a couple trips across the deck and at one point I slipped and because it's... Now the snow is getting all slushy and and messy and I slipped and fell down. I was totally fine. didn't hurt myself at all. Continued with my business. The next day, I'm getting ready to leave the house at like a little after seven to go to my appointment and I cannot find my car keys anywhere. And I'm looking everywhere. The place where I normally put them. It's not there. Because I know I've lost my keys in the past. I know how it's frustrating when you're trying to get out of the house. So I have this bowl, this fishbowl, I always put them in not they're not in any coat pockets. Not in my purse. Not in my knitting bag. I'm just like where can they possibly be? Can't find them. I do find the second pair-- set that I have. So I go to my appointment. Come back later after running a couple of errands come back and the snow has melted more and I find my keys with the house key and everything on the deck. That when I fell I think they fell out of my pocket and they fell into a snowdrift and now the snow had melted and there they were.

Kelly 3:49
At least your snow melted fast!

Marsha 3:51
I know. Well it was raining we just...So what happened is it started I think Friday. We had a little dusting of snow and I actually posted a picture on Friday afternoon I walked down to Kim's house and picked her up and then we walked to my brother's house and we sat in his garden He made us tea an we sat in the little garden folly. I posted a picture on Instagram of that. And there was a couple comments too about being cold. Well, my brother being my brother, he has heat out there of course!


it was very pleasant to sit out there on a snowy day because you have heat but anyway. Then that night it just started coming down and it snowed all day. I mean all Friday night Friday morning, or excuse me, Saturday morning, all Saturday and into Sunday. Just, it never stopped snowing. And we had I mean eight. someplace about eight inches probably at my house. Snow, that's a lot of snow for us. We don't usually get that much but of course then Sunday, late Sunday afternoon or evening, just turned to rain. And just then it just becomes soup out there. You know?

Kelly 5:05

Marsha 5:06
And then you just and then you just want it gone at that point. But it's funny, you know, you can tell you are a Seattleite because you post pictures of the snow and you talk about the snow and people are out there with their cross country skis and, and making snowman and I think other parts of the country and the world where they get lots of snow. They don't even talk about the snow probably.

Kelly 5:30
Right, right its the places that only get it once or twice a year.

Marsha 5:34
Yeah, like if you if you had snow in Salinas.

Kelly 5:38
Oh my God, if we had snow in Salinas, right, that would be super unusual.

Marsha 5:43
Well, and then I've been watching the news, and there's snow--pretty severe snowstorms across the country. And I saw Texas. Lots and lots of snow and these horrible car pile ups on the freeways and, and so

Kelly 6:00
power's out. power's out.

Marsha 6:02
Yeah, yeah,

Kelly 6:03
I really. Yeah. That's so I mean, your situation was a lot of snow. And you didn't really necessarily enjoy it, but it wasn't dangerous. But it sounds like they had, oh, in Texas is a really dangerous situation.

Marsha 6:21
Yeah, yeah. So we wish everybody in Texas well, and across the country that are experiencing pretty severe storms and power outages. And I was, I'm lucky I had power. And you know, I had heat. And and I and I, you know, because I didn't have to try and get to work either. I know how frustrating that can be.

Kelly 6:49
Yeah. Well, I'm going to make everyone jealous. Because I am at the moment sitting in the trailer. I didn't have time today to set up the inside studio. So I just brought the microphone down to where I had been working. And so I'm looking out the window of the trailer at the purple leaf plums that are just about in full bloom. They've they started blooming last week, and they're starting to get some leaves this week. But not all of the branches have blossoms, but it's really pretty. And then if I look out the other window, I can see a whole patch of daffodils that I've planted so so yeah, it's definitely spring here. And then above the trailer, because we've had to move it on to the lawn. Above the trailer is the Japanese Magnolia with all of those big tulip shaped blossoms. And it's in full bloom. So So yeah, we've got we've got quite the, quite the spring going on here.

Marsha 7:59
Well, I'm looking at my phone at your temperature and you have high of 61. And sun. Yeah, all day long. In fact, your whole week, Sun!

Kelly 8:10
Yes, it's been really nice.

Marsha 8:12
By contrast, let me look at the Seattle week. And it's uh, we have rain every day. Hmm. Yes. A little cloud with rain. Through next Wednesday. Yeah, it's it's nice today. We're gonna have rain. Oh, look, we got snow in the forecast again, too. Right.

Kelly 8:32
Well, yeah, I always say that usually my birthday weekend is rainy. And then Presidents Day weekend is gorgeous. Yeah. This year, my birthday weekend was gorgeous. Presidents weekend we got a ton of rain. That was about the same time you guys were getting your snow. Yeah. And we got it was a lot of rain. I mean, inches worth of rain. More than we usually get in one in one storm. Yeah. But yeah, I always say October and the like mid February. Are some of the best weather in this Monterey Bay Area. Yeah, just the most gorgeous weather.

Marsha 9:14
Well, you know, I often would come You know, I would come down for stitches. Right. Exactly. And it was beautiful.


we'd sit in your backyard and yeah,

Kelly 9:24
it's a little cool this year. A little cooler than normal this year. 61 is is a little cooler than you know then we usually have at this time of year when it's so sunny. But it's Yeah, it's it's quite. It's quite nice. I have a little heater in here in the trailer for when I first come in in the mornings. But yeah, I don't have it on now. I've got the windows, some of the windows open. So So anyway, that's the weather report. The Marsha and Kelly Weather Channel!

Marsha 9:59
Our lives are so exciting! I have so little going on in my life. It seems like that I'm talking about the weather. You have a lot going on in your life.

Kelly 10:08
Yeah. It's been a busy couple of weeks. Yeah, but let's talk about something more pleasant. Okay.

Marsha 10:16
Well, should we talk knitting?

Kelly 10:17
Yes, let's!

Marsha 10:19
Do you want to talk about your projects first?

Kelly 10:21
Sure. Yeah. I have so much to tell you about. Actually, I I do have, I have something new since last. Okay. So I, I started a hat. I had bought some yarn. Remember I said I wanted to make charity hats. So I bought some fingering weight yarn from Duren Dye works in some of the colors that I thought would go with the some other yarn that I had, you know, some some other fingering leftovers. I have a bright pink, like neon pink, leftover from Robert's argyle socks that I wanted to use, for example. And then I also remembered that I had a skein of Lady Dye, the craftivism club, I had, I had joined into her craftivism club and got a skein and some some stitch markers and a little little copy of the Constitution. And so that had been sitting for a while because it was purple and yellow, which it kind of reminded me like of Washington Huskies colors. So it wasn't something that I really, the colors didn't really appeal to me that much. But when I opened up my, the, the package from Duren Dyeworks, and I set it on the table, I was like, Oh, I bet this one. So I went and got that other purple and yellow, because it was, it was more like a gold, goldy brown and kind of a more brownish lavender color. And so I put the other one next to it. And I thought this would look really nice with two strands. So I have the two strands held double. And I'm making a pattern... I got inspired by the last episode where we had the the Abington Mitts from Jennifer Lassonde and she had a pattern called Ice Time Hat. And I thought, Oh, I'm going to make a patterned hat. So I went and got that pattern. It looked like it would be a good one for variegated because it has, it has like slipped stitches that kind of cross over the yarn. And so you have these extra like loops that you know are not... so it breaks up the variegation essentiallly

Marsha 12:43
Right, and the pooling over the left breast! (laughing)

Kelly 12:48
Yes, exactly. Like we have...

Marsha 12:52
For our listeners, if you've looked at the discussion forum, then you'll know what we're laughing about. But anyway,

Kelly 12:58
okay. Yes, there was a, there was a post about the pooling over the left breast that Marsha talked about in our one of our previous episodes. So anyway, yes. That's right. I don't have any of that happening. And it's really nice. The the two variegated yarns together helped to break it up. And then the pattern helps to break it up. The original pattern is meant for two colors. And I think it's meant for DK weight if I'm remembering correctly. Dk or worsted, and I'm just using one color. Well, I'm just using... Yeah, I'm using one color created by holding these two strands together. And it's really nice. The two yarns are really nice. I like the fabric that you make when you hold two strands of fingering together.

Marsha 13:49
Mm hmm.

Kelly 13:49
There's something different about it. It's heavy, it feels it feels weightier than just a DK or worsted weight. But it's also really squishy. So anyway, I I'm really enjoying the hat. I'm, I'm at the point where I have to start the crown decreases. I think it looks really good. I like you know, the colors are not my colors, and it's going to be a charity hat. So that doesn't matter. But I was glad to be able to use a skein that I had sitting around with the skein that I bought. Yeah, yeah. So and then, and then the leftovers of this, I think I'll be able to use. Well I might be able to make more than one hat. I might do that. I might just make another hat with the same yarns held together. Or I might take these yarns and hold them together with the neon pink and see what that looks like. For the remaining hats. But anyway, I decided to start a hat. And then I'm working on Robert's socks. In fact, I have that with me right now. I finished the first sock so now I'm on the second of Robert's socks and I'm using the Leading Men Fiber Arts Independent Will which is a gray and... It actually, knit up it kind of looks like cammo. It's gray, green, beige and brown variegated. There really nice. It's a, it's a pretty, it's a pretty color. And I like the way it's looking in the ribbing better than I like the way it's looking in the plain stockinette Oh, so,

Marsha 15:32
so are you going to? So are you just going to do plain stockinette though you're gonna keep doing that, or?

Kelly 15:38
No, it's I mean, my the the first sock I did is a stock... I like to make socks in stockinette. So it's,

Kelly breaking in while editing 15:45
I don't know what I was thinking. Every time you hear me say stockinette. I'm talking about two by two rib, I like to make my socks in two by two rib.

Kelly 15:57
it's stockinette it all the way down to the heel.

Kelly breaking in while editing 16:00
So it's two by two rib, all the way down to the heel.

Kelly 16:05
I did Eye of Partridge heel flap. And then when I, you know picked up and started on the gusset, I'm continuing the ribbing down the top of the foot and the stockinette on the bottom of the foot. Okay, so I can see the difference between the fabric in the ribbing and the fabric on the bottom of the foot that's in stockinette.

Marsha 16:27
Oh, I see. Okay,

Kelly 16:28
So and I do I like the fabric in the ribbing much better. The way the color... The way the colors are, are, are blending together. And the ribbing is nicer to me than the way they blend together in the in the stockinette. I mean, it's not bad either way. I mean, not there's nothing wrong with it. I just prefer the ribbing. So and then I put the toe is leftover yarn from his Civil War socks is my handspun. And it's a little thicker than fingering. And so when I, when I did, the toe is really stiff. Because the you know, the the gauge. It's a really, it's a thicker yarn with the same size needle. And Robert said the toe was a little, felt a little bit tight. You know how picky he is?

Marsha 17:19
Yes, I know. So, are you ever gonna knit knit socks that fit? (laughing)

Kelly 17:26
Yeah, well now and just just so listeners know, I it does not bother me at all. Yeah, I just I always make him try things on. And then I make adjustments. And I know I'm, you know, I know I'm gonna make adjustments, we finally found a toe that he liked. I think it's called the star toe. It is a lot like a hat crown decreases. And because he didn't like he didn't like the way the toes looked pointed. You know, in the ones.. If you fold the sock on it side, you know, like in sock, like when you put it on sock blockers.

Marsha 18:03
Mm hmm.

Kelly 18:04
If you fold it like that I say on its side. I don't know. Yeah, if you fold the sock that way the toe looks fine. On those

Marsha 18:12

Kelly 18:13
On those socks that you do with the normal toe?

Marsha 18:15
Mm hmm.

Kelly 18:16
But if you fold the top of the sock down to the bottom of the sock do you know what I'm talking about?

Marsha 18:23
pointy? Yes, it looks like an elf sock or something.

Kelly 18:28
It bothers him. And I said, but that's not the way you fold your socks. You never have to look at it that way. Because well and even if you I guess what I would say is even if you fold your socks that way, so you see the pointy bit. Who cares? Right? So it's not pointy, it's not pointy when you wear it. Right? Anyway, that always bothered him. And so the Civil War sock pattern had this toe and he was like now this is the right kind of a toe because it's not pointy. I really like this toe because it's not pointy. So it has..

Marsha 19:03
and I have a question does it, is it more comfortable to wear? Do you think the the way the the sort of star toe that you're making?

Kelly 19:08
I don't know. To me it seems weird because when you get to the end, just like with a hat, you just run the run the yarn through the stitches.

Marsha 19:18
Oh, right.

Kelly 19:18
Yeah, and pull it tight. And so I feel like if, if it were me, I would feel like my big toe is gonna poke out of that hole. Now, you tighten it down and you weave in your ends in a way that secures it. But to each his own, you know, yeah, he just has his little quirks. So, on the second one, I'm gonna increase when I get to the toe, I'm gonna increase and put a few more stitches on the toe. Or maybe just not decrease as quickly. Maybe I'll just not decrease as quickly. Anyway, I'm going to make the toe a little bit bigger. And then I'll rip back on the other one. Oh, I'll have him test it and then I'll rip back on the other one and redo. Redo the toe. So. So those are my two, my..The only two projects I've worked on this week are that ice time hat and these and these socks, which are not a sock patter., I want to I have some yarn in mind that some handspun yarn in mind, I think that I really want to do some of the pattern socks, one of those pattern sock patterns out of the coffee socks collection. By dots dabbles, I want to do that, but I just haven't gotten. I haven't gotten to that point. So yeah, yeah, that'll happen. Maybe Maybe this week if I can get myself caught up enough.

Marsha 20:47
Yeah, yeah. Well,

you've got stuff going on.

Kelly 20:53
Oh, yeah. Lots of school stuff. I feel like I'm behind every day.

Marsha 20:57
I know.

Kelly 20:59
Yeah. But it's better than last semester when I had only five students. And I was feeling very demoralized by not having any, you know, I mean, with only five students are you don't have much contact and I was fine. I was I was grateful for being able to focus on another project that I had going on, rather than having to focus on getting my classes ready. But this semester, getting the classes ready is really, who's really challenging.

Marsha 21:30
Mm hmm.

Kelly 21:33
So anyway, that's my knitting, such as it is. Okay.

Marsha 21:39
Well, I so so is that everything should I talk about my project? Okay, well, I still have the socks, I just work on those periodically, you know, just the regular socks out of the Drops Fabel print. And I've done, I think I'm about ready to start the heel flap here pretty quick. I've maybe another inch or so to go. But that's just you know, I just picked that up if I have if I'm on hold waiting for to get through with somebody, you know, the bank or something. Anyway, but I and then I also, I think that in the last episode I talked about, I started spinning the olive green Merino roving, and I'm plying it with the dark brown. So it's a three ply, so two of the green and one of the brown. And I don't remember where I was in the last episode, but I have two skeins that I've spun.

Kelly 22:33
Okay. They're pretty I saw the picture that you posted. Yeah, your skeins? That's a really pretty mix.

Marsha 22:40
I think it's really nice. And I think that I liked the green but I just felt it was it. I wanted to stretch it. I didn't think I had enough. I think I have 11 ounces. And I didn't think it was enough. Because Kelly I always want, you know, a sweater quantities So I thought well, if I add this to a three ply, but add a another color, it will temper a little bit. And I think it's really nice. And what I'm hoping is I'll have enough yarn to knit a sweater for my son Ben who is very tall, but he's very slender. And I think it's probably worsted weight. And I think I'm going to have just, you know, weighing the total, knowing the number of ounces I have knowing the yardage. I have the two skeins that I've spun. And how many ounces they are. I think I'm going to get about 1100 yards. Which doesn't seem like a lot, but I think he's so thin I don't think... And it's worsted weight. I'm hoping it'll be enough. If not, I think what I'll do is I may just order more of the brown or I have all kinds of other roving up there that I could maybe just spin that and do stripes or something. Yeah, add a few stripes in. I'm not sure do like a... or maybe order more of the dark brown. And do, you know, that that could be the the collar and cuffs and waistband maybe or I don't know. I'm not gonna worry about that except to spin it right now. Right? I don't I'm trying not to get ahead of myself. So anyway, I'm working on that. And then I just want to talk about the Walk Along Tee. So you know the last a couple times. The the last episode, we had listeners recommend helical knitting, which I posted in the show notes, the YouTube video that I watched. I want to make sure, I think I maybe I didn't... I have not listened to the last episode yet. But I want to make sure that what I said is correct because I started I think I did. I had just started when we recorded and I thought I actually had made a mistake. I actually did make a mistake in it. So I just want to clarify. So okay, when you get to the, you know, when you're about to change the colors and so you get to the point where you are now you're knitting along and you have-- you're knitting with the first color, the end or I say not color, but the skein number one yarn. And you're now you're getting, we're going to switch to number two yarn is the last three stitches, including the last knit stitch. I think what I said, I think what I said last episode is you slip the, the first three stitches before the last knit stitch. Okay, and that's incorrect, because you get a weird, a weird shape. It's not right. So it's the, it's really like the last two stitches before the last knit stitch. And then the last knit stitch. Okay, so let me say that again, it's the last three stitches, including in those last three, included with the last three stitches is the last stitch you just knit. Does that make sense? what I'm saying? No?

Kelly 26:08
No, I think I'm better. I think if I did it, I'll just go watch the video.

Marsha 26:14

Kelly 26:15
Yeah, You mean, you knit a stitch, and then you also slip the stitch that you just knit?

Marsha 26:22
So you're, you're so you're knitting with? color? Yeah. You know, when you're knitting with skein two, it actually makes more sense. You're, you've already knit with skein one. Okay. Right. And now you're coming back? With with skein one,

Kelly 26:39
Mm hmm.

Marsha 26:41
No, wait, let me rephrase that. (laughing)

You've dropped that and you picked up two, you're coming back with two, you come up on skein one, with working with skein two, you come up on it, the last three stitches of skein one,

Kelly 26:58

Marsha 26:59
you slip those onto your right needle. Okay. And then drops two and pick up one again.

Kelly 27:07

Marsha 27:09
Does that make sense?

Kelly 27:10
I think so. Yeah,

Marsha 27:11
I guess what I... really the main thing is, the last three stitches that you slip, you need to... Part of those three stitches that you slip is the one that you were working with That you were last working with, you're going to drop now and pick up the other color. If you if you don't slip it, the working stitch, if you don't slip it onto the right needle and drop that working yarn, and then pick up the new yarn. You get a weird thing, folks, go watch the YouTube video. (laughing) And don't listen to me! Mostly, I just want to say I think I said it wrong. Because it is hard. You know, like anything visual that you're trying to explain just when you can't see it. It's really hard to explain. And I think I said it wrong. In the episode, maybe I didn't because I have not gone back and listened to it. So now I'm just confusing the whole issue. I think the main thing is, t's a fantastic technique! Thank you to all the listeners that recommended it. But watch the video, don't listen to me. (laughing)

Kelly 28:18
It's kind of like trying to when I... So when I make videos for my students, little video tutorials. A lot of the tutorial videos I use are videos that are already out there. But we have to have the videos, they have to be correctly captioned. And so they have to be, the captioning has to have punctuation and capitalization and all of that. And a lot of my favorite YouTube math tutorials, don't have any of that they just have the YouTube captions. And so I can't use them. You know, I can tell students go search on YouTube, but I can't send them to that link or put that link in my put that link in my Canvas Shell because the materials that I use have to be accessible. Yeah, so I've made my own videos for things. And it's really demoralizing. That's my theme word for this pandemic teaching. It's really demoralizing to go back to your video. And then so the captions get made automatically, but then you have to go in and you have to review them and especially in math, the artificial intelligence, it's, it's way better than what it used to be. And it's way better than having to make captions from scratch, believe me, but you still have to--with math language, you have to go back and make sure that the artificial intelligence actually realized what you were saying when you said the integral of secant x dx! Right? Because those are not normal words. And so the artificial intelligence turns it into all kinds of crazy stuff. So, the demoralizing part is while you're reading the captions and correcting them, t's like you're reading about math without seeing any of it.

Marsha 30:18
Mm hmm.

Kelly 30:19
And I read what I said. And I think to myself, Oh, my God, you are so confusing! You are so totally confusing. How could you be a teacher for 32 years, and be this confusing? But, but then I have to remind myself that I'm reading words that I spoke while I was writing a math problem on my whiteboard screen. So that combination of the view of the, you know, the view of the whiteboard and what I was writing, and my words together make a lot of sense. And anyone who is hearing impaired is going to see my words on the screen and see my work on this together. The only problem, the only person who would actually be experiencing what I'm experiencing when I read the captions, and think about how horrible I am, as a teacher, is someone who was visually impaired and hearing impaired. And was having a screen reader read the captions to them.

Marsha 31:38
Oh, yeah.

Kelly 31:38
So all they would be getting, they would be getting none of the visual input. They would be getting none of my spoken words, they would be getting the screen reader reading these written words. And so I have to keep reminding myself when I read, and, you know, correct the captions, like, "Okay, Kelly. Yes, it sounds confusing. Of course, it sounds confusing, because because you need you need multiple inputs for math." Right, whatever those inputs, are you I think you need multiple inputs, it just, it seems like you would have a really difficult time if you didn't have sort of multiple sources of input. And very few students would actually have only, only my only the written words in those captions, and God help them!

Marsha 32:32
Well, I'm just gonna say what I just said? "Go watch the YouTube video." If your, if your your vision is impaired, you can't go watch the YouTube video.

Kelly 32:41
Right, right!

Marsha 32:43
And so I need to do a better... I mean, if I'm going to explain this technique, with no visuals, then I need to do a better job of explaining it. Right? It just occurred to me, like I just said, "Go watch the YouTube video." Not everybody can watch the YouTube video.

Kelly 32:57
But I think too some of the tutorials that you referenced... some of the Very Pink Knits and some of the other tutorials, I mean, they're experienced in teaching the technique,

Marsha 33:10
They're experienced in teaching the technique, but the one I watched, there's no captioning. And so if you are, so you would just... If you're hearing impaired, you could see what they're doing. If you're visually impaired, you could hear what they were saying, but you couldn't see what they're doing. And if you're both you couldn't. Because there's many people who have vision impairment, but they're still able to do knitting. Interesting discussion! And we don't have, we don't have a visual podcast, so.

Kelly 33:52

Marsha 33:54
Right. And I could do a little, I could do a little improvement in my, my, my descriptions, also because in a lot of my descriptions what people don't know is I'm waving my hands around. And you've talked about that before, when we're talking about things we wave our hands around. So

Kelly 34:08
Well and I discovered last week while I was editing the podcast that we talked all about the two patterns in our our Extremities Knitalong and made I mean just the like the briefest mention of the what the pattern names were at the beginning, if at all. And so I'm listening like, I don't think we ever said with the pattern was.

Marsha 34:34
We're! And we work off notes, too! (laughing)

Kelly 34:39
I did insert that information. And I noticed when I listen, sometimes I like to have people mention the name of the pattern or the name of the book or whatever it is they're talking about. Mention it more than once because at the first part when they're talking about it, I might not be paying attention to the name and then I get interested. While they're talking about it, I get interested. And then they never again say what the name of the pattern or book or whatever it is they're talking about is and so yeah, it is something that I'd like to pay a little bit more attention to. Making sure that we could more clearly describe...

Marsha 35:16
Yeah, yeah.

Well, I have one last thing I just want to say about my T shirt. Because that was actually a really good segue into our next discussion. But before we go into that, my last thing I want to say about my Walk Along Tee is you know in the last episode, I think, or one of the episodes I was talking about all the effort I was going into in splitting the skeins into two cakes, and labeling them, you know, a and b. And I was pulling from the inside and the outside and remember that whole discussion?

Kelly 35:49
Yes. Uh huh.

Marsha 35:51
So I'm knitting along and knitting along and I get to the end of both skeins, and I have to attach new balls. I have no.. because the tags had fallen off. So I have no idea which was A and which was B. (laughing) So I don't think it matters. So remember I had said I have I have a three by five card where I wrote down the order that I'm going to be using the these half cakes in? And with pulling from the inside and outside? I just grabbed the next two that I was planning on using but I have no idea who I attached them to. You could be worried about things. It may be, as you know, that worrying about that is sort of like worrying about whether or not liking the pointed toes in the drawer. You know, if you fold them a certain way! It may not matter! But anyway, I just thought that was kind of funny. After all this effort I made, the tags fell off. (laughing)

Kelly 36:47
Oh my gosh.

Marsha 36:49
So Kelly, I was about to make that earlier segue but then I got distracted. So now we'll segue back into our contest that we have going yeah, and it's our Extremities Knit/Crochet along. And as we didn't mention in the last episode, we will be very clear that it's the Abington Mitts by Jen Lassonde. And from Down Cellar Studio and then the Coffee Sock Collection by Dotsdabble Designs. That's Deborah. And that's underway. And it'll end on April 25. We'll do the drawing.

Kelly 37:32
Yeah. And it could be anything for your extremities which I looked it up and your head is not, does not count as an extremity.

Marsha 37:45
Okay, so let's the list the extremities then. I know hands,

Kelly 37:48
hands, feet, arms legs. So just an example socks, of course leg warmers. I'm thinking about another pair of leg warmers. Mitts, you know fingerless mitts, real mittens, gloves. wristlets. arm warmers. Jewelry, I guess if you knit like a bracelet or crochet a bracelet, I'm just trying to think of all the things you could put on your hands and feet. So yeah. All right, we talked about yoga socks last time or pedicure socks. Slippers. I mentioned slippers, but slippers would be a good choice.

Marsha 38:30
Mm hmm.

Kelly 38:30
So yeah, and I think what I'm going to do is, well, I really like those mitts. And I also want to start. So I might start a pair of those mitts. And then I also want to make a patterned pair of socks. I talked about this last time that I'm kind of missing having the kind of knitting where I have to think about or have to think about the pattern so I'm ready to start a pair of socks that actually have a pattern to them. Other than just you know, two by two ribbing, which is what I normally do if I want something that I can just-- it's kind of my version of what people call a vanilla sock. I usually always do ribbing so if I'm just doing that so yeah, that's my plans.

Marsha 39:23
Yes, well my plan is to do the mitts because I as you know I have a lot of socks but I don't have any meds and so that's why I'm planning

Kelly 39:33
Yeah, they'd be good. And I

Marsha 39:37
you would think with all the snowstorm, I would have gone down there in my stash and looked for something but I didn't do that. So I will. I will find something. But so there's a discussion thread in the show notes so you can postwhat you're making.

Kelly :58
Did I make a discussion thread in Ravelry?

Marsha 40:02
Well, you better do it then.

Kelly 40:04
I don't think I did. Yeah, I think I better do that.

Marsha 40:06
You need to do that, my dear.

Kelly 40:08
I will add it to my list. Hey you could do it! (laughing)

Marsha 40:11
I could do it too. What am I talking about? Okay, I can do it. So are we going to do two? Actually we should ..Well, okay, this is bad podcasting, we should have made a decision before but are we going to... obviously have a finished objects thread. Do you want to do a discussion thread as well?

Kelly 40:31
Sure. Just you know, you can put , we can do both. Okay. Okay. That way, if people want to chat, there's a place for them to do it because they won't be able to do it in the finished thread.

Marsha 40:42
Yeah. Okay. So we'll do that. We'll get that set up. And I'm surprised nobody's contacted us to say

Kelly 40:48
Because, well, the episode, the last episode just went out. Oh, I was late. So it feels like it feels like I just published. In fact, I did. It was on Sunday, I think, and today's what Wednesday?

Marsha 41:03
Okay, well, we better I'll do that today then. Um, so, anyway, okay. So just to reiterate, it's, it's underway, and it will end April 25. And then anything for your extremities, which we've gone over what extremities are and to, again, it can be knit or crochet. Well, and actually probably, Kelly, should we extend it? It doesn't have to be knit or crochet. It could be any, like, you could weave something probably? As long as it's four your extemities.

Kelly 41:33
Yeah, that's actually that's true. You could use, what was it, Nalbinding that we had Holity and a couple of other people using? They were doing Nalbinding so yeah.

Marsha 41:51
But again, it's Abington Mitts by Jen. Jen Lassonde, and Coffee Socks Collection by Deborah at Dotsdabble Design.

Kelly 42:00
Yeah. And those are our prizes. Very generously donated by the two of them.

Marsha 42:05
Yeah. Yeah. We appreciate that. So. And then, Kelly, the other thing we just have to mention again, that the Winter Weave Along is going on?

Kelly 42:14
Yes, still. And just about six weeks left?

Marsha 42:18
Yes. And it's going to end March 31. And we'll do our drawing then. And I'm just going to come clean that I believe I said that I was going to weave for this weave along. I'm not going to weave for this weave along! I'm I just someday I will weave. I remember I said I was going to order a kit and I was going to talk to you about which kit and I've done none of that. So I'm just going to give up. I know.

Kelly 42:52
That's fair.

Marsha 42:54
The pressure's off now. I don't have to feel bad anymore that I've not done any of it. So, but I have enjoyed seeing what people are posting. So

Kelly 43:03
yeah, it's a very active active discussion thread and lots of people talking about weaving and we've had lots of people start weaving.

Marsha 43:14
Yeah, yeah. Except me.

Kelly 43:15
(Laughing) Oh, well.That's all right, Marsha.

Marsha 43:23
Yeah, I know. I know. Well, I've been doing other things. I, as I say, I've been knitting and I've been still doing lots of cleaning and purging and getting ready for the contractors to come into the Ballard house. And yeah, so I've been doing other things.

Kelly 43:46
Yeah, I know, that makes that makes total total sense. And it's not like you have a weaving setup. I mean, you've woven one thing with my help.

Marsha 43:55
Yes. So yeah. Well, and also Kelly, now that we're having this conversation about it. I do need to talk to you about the the loom. Do you remember when we did the weaving project that it's missing-- the loom is missing one of the top boards that holds the...

Kelly 44:14
The reed.

Marsha 44:16
See this how little I know, I know. The reed. The reed, thank you. I never can remember that. It's missing the top wood piece and we had to put two pieces of duct tape on and so I thought what I need to do is figure out what piece I need to order and then order that.

Kelly 44:33
That makes sense. Yeah.

Marsha 44:35
So I need to just get it in good working order too. So

Kelly 44:39
Yeah, well, that could be a summer project.

Marsha 44:42
That can be my Weave Along project. No, I'm kidding. Anyway. So do we have anything else that we need to talk about?

Kelly 44:53
No, Idon't think so. I I had high hopes of having already started the Frog and Toad for this episode, but I have not. I did buy the pattern! So I am, I am committed to making it, I just never had a chance to get started. So yeah, I just keep reminding myself. It's a 16 week semester. And we are currently in week four. So when I make it through this week, I only have 12 weeks to go. I get my, our I just got an email today that my registration, uh, educators who are under age 65, we start registering for the vaccine on March 3. Oh, so that's, that's very cool. Yeah, so I've signed up, you know, we have to put our schedule in for fall. So I did create my schedule for fall, and my classes are online, because I didn't know how things were going to go. And I have a feeling that the vast majority of our classes, except the ones that are hard to convert to online are going to be online in the fall. And I didn't want to, I didn't want to say I was teaching face to face and then end up being disappointed, and having to, you know, change at the last minute and do a lot of scrambling. And I thought you know what, I'm just gonna put in my schedule to do the same thing I'm doing this semester again. So yeah, I get a "do over"

Marsha 46:36
A "do over." Yeah,

Kelly 46:40
So anyway, so but I am looking forward to having my vaccine. I'm looking forward to at some time in the future, being on the classroom, you know, on the classroom floor and actually writing on the board and talking to students and all of that. So

Marsha 46:59
I am, well, my brother is getting his vaccine, the first dose on March 13. Okay. And, and I don't know if they have this at all states, but in the state of Washington, there's a website called find your phase. And you can put in all your information in your situation, and I don't qualify, yeah. I don't meet any of the criteria. So, but.... So I, I apparently they will, according to the website, they will notify you when you're eligible. Yeah, I

Kelly 47:34
I've actually registered like four different times because they kept changing in the state of California what they were, the information they're asking for. And I wasn't sure that my registration was counting, you know, but, but now I'm getting, I'm getting text messages periodically, and I'm getting emails periodically. And then the school is giving us information too. So I'm getting a lot of information about how it's working. But every state is different. And the counties are not the same. Like the state of California. It says that if you're over 65, you can get a vaccine. If you're over 65, and you're a teacher, you can get a vaccine, but in Monterey County, we don't have the vaccines to give out. So. So they haven't, you know, they aren't they aren't. They hadn't been taking appointments for that until just very recently. I think those appointments start this week. But you know, the state website had said that educators and people over 65, were being vaccinated, which was not true, right, because it's not true everywhere. It's true in some but not everywhere.

Marsha 48:44
Yeah, theres been a lot of it, there's just a lot of confusion. And well, and I have to say, you know, my friend Gary, who you know, lives in low income housing. And so the fire department came. This was two weeks ago, I believe. And they just vaccinated everybody in the building because most of the people in the building are over 65, not everyone, but most of the people are over 65 so they just vaccinated everybody. They said they had 150, excuse me, 140 doses, but only there's only 97 apartments, which typically there's only one person each apartment. So there's extra doses. They said to Gary, just if your friends want to come, if you know anybody who's over 50 and they want to get the vaccine, just tell them to come to the building. So he called me and and some of his other friends. So there were five of us tht showed up. And we sat in Gary's apartment for three hours waiting for them to come in and notify us when it was our turn. We're all masked up, sitting as far apart as we possibly can. I had my knitting and after 3:00 he kept going down and checking and because they were doing it in the lobby of the building, And they kept, he kept going down and checking. And finally, around two o'clock he went back down there for the last trip down to check, find out what's going, you know, are we close? And they said, Oh, they've gotten cold feet. They're not sure if they should vaccinate people...

Kelly 50:13

Marsha 50:14
...over 50 when the rule is over 65. So they have all those extra doses. I'm like, what are they going to do with those extra doses that they're not going to give to us? Because we were all over 50, but not over 65 . And they just went, apparently, they said, they're going to go out onto the street and just stop people and ask them if they were over 65

Kelly 50:34
Oh,my gosh. Wow. That sounds disorganized.

Marsha 50:41
Well, and I had mixed feelings. I have to say I had mixed feelings when he called me. That Am I usurping the system? I'm not 65. So am I-- Is that right? Like I had sort of that slight moral? I don't know if that's right. But then I thought, isn't it important just to vaccinate as many people as possible? So I just went up there, because I don't know when I'm going to get it. So I went and of course it didn't work out. But then I thought it feels really loosey goosey. Yeah, like it seems like it should be if you have... And I know that from what I read, the vaccines, once you thaw them out, or whatever it is, because they have to be kept very cold. And once you prepare to administer them, you have to, you can't just stick them back in cold storage. And so I can see where they're just going to put.. It felt super unorganized and loosey goosey that day. And also if you know there's only 97 departments, why would you show up with 140 doses

You know, it seemed weird to me. But anyway, in the end, I didn't get it. But now, the only other thing I'm going to say about this whole rollout of the vaccine. And it's the media, like all the news programs. Every time they talk about vaccinating people, they show pictures of people getting jabbed in the arm with the needles, and I want them to stop showing that. Please stop showing that!

Please just show the little vials of vaccine going through the assembly line. I can handle that. Stop showing those needles going into arms. Yeah,

Kelly 52:18
Exactly. I always teased Robert, because he passes out whenever he has to have blood drawn. And he's not here. But if he had just heard me, he'd say "I don't pass out I just have to lie down." So he always has to go lie down for a little while because the visual. And I tell him Don't look and he said "I don't anymore. But I know what it looks like." And so he does have this visual in his mind. And that makes him feel queasy. And then he has to lie down because if he doesn't lie down, he's gonna fall down.

Marsha 52:55
Yeah, I have to say like blood draws and vaccines or any kind of injection. I don't love it, but I am okay. But I'm like, I just don't look.

Kelly 53:05
Yeah, who wants to see that?

Marsha 53:07
Yeah, I just don't look and I just think about knitting and I think about the dog and I think about what

Kelly 53:12
a field of sunflowers.

Marsha 53:14
Mm hmm. Yeah.

Kelly 53:17
Anyway, all right. So Well, enough of that.

Marsha 53:21
We will talk. Okay.

Kelly 53:24
All right. Bye!

Thank you so much for listening. To subscribe to the podcast visit TwoEwesFiberAdventures.com.

Marsha 53:33
Join us on our adventures on Ravelry and Instagram. I am @betterinmotion and Kelly is @1hundredprojects.

Kelly 53:40
Until next time, we're the Two Ewes, doing our part for world fleece.

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