Ep 184: Welcome Aboard The Club Car

Marsha Failor

Kelly’s restored 1950 Westcraft Coronado trailer, “The Club Car,” finally comes home after snow related delays. Plus, we have project updates and our Summer Spin in starts June 1st.

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Here are pictures of Kelly and Robert's trailer:

1950 Westcraft Coronado

1950 Westcraft Coronado

1950 Westcraft Coronado

1950 Westcraft Coronado

Marsha’s Projects: 

Depth Hat by Talitha Kuomi I finished this hat. The yarn is The Fiber Seed Sprout Special Speckles DK, in the colorway Dirty Seahorse. I could not get the yarn to pool in the way that attracted me to the pattern in th

e first place. The colors spiral, but I still like it. 

Depth Hat

Meadow Stripe Socks using Patons Kroy Sock in the colorway, Meadow Stripes and Lang Yarns Jawoll Superwash fingering for the heels and toes. I finally found the misplaced yarn for the toe and was able to finish these socks.

Meadow Stripe Socks

Garter Squish Blanket On color fourteen of sixteen. I’m ready for this project to be done! 

Unpattern Top Down Raglan Pullover by Karen Alfke. I finished the Fibonacci Sequence striping of the body except for the ribbing. I’m waiting for Ben to try on the sweater. Picked up and knit the neck band and started the first sleeve.

Troyggja við Mynstur (Sweater with Round Pattern) by Tora Joensen (translated by Kate Gagnon Osborne: I knit my swatch and got gauge with size 8 needles instead of the suggested size 9. I plan to knit colorwork yoke with size 9. I cast on the sweater while at the beach and knit the ribbing, the colorwork and about an inch of the body. Decided the size was too small, frogged, and cast on the next size up. At about 9” I put the body on waste yarn and washed and blocked to be sure gauge and size are okay. The ball of red arrived for Navia that will be in the yoke.

Faroese Sweater

I’m spinning a 2lb bag of Manx Loaghton in my stash. This is a protected breed from the Isle of Man. I am using a woolen spun technique and have spun 5 skeins or approximately 400 yards. Spun three more bobbins that are ready to be plied.

Kelly’s Projects:

Finished the Garter Squish blanket using handspun leftovers. Here is the blanket in the new trailer.

1950 Westcraft Coronado

Mother Bear time! 

Mielie vest using Schaeffer Yarn Company Little Danya mohair. This sat in the knitting basket for the last two weeks. Color is Rosa Parks and it was spirit yarn from NoCKRs retreat in 2018.

Shortie socks out of Tomato and Mink Falkland handspun yarn. 3-ply chain plied yarn. 

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Stash-Busting Blanket Along

Ends May 31. 

Summer Spin-In 

Starts June 1. Goes until September 5. (US Labor Day)

Black Sheep Gathering

June 24-26

Albany, Oregon

Saturday afternoon meet-up, starts about 3:30.

Show Transcript

Marsha 0:03
Hi, this is Marsha and this is Kelly. We are the Two Ewes of Two Ewes Fiber Adventures. Thanks for stopping by.

Kelly 0:10
You'll hear about knitting, spinning, dyeing, crocheting, and just about anything else we can think of as a way to play with string.

Marsha 0:17
We blog and post show notes at Two Ewes Fiber Adventures dot com.

Kelly 0:22
And we invite you to join our Two Ewes Fiber Adventures group on Ravelry. I'm 1hundredprojects and I am betterinmotion. We are both on Instagram and Ravelry. And we look forward to meeting you there. Enjoy the Episode!

Marsha 0:43
Hi, Kelly.

Kelly 0:43
Hi, Marsha.

Marsha 0:45
Okay, big news.

Kelly 0:47

Marsha 0:47
Talk. Big news.

Kelly 0:49
Big news. So the trailer pickup finally happened.

Marsha 0:54

Kelly 0:55
It was so much fun. It was so much fun. So we went up to, no down. South, south of us to Pismo Beach. They have the Pismo trailer rally. And it's Pismo Coast Village, which is an RV park in Pismo Beach. And, oh, it was so fun. It was all vintage trailers, you have no idea how many different varieties of vintage trailers there are.

Marsha 1:29
Mm hmm.

Kelly 1:31
It was amazing. You know, most of the park there was... there are some sections of the park that were just regular modern RVs. And probably the majority of the park was full of vintage trailers of all shapes and sizes. And they have...And one of them, I guess I should be more specific. And one of them was ours, because the people who worked on our trailer go to this rally every year. And it's kind of like NoCKRs, you know, like the retreats where if you go one year, then you have priority to get in and to actually get that same trailer spot the following year. And so, I mean, there are actually people who weren't there. But, you know, bought their spot, didn't cancel and get a refund. So they, so they'll have it for next year.

Marsha 2:25

Kelly 2:26
So and there are people who have been going for, you know, 5 6 7 8 years. I don't know how long it's been going on. But you know, they've been going for a number of years and since everybody stays in their same campsite once they get the one they want, they're like neighbors you know. They they know each other there, they know the people camping around them. And so it's this whole community. I was talking to one man, I said, Oh, this is like a giant rabbit hole. And he's like, Oh, you you have no idea how deep this rabbit hole is! [laughing]

Marsha 3:00
It's like a version of spinning learning to spin, right? Like they don't even want to drop spindle because they're gonna go down that rabbit hole. So this is this kind of the same thing.

Kelly 3:06
And the people there had, like, this was the trailer that they bought to brought to the rally, but the one they usually bring is something else. Or the one they camp in or, or I was talking to one couple and they said, Yeah, we're gonna, we're gonna be at the one in November. But we're not sure if we're going to bring this one or we'll bring our other one. So they have like trailer stash.

Marsha 3:40
I was just thinking that. Trailer stash. Yeah. [laughing]

Kelly 3:45
So yeah, and then people would talk about, well, this is my "forever trailer." So like, you have a trailer, but you have aspirations for a different trailer. And then, you know, you sell one trailer and buy another trailer. And anyway, it's a whole world that I didn't know, you know, we had not ever done rallies before. And so this is a whole world that that we are entering into. And the reason we got to enter into it. I mean, we had talked about going, you know, going to one or you know, getting a reservation or trying to get into one. But we got kind of thrown into the deep end because they were coming down, and they were going to be bringing a different trailer. But since we hadn't been able to pick up ours in April. They said, Well, what if we bring yours down and then we'll just stay, you know, stay in hotel and you can stay in the trailer? So that's what we did. And then they showed it during the open house, you know, so that the public could see it. But we were kind of mean, we didn't have the public traipsing in and out of our trailer.

Marsha 4:56
Well it's like getting a new car and everybody else gets to drive it, right?, Before you get, right, like you, you don't want people driving it.

Kelly 5:03
And so we had, you know, we had barriers. So, and a lot of people, a lot of people in the park did that or at least had one part of their trailer that had barriers. Or like they knew to have, you know, multiple rugs that are normally not on the floor when they are camping, but they use on the public day where everybody was coming in. You know, just to protect their floors and stuff. And we had none of that, because we were just, you know, literally just arriving with the bare minimum camping equipment, so that we could spend the night in the trailer before we brought it home. So anyway, but it was really fun. And so they spent a lot of time with the public and answering questions and all that and Robert and I didn't really have to deal with the crush of people. You know, coming to the coming to the site to look at the trailer, but it was like the belle of the ball. You know, it's the new trailer on the block the, you know, there aren't very many 1950 Westcrafts. And so when a new one is restored and comes out, you know, sort of like its debut.

Marsha 6:13

Kelly 6:14
There's a lot of excitement, there was a lot of excitement at the park. So we had a lot of people coming by. Not during the public open house, but the rest of it. Coming by and talking to us. And we met so many fun people and they, it was just it was a really nice event. So, and the trailer is nice. It's beautiful. It's so big. I mean, it's not really that big. When I first saw it, I thought okay, good. In my head, it had grown to this enormous proportions. And when I saw it, I thought Oh, good. It is still kind of small. You know, it's way bigger other one, but it's not enormous.

Marsha 6:53
Yeah. Yeah, way bigger. So your other one, you know, one person had to sit while the other person moved .

Kelly 6:59
Right. Kind of you know, this one, you can both move around without... to me it doesn't feel too big inside.

Marsha 6:59
Like it's not it like those big fifth wheels that people have, you know. Those are huge things that stick... What do you call those pop outs and stuff. Those become huge, right? This is still really small.

Kelly 7:20
Yeah, yeah. Right. But it feels really open. Just like the other trailer, it feels a little more spacious, because of the layout. The other trailer felt more spacious because of the windows. And this one feels that way because of the light wood and and kind of the layout. But anyway, it was a lot of fun. And I think there's going to be there's going to be more trailer rallies in my future. You know, it's not the kind of camping I'm used to, but it was a fun event. Yeah, it's like a big party.

Marsha 7:56
Yes. I'd say you're gonna have a whole new set of friends. Right? Yeah.

Kelly 8:01
Work friends.

Marsha 8:02
I'm your your one college friend. Like I guess I'm leftover from college.

Kelly 8:09
Leftover friends. [laughing]

Marsha 8:14
you know, knitting-- your work people, knitting people, trailer people, bee people. I'm not sure. Anyway,

Kelly 8:23
Just a whole new adventure. And it was interesting how much I learned talking to people who knew a lot more about this particular make of trailer than I did. Robert knew more than than I did. But but we we both learned a lot from people who came by and told us a little bit and and then the people who did their own work on the trailers. Oh my gosh, so impressive. All this work that that people did, you know, on their own in their garage?

Marsha 8:56

Kelly 8:57
You know, so that's a different-- that's a whole different aspect of it from from what we did when we bought it and had it restored. So yeah, it's a whole other world to enter. Which will be really fun. I'm looking forward to camp we're going camping in June. So I'm looking forward to actually camping in it you know, regular camping trip and, and, and just seeing what it's like to be in this trailer. The bed is nice. It's bigger. It's not as big as a regular double bed it's slightly smaller. But it's a lot better than slightly bigger than a single with two people and...

Marsha 9:43
So your other was was it the size of a single bed?

Kelly 9:47
It was a little bit bigger than a single bed but not much. I couldn't get a twin sheet on it.

Marsha 9:54

Kelly 9:54
I mean I can--I could fudge it to get a twin sheet on it, but it was it was deifinitely too big for a twin sheet, but not much. So maybe maybe a couple of inches wider than a twin bed. But this one is is much more comfortable.

Marsha 10:11
Yeah. Yeah.

Kelly 10:13
So that's nice. And we have a bathroom. Which is also nice. And the a shower. Which I didn't--I mean, that wasn't something that I really cared about, but Robert wanted the shower. And actually, I didn't know they did this in trailers, but it's like a, like on the train where the whole room, it's called a wet bath. And the whole room becomes the shower.

Marsha 10:36
Mm hmm.

Kelly 10:38
I don't know how that's gonna work. Exactly. But yeah.

Marsha 10:42
Yeah. Well, and also you actually have a refrigerator, right? Where your other trailer was an ice box?

Kelly 10:49
That's true. I had forgotten about that. Yeah, that's the other upgrade that we have is from an icebox to an actual refrigerator. It's a small, you know, it's a small refrigerator. But I'm used to a small refrigerator at home too.

Marsha 11:03

Kelly 11:03
Yeah, it runs on the electricity. So if we don't have shore power--its called shore power, where you can plug in--we won't have a refrigerator, because it won't run with the 12 volt or the ... you won't get enough power from the inverter solar power to run the refrigerator. But that's okay. We're used to camping with dry ice and an ice box so we can manage with that. That's not a problem.

Marsha 11:33
Well, very exciting. And then. And then I'll see it when you come up to Albany, Oregon for the Black Sheep Gathering the end of June.

Kelly 11:40
So yeah, yeah, we'll be having a get together for anybody who's going to Black Sheep gathering that Saturday. So Black Sheep is the weekend of June 24 through 26th. And so that Saturday, which I guess will be the 25th that afternoon, late afternoon, maybe 3:30 or 4 o'clock, we'll be having a meet up at the-- we're calling it The Club Car. You know, like the trains have a club car. So I... who suggested that... oh, the father of the woman who bought The Clubhouse. He asked me who is your new trailer? Does your new trailer have a name? And I said, No, we haven't really haven't thought about that. And he's oh, you should call it the... first he said you should call it The Caboose. And then he said, No, I know what you should call it, you should call it The Club Car. And so that's perfect. So we're going to be calling it The Club Car. And I've gotten train placemats and couple of train menus. So that stuff has been arriving in the mail. And so it'll have a little bit of a theme, a little bit of a theme. Not as much as as the other trailer was Giants themed but anyway. Yeah, we're gonna have a meet up at The Club Car at the Black Sheep Gathering. So come in, say hi and show us what you bought. And have some food and drink and gather with other crazy yarn people. [laughing] Who are on their way to maybe becoming crazy trailer people. [laughing]

Marsha 13:22
Yes. Really Yeah. Yeah! Well, shall we? Should we talk projects or?

Kelly 13:30
Let's go ahead and, and talk projects.

Marsha 13:32
Do you want me to go first?

Kelly 13:33
Go ahead.

Marsha 13:36
I have a finished project. I wish I could say it was my garter squish blanket. It is not. I needed a break. Because I have to say you remember I think the last time we recorded I was struggling with some of my projects. It's been a couple... it's been months now that I've been struggling with my projects. And I think you said oh, just cast something on. So I cast on the Depth Hat by to Talitha Kuomi. And to remind people this was the yarn I bought at Stitches. And it's the Fiber Seeds Sprout Special Speckles DK and the colorway is Dirty Seahorse. And to remind people it's like they've taken the hank of yarn and dipped one half in solid, solid teal, and the other half is speckled with teal and brown and some black. And so when you knit the hat, it pools. It's supposed to pool so you have you know, the dark sections going up the side of the hat and the speckled sections going up the front and back of the hat. So let me just say, that did not happen for me. And there's this whole technique that you're supposed to do about how you find the place where you start. You just don't cast on any random place in the yarn, there's description about how, where you're the point where you're supposed to find in the color, I think you're at the halfway point in the solid color yarn is where you cast on. They tell you what type of cast on you do, I did all of that. It's an interesting hat. You knit I don't remember how many rows, but you knit and then you put in a purl row, and then more and then pick up the the cast on edge. So it becomes-- it's knitted into the body of the hat. I'm not describing Do you know what I mean? I'm not describing that very well.

Kelly 15:42
Well, I I sort of saw the pictures. It's folded into a hem, right?

Marsha 15:47
Yeah, yeah. So that looks really nice. I like that. I could not get the pooling to work the way they say it's supposed to work. The way I was so captivated by when I saw the yarn and the pattern at stitches. It spirals. And what they tell you to do is to go down a needle size, or up a needle size to control the pooling, so that it all stays in that one section.

Kelly 16:17
So like you're switching needles in the middle?

Marsha 16:22

Kelly 16:22

Marsha 16:23
And also and the other technique to do that, is to pull the yarn really tight. So if you're knitting along, when you get to the solid section, pull that yarn really tight onto the needles or go down a needle size, or the opposite,

Kelly 16:40
But it didn't tell you to like pull out yarn. If you get to the part that's supposed to be solid, and you're still on speckled yarn, just pull it out to you have solid yarn and knit with that.

Marsha 16:50

Kelly 16:51

Marsha 16:51
So I'm a little disappointed that I did not get that look. It's a spiral, it's fine. I mean, it looks okay.

Kelly 16:58
Did you swatch?

Marsha 17:00
Yes, because it also said in the pattern, they said you have to swatch and your gauge has to be accurate, because that will affect the pooling? And my gauge? My swatch and the gauge was correct. So I don't know what I did wrong?

Kelly 17:15
Probably nothing.

Marsha 17:18
Yeah, I don't know. It's like they are individually hand dyed. So maybe that has something to do with it. I don't think so. But possibly. The other thing I would say about this pattern, it does not say... there's no description on the print of the pattern about how the, it tells you how to finish the you know, to close up the top of the hat. But it doesn't give you a description of it. Like when it's talking about like, oh, this hat has a you know, a hem, a folded hem and there's nothing. So in the picture does not show the top of the hat. And the reason I'm saying all this is I had no idea how it was supposed to look. And so what it really is like, imagine you have you're on the top of your head, now you're gonna have 1990s pleated khakis. There used to be a pleat on khakis. And now that is out you know, now it's back. I think pleats are coming back. But it's basically-- it's like you have four pleats on top. So I'm not even explaining right because

Kelly 18:19
It's kind of like, I mean, in order to keep the pooling happening. Right? And not change as you decrease, you really can't have decreases. So you have to make the top of the hat like the pussy hat. But then instead of having those points on the ears, on the sides, they have to do something to make it come to and end.

Marsha 18:44
So when you get to the part where you're going to close up that hole. You put some of the-- you put groups of nine stitches: nine stitches on 4 double pointed needles. So you go nine stitches, and then you put 21 stitches on your circular needles, nine stitches on the double pointed needle, nine stitches on a double pointed needle, another 21 stitches on the circular needle, and then another nine stitches on the double pointed needles. You then do a three needle bind off on the first and fourth double pointed needle. And this is where I got screwed up is you you continue on two needles, a double pointed needle number three and number two, excuse me two and three, and knit across to the end binding those off. So they become joined and then you have your 21 stitches on half of the circular needles and the other 21 stitches on the other half of the needle and you do a kitchener stitch too.

Kelly 19:55
So that's what's covering up...

Marsha 19:58
Yes so... These, these two sets of nine stitch bindoffs then are underneath that 21 stitch flap. I don't know if that makes sense?

Kelly 20:09
I think that would be really challenging to actually knit without knowing what it was supposed to be doing. Like now that you're done, and you know what it did. But that would be a really challenging thing to knit without any picture to say, Oh, I'm doing a really thing weird here.

Marsha 20:29
Yes, and it looks nice, you know, and to your point, they, it's a great solution to keep that patterning right. Otherwise, if you did, to your point, if you did the decreases, you'd throw off all of the pooling, of which I did not get but anyway. [laughing] But again, a shout out to Ravelry. And all the people who've made this hat who posted pictures of their hat is by looking at their pictures, I was unable to figure out what I had an a visual of what I was trying to do. Where the pattern there's no picture of the top of the hat. Right and no description of it kind of other than just the the instructions about how to close this up. So do you remember I call I think I texted you. Oh my god, this looks odd because I I bound it off. And it looked like a four corner hat kind of. It was terrible. It looked terrible.

Kelly 21:27
Basically, it looked like yeah, you had you had like four points. Yes. And a really funky seam.

Kelly 21:36
And they were not even even

Kelly 21:39
Yeah,yeah, they were

Marsha 21:39
Yeah, cuz some were really tight because they were the three needle bind off, the two sets of nine and then the 21 stitches that were Kirschner was all kind of lose because they were kept... not Kershner, kitchener stitch. And anyway, I poured myself a beer got onto my bed with the dog next to me, and started looking at Ravelry to see and there was no notes. But just looking at people's the photographs on people's projects, I was able to figure it out. And so I made myself rip it out, and then re knit up a little bit and then thought okay, I think I understand the concept of what's happening. Anyway. So that's what beer is for. [laughing]

Kelly 22:31
Yes, yeah. Oh, my goodness.

Marsha 22:34
Okay. So anyway, that's done. But I have to say, again, it sort of goes into this. I was thinking, Oh, I'm just, you know, okay. It's not, I'm disappointed. It's not pooling the way it's supposed to pool. I'm getting this spiral. I can live with it. It's okay. And then that end of the hat, I thought, I really am struggling with a lot of my projects.

Kelly 22:54

Marsha 22:55
Anyway, I will then go on to the garter squish blanket, I have not a whole lot to report on that I am really ready for this to be done. I do apologize too. I was listening to the last episode where I was knitting on it while we were recording. And I was listening as I was walking Enzo and all I could hear with those needles, bang, bang. It's all like they were so loud. So I do apologize for that. So I'm not knitting on that. Now, as I'm sitting here. It is also too big for it to sit on my lap. But anyway, I'm on color 14, about halfway through color 14 of 16.

Kelly 23:31
Oh, you're almost done.

Marsha 23:33
I'm getting close. I'm ready for it to be done. I'm beginning to just hate this project. Because I really like it, but I'm sick of it. I want to move on to something else. So but we have, I'll just put there's a good time to put this in here that the our blanket along ends May 31. So what is today we're recording on today is

Kelly 24:03
the 25th of May.

Marsha 24:04
So Okay, not quite a week. So I will get it done. I'm pretty sure I'll get it done. But I'm ready for it to be done. Okay, um, I have nothing new to report on the the unpatterned top down Raglan pullover by Karen Offski that I'm making for Ben. I have nothing to report except he's coming home today. This is the, you know, Memorial. This is the Wednesday before Memorial Day. So he has a long weekend. And so he's coming home today at some point so hopefully in the next couple of days he can put it on and I'm going to say...

Kelly 24:40
Yeah, you can pin him down.

Marsha 24:43
Yes. To see how it's how the body is and etc. So not much to report on that. Then my next project is the sweater that I'm making for my brother and Kelly and we before we started recording We looked it up on. We Googled that in the end it's "Tro-cha."

Kelly 25:06
"Tro-cha minstur"

Marsha 25:07
Troyggja Við Mynstur, which we believe means sweater.

Kelly 25:10
sweater pattern.

Marsha 25:13
sweater with round pattern and which, I have to laugh because guess what it says in parentheses after Troyggja Við Mynstur, it says sweater with round pattern. So we finally figured out that that's what it is. And if anybody wants to give us feedback, if we're not saying this the correct way...

Kelly 25:38
Our foreign correspondent could tell us how to pronounce that in Faroese a little bit better and maybe the translation but we did we did find a Faroese translation site, a pronunciation site online and we're probably not doing it justice but but we're trying!

Marsha 26:03
So I just have to give you a little update on this. So I unravelled...

Kelly 26:09
How many times have you start restarted this sweater?

Marsha 26:15
Well, I will tell you! So. Okay, so we're not counting the Atlas anymore. So I knit the whole body of Atlas. And honestly, I mean, I pretty much knit the whole sweater, didn't I?

Kelly 26:28

Marsha 26:29
Did I do the sleeves? I didn't do all the sleeves I don't think but because he tried it on it was way too small. Moving Beyond that, that's how Cat actually inspired me to look at a Faroese sweater. Since the yarn is Navia Tradition which is a Faroese yarn. So I found this pattern and I did my swatch. I did not get gauge on the nines, it's supposed to use a size nine needle.I did not get gauge with that I got gauge with the size eight. So Kelly, I got gauge, okay! Yes. So I don't know. I don't know what my problem is. So I got gauge and when we went down to the beach, two weeks ago, I guess we were down there, I cast on the size I think it was going to make, I don't know, I don't remember now what size I was going to make for my brother. I've got the pattern right here, it'd be like I was gonna make the medium size. There was like an extra small, small, medium, and then a large and then it keeps going up. I decided I was gonna make it the medium because I thought that would be okay with the with my gauge. So I cast on and I did all the ribbing I did the color work that's just above the ribbing, and I did about an inch of the body and I started looking at it. I thought, this looks awfully small. So I thought screw it, I'm ripping it out. So I ripped it out and I recast on the next size up. So I'm making the large. So I again did the ribbing, the color work. I knit about I would say probably nine inches of the the body. And when I was home, I decided to put it on waste yarn and wash and block it, which I did. And it's going to fit and be roomy enough.

Kelly 28:19
Oh. That's good news.

Marsha 28:20
Oh my gosh. So now I'm knitting on it. And I have knit about, I think I've knit about 13 or 14 inches on it. And I have to knit till about 18 inches, set it aside and then I'll do the sleeves and attach them. So it's been a bit of a nightmare. I have to say this, this whole project-- I don't know. Anyway. And then the other thing I'll say is that with this sweater, I need four colors. Where with the Atlas I needed three: the main color and two contrasting. With this pattern, Sweater with Round Pattern, I need the main color and three contrasting colors for the color work. And I have the color work as like a light robin's egg blue, and a navy. And the body of the sweater is like a bright grass green, kind of, so when we were together when I was down there, I think for NoCKRs, I think it was , I ordered just a natural color, a white or cream color, which arrived. And Mark didn't like that. He wanted a color. So I think I have mentioned this before that I ordered that ball from Navia on the Faroe Islands, and it took about a month. But it arrived and he wanted red, it's a bright red. I'm not sure. I have to say I'm not sure I like the red with a bright kelly green. A robin's egg blue and a navy. He really liked it.

Kelly 29:57
Havae you put the red in already? Or is it only in the neck color work?

Marsha 30:03
I have not put the red in. It's only in the yoke. Yeah, just a couple of rows. It's not gonna be very much. So we'll see. I've got a ways. But I have to tell you about the the package from Navia. It came in an envelope, it was all when I got it, the envelope was wrapped with yarn, instead of twine, and a piece of Navia Tradition yarn wrapped around it and tied with a little bow on the outside of the package.

Kelly 30:33
The part that went to the post office, still on there. Wow.

Marsha 30:35
And it stayed on nice. Yeah, it stayed on there all the way from the Faroe Islands. It stayed on there, that yarn wrapped around there and the bow and everything and then opened up and beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with a little sticker on it that said, thank you. It's just super, super sweet and very exciting to get that dropped off on my front porch. So that's what's going on with that. And then I go down every day, I spend for 10-15 minutes, just a little bit on that Manx Loaghtan. But I'm still spinning on that. So and I am Kelly, I am going to bring my spinning wheel to Black Sheep. Because I'm planning on doing... I've never been able to bring it because we've either taken the train or something. I've not had space, but I'm bringing that wheel so I can sit in the spinning circle, or sit by the trailer and spin. So anyway, that's all I have for projects, and I'm really hoping I've now moved past my problems.

Kelly 31:35
Oh, me too.

Marsha 31:36
Do you think? Because I've kind of gone through kind of a hard time. It's been around two months now. It's like, I've had some bad juju. I don't really know what that's about. But it's just,

Kelly 31:48
Yeah, it's been a little bit rough patch with your knitting. Yeah, maybe you need to do some crochet

Marsha 31:59
Well, maybe it's like I just crochet placemats or something, you know, or

Kelly 32:03
switch to another spinning project? Well, I don't know if you have enough bobbins. But you could get yourself some braids and switch to some different, you know, have a couple of different spinning projects going because it is going to be time for the summer spin in.

Marsha 32:20
Yeah, so I think I am going to. I was thinking about that before we started recording. So I'm going to try and finish for the summer spin. And I'm gonna try and finish this Manx Loaghtan. I'll try and finish that, and then I think I'm gonna try and do a combo spin or I have some braids, two braids I was thinking of combining. So do something with that.

Kelly 32:40
Yeah, nice. That might be a nice, that might be a nice way to kind of just put an end to the the bad knitting. By not knitting at all.

Marsha 32:50
Oh, you know, I think part of it is... I'm gonna say is I think I'm making... It's all making stuff for other people. Yeah, I'm thinking about it. I'm making this sweater for Ben, the sweater for my brother. And then

Kelly 33:03
when doing those tea cozies

Marsha 33:06
Tea cozies. I have another tea cozy I have to make... and it's like this is knitting for other people. You know? Because like this, I have to say this Navia Tradition, this yarn. I have to put hand cream on when I knit with it, because it's so drying to my hands. It's and I'm not saying that in a bad way. It's just like, this is the type of yarn it is. It's not super pleasant. It's not like, you know that the handspun I was knitting with. I love knitting with it. This is a woolly wool.

Kelly 33:36
Right. Right.

Marsha 33:39
So it's, it's not a yarn I ever would have purchased. Yeah. So that's sort of part of it, too, I think it's I'm not really, not really into it.

Kelly 33:49
Yeah, I mean, the yarn. The yarn wasn't your choice. The original pattern wasn't your choice. No, yeah. And then with Ben's sweater, you had some challenges with your first pattern. And then you've had some challenges just having him try it. Like knitting for someone who's not there. And I know there are people who do that, you know, they knit for people that they don't have them try it on all the time. But I, I mean, I constantly try things on when I'm knitting for myself.

Marsha 34:19

Kelly 34:20
And so I think that would be really challenging to be knitting something that you know, especially when you're knitting it for the second time because the first one didn't work, and you really don't want to have to rip out again. So you want to make sure it's right.

Marsha 34:35
So Mark's I've ripped out twice. So I'm on my third attempt at this sweater for him. Yeah. Okay, that is love or stupidity I'm not quite sure which it is. But anyway, Okay, nevermind my project. Let me hear about your projects, okay? Because you do have... Yeah, let me hear about yours.

Kelly 34:54
Okay, it's going. So yeah, actually it's a good thing I have the trailer to talk about because I don't really have much to talk about in terms of my projects. So I can tell you that the garter squish blanket, which was already done, but I have it in the show this time because I actually slept under it. We used it. We used it in the trailer, I brought it for the trailer's bedspread. And I got lots of compliments on it. So some of the trailer people are also yarn people.

Marsha 35:30
Of course, of course, there was some overlap. And, yeah, chicken and bees too. I bet. Right.

Kelly 35:36
Well, yeah. I mean, I don't know how much of how much of that there is. But there were a couple of people who recognized that I had made it and asked me, Did you make that blanket? And some were working on their own. Or saw me knitting while I was there and asked about it. So yeah. So yeah, we slept under. It was great. It looks, it looks really nice in the trailer. So I'm super, I'm super happy about how it turned out and being able to use it. I was... Oh, go ahead.

Marsha 36:11
Oh, I was just going to say the picture you sent me. The colors work really well in there. Because you have all that sort of light wood with all the panels, the light wood, and then some of the burgundy kind of in there and the floor. And so the colors look really nice in there, I think.

Kelly 36:29
Thank you. Yeah. I like it, too. I think it looks good. I actually think you know this, the thing about the Garter Squish, is that they can fit into a lot of different schemes, color schemes. Because you've got those, that one color going, going throughout with all the different colors that you add in. I have not finished the Mother Bear, the headless Mother Bear that I talked about a month ago. She's still headless, because I need to get some stuffing. And I started another one. So I have now have two headless Mother Bears. One flat one is totally flat, and the other one has some stuffing in it. So I need to get get some stuffing so I can finish those up. And what I'm knitting on right now is the mohair vest, which I like it, but then sometimes I look at it and I think is this actually really ugly.

Marsha 37:37
And what have you decided, I mean, do you have a definitive answer?

Kelly 37:40
No decision or I'm not really sure. I'm not really sure. It's not pooling or anything. I mean, there's a couple of places where it looks darker and a couple of places where the red shows through more, but it's not doing any kind of funky pooling. I'm about now maybe eight inches down from the armhole. And it's just-- it's very hairy. This is a very hairy vest. And I'm not sure what I'm gonna do about the collar. Because I seriously cannot imagine having this against my neck. Like my other vest I wear I zip it all the way up and I have like a turtleneck kind of. I don't think I would ever do that with this one. So I'm not sure. I've thought about using something that's not mohair. But I'm still not sure what I'm going to do I might just get a black yarn and do a, you know, do the border all in black. Which, knitting with black? I'm not sure I want to do that either.

Marsha 38:47
How much... I will say something. Do you think you'll ever wear this?

Kelly 38:54
Yeah, I do.

Marsha 38:56
Okay. I'm sorry. That's so mean of me. I don't mean to be mean like that. But it's like, Do you love it? You don't know. I mean, you're unsure.

Kelly 39:04
I love mohair yarn. You know that. So I love the yarn. I'm not sure I'm loving how it's knitting up. But I don't hate it either. It's it's just, let's just say it will be unusual. It's not, it's not, you know, "on trend" exactly. It's not the, you know, a strand of kidsilk haze that you carry along with your other yarn. This is full on mohair.

Marsha 39:40
Right. There was a reason why it's in the destash. Kelly. [laughing]

Kelly 39:44
Exactly. But I do like mohair and I have in my memory-- one of my fond memories of clothing. I have lots of good clothing memories from my childhood. In fact I have more clothing memories than I have food memories. So we were talking about that. Aunt Betty and I were talking about that, and I really don't have a lot of food memories from my childhood but I have a lot of clothing memories. And I have the fondest memory of this vest. And I think it was an argyle type pattern that I got in the boys department. When I was in, I think seventh or eighth grade. And it was this kind of full on mohair. Probably not wool mohair probably that Orlon acrylic mohair, because, you know, it was a kid's vest. And I wore that thing all the time. And it was unusual. It was one of those things. It was not one of those things that all the kids were wearing, you know?

Marsha 40:51
Yeah. All the cool kids were wearing it.

Kelly 40:55
It was one of my, one of my many clothing items that was definitely not on trend. But I really loved it. So I have a feeling that I might, I might not feel quite the same way about this as I felt about that. But it has the same vibe to me. So I think that's why, why I decided to make this vest. And I think it would be good. Like, it'll be warm for sure. I think it'd be good for camping. It'll be good for walking the dogs when it's cold outside. So I think I'll get I think I'll get some wear out of it. I don't know that it will be my go-to piece. So we'll see. But I'm working on it. It's the Rosa Parks colorway from a yarn company called Shaeffer that isn't making yarn anymore. And the the name of the or the type of yarn was Danya mohair. And the really odd thing about it is that it's hardly taken any yarn to make this. I thought I had-- I mean I kind of debated whether I had enough to make to make the vest. But I also am making a vest that calls for, I think, DK and this is at a bulky gauge. So I had, you know, I had to reconfigure the pattern somewhat. So we'll see the, the jury will be out for a while on this one. And I may, it's so hot to knit on. It's not super warm here. But it's you know, it's kind of hot and sticky to knit on and mohair flies up my nose and stuff. So it's not the thing I grab and knit the most often either. I don't have that much to choose from. So that is my only project besides Mother Bears. That was my only project and I wasn't grabbing it to knit. And then I needed something for the road going down to pick up the trailer and bring it back. I thought I would have more time to knit but it was really kind of a whirlwind, looking at other people's trailers, talking to people about the trailer, finding out all the stuff and how it works, you know, all that kind of stuff. So I didn't have much knitting time, but I did bring some leftovers. I have a pair of socks there. Tomato and Mink or Mink and Tomato was the name of the the braid, and it was Falkland handspun and so I have a pair of regular socks out of it, but I had quite a bit of leftover yarn. So I grabbed that and cast on a pair of short socks. So just you know about maybe a maybe an inch and a half to two inch cuff. And then I started the heel and that's about where I am. I think I turned the heel. That's all I've done is a tiny tiny cuff and turn the heel that's all the knitting. And I never--I hardly took out the vest. So I really didn't have much.. Well and the dogs. we had the dogs with us and so I did a lot of walking the dogs at the RV park because they I wanted them to be good and they're a lot better if they've had exercise. And so we did a lot of walking and stuff. Yeah. So anyway, those are my projects, kind of just the vest. Some Mother Bears in the, you know, in the meanwhile. And then the barest start of a pair of shorty socks. So I'm kind of I'm kind of in that place where I don't know. I don't know what to do. I do think... So we sold the other the old trailer The Clubhouse. And this young woman came and she brought her dad because he had the truck with the hitch to pull the trailer home and her mom came too. Really nice people, super nice people. And we got to talking and her mom has this...she said, I have this sweater that I started, but I never was able to finish it, maybe you would be able to finish it. And I at first my thought was like, oh, no, this, you know.

Marsha 40:55
Oh no!

Kelly 40:55
But, but so I was kind of non committal. I said, Well, you know, I maybe...maybe I would be able to do that. I don't know. And, and then she brought it up again. And finally, I thought, You know what, I'm not super excited about anything I'm knitting. What the hell, you know?

Marsha 43:04

Kelly 43:04
And so and so I said, Yeah, you know, send it to me, and I'll see what I can do. I'm not gonna guarantee that I'll be able to, you know, finish it, but, but send, send me what you have. And I'll take a look at it and and let you know, and if I can't, I'll send it back. And if I can, I'll do it. And she's like, of course, I'll pay you, you know. And so anyway, I haven't heard from her since the trailer sold. And I'm wondering if maybe she feels like, oh, gosh, I was a little bit too forward to do that.

Marsha 46:09
Yeah, she thought, Oh, yeah. This woman was just trying to be nice. She's thinking that about you like, Oh, she's trying to be nice, but...

Kelly 46:17
One she got home. Or maybe her daughter after they left said, Mom, I can't believe you did that. So I thought, oh, maybe I'll text the woman who bought the trailer and say, you know, let your mom know, if she wants to send that to go ahead. You know, I'm happy to try it. So we'll see. I don't know, it. Just kind of something different. It kind of gave me an idea like, oh, well, maybe that'd be something different and, and fun to do so. And then the other thing that I did, this isn't a knitting project. But I just wanted to give a shout out. We have a new member who joined the the Ravelry group, AJ, and she introduced herself and let us know that she has the Hooked and Booked podcast. And she has a website too. It's called... her name is-- she she goes by AJ, but her website name is KJ Krochet. And the crochet is spelled with a K. And I'll have links in the show notes. But anyway, she's from South Africa. And she has just maybe three episodes, but it's just a cute, it's a cute show. And I listened to it. And I thought oh, this is fun. So I listened to all her episodes. And then she was talking about another podcast called Crochet Conversations. And she's interested, AJ is interested in having more people podcasting who don't have American accents. She said she feels like all of the podcasts, the knitting podcasts that she listens to, and maybe a lot of the other podcast she listens to also, you know, people with American accents, and there's not a lot from elsewhere. And so, so she was promoting this other podcast for these two women from Singapore. And so I went and listened to it too. And it's also very cute. It's called Crochet Conversations. And it's two women, Inez and Mell from Singapore. And the most recent episode, they're taking you through their house, like room by room talking about what crochet is in their house. And I thought that was really cute. So anyway, I'd like to give a recommendation for the Hooked and Booked podcast and Crochet Conversations and I've linked to both of them in the in the show notes if anybody's if anybody's interested. And I thought you know, that's maybe why I said to you, maybe you need to crochet something because I'm thinking maybe maybe it's time for me to crochet something because I'm just not super excited by anything that that I'm working on right now. So maybe I just need a new inspiration. And the trailer is a big inspiration. Because now I can think of all sorts of things that I could make for the trailer you know. So you know like the cover for your toilet paper [laughing] Well, I mean I'm kidding.

Kelly 46:17
Yeah, I got it. [laughing] You need potholders and hand towels and yeah, and

Kelly 49:41
and especially those potholders and like what your great aunt what your your Aunt Ruth made, you know.

Marsha 49:53
Oh yeah, Great Aunt Ruth

Kelly 49:54
1950s style of of crochet potholders, those are really kind of interesting.

Marsha 50:02
She did those really cute potholders that I don't know how she did it but there's rick rack in there. So you see part-- you see one point of the rick rack but not the other point of the rick rack. So it makes all these little triangles kind of

Kelly 50:16

Marsha 50:17
yeah, I've never seen a pattern like that but and I was also gonna say too that I've seen I had not seen crochet patterns for pillows, but knitted pillows I see, you know, covers with color work. And that might be kind of fun, too. Yeah. Because you're going to need some pillows on the sofa. Knit something--a cover--or crochet something. Yeah, you did the bee pillow, but something like?

Kelly 50:44
Yeah, so I think I think I might crochet or weave.

Marsha 50:49
Well, yeah, weaving too.

Kelly 50:52
I think I might make -- Robert brought regular bath towels. And we used the shower at the at the RV park, not the shower in the trailer. But one of the issues with the towels is that they take up so much space. And then you have to get them to dry. And Hetti had been talking in the winter weave along about the spa towels that she made. Because in Santa Cruz, it's kind of damp where she lives and she wanted towels that would dry. She was experimenting with different weave structures to see if she could get some towels that would that would dry quickly. You know, be absorbent, but also dry quickly. And then also they take up less space. You know those heavy terrycloth towels. They--not that we don't have the space, but they take up more space. And so yeah, if I could, I could weave something that might be really kind of a cool idea. So So yeah, I have some I have some other inspirations that I haven't had in a while, or haven't ever had really, that's kind of fun. So maybe someone else's sweater and then maybe some crochet and we'll see. We'll see. Check with us next time, listeners, to see if we've improved our attitudes.

Marsha 52:21
Yes, I know. Well, I'm hoping my I'm hoping it might... Well maybe it is all my attitude, hopefully my attitude will. It's funny thinking about my attitude because I made the comment that part of all these projects I've been doing have been for other people. It makes me sound so selfish.

Kelly 52:36
But you know it's your hobby.

Marsha 52:39
It is my hobby. I've been doing this, but I was down working in the basement and I pulled out because I finished the the socks remember that I had lost the blue, the navy blue for the toe. And I found it in the last episode. So I finished that sock. Oh, I didn't put that in my finished projects. Yes, I completely forgot. I did not put that in my finished objects. But I did finish that. And so instead of putting the Navy away, I knew that I had bought a skein of yarn for my brother, he had picked it out. And the Navy would work really well with it for heels and toes. So I pulled out that skein of yarn and wound it into a cake to cast those on for him. And I'm thinking maybe I should not do that. Given that. Yes, I'm thinking that this is... I should have a conversation with myself.

Kelly 53:35
Yeah, maybe you need to do something. Do some self indulgent knitting.

Marsha 53:41
Yeah, yeah.

Kelly 53:43
To go with your, your projects for other people.

Marsha 53:48
You know what I'd like to knit is I have a combo spin that I made

Kelly 53:55
oh yeah, that's a pretty one with silk.

Marsha 53:58
I've never knit that up. And I would sort of like to knit that but there you go.

Kelly 54:03
Start that one.

Marsha 54:04
Yeah, there's no, I don't know. Okay. No complaining. Everyone, everybody's gonna want me to finish these projects as soon as possible so they don't have to hear about it anymore. Anyway, okay, next order of business.

Kelly 54:21
I'm in the process of getting all of the winter weave along gift cards purchased. So if you won in the winter weave along you'll be hearing from me or getting an email with your gift card information. Either already or very shortly. I also have sent out all of the prizes, finally for the stitches giveaway that we did. I sent them out today. And I think that's the only business that we have. We do still have the SpeakPipe. SpeakPipe, they need to change their name, no one can say it. All right, Speakpipe.com/twoewes, you can go there and you can leave a message about your favorite local yarn store. Or you can send it to us in an audio file, send it via email. Again, that's twoewes@twoewesfiberadventures.com, you can email us an audio file from your phone, or your computer or wherever. And tell us about your favorite yarn shop. We'd love to hear all about your yarn shop in your area. So I think that's really all. The Blanket Along ends this week. We talked about that.

Marsha 55:51
Let's just say what's going on. So the Stashbusting blanket along ends May 31. So and then the summer spin in starts June 1, and that, and that will go all summer. So one ends on the 31st. And the next event, or along, or whatever--contest--starts the next day, June 1, and that will go the entire summer and it ends September 5, which in the United States is Labor Day. So we've talked about this before. Memorial Day is sort of the unofficial start of summer, which is in May, and then Labor Day is sort of the unofficial end of summer. And so the summer spin-in will be June 1 through September 5. And then again, we're going to be at the Black Sheep gathering in Albany, Oregon. And that's June 24 through 26th. And that Saturday, we'll have a meet up at the trailer. Yeah. And Kelly, Should we just pick a time? Yeah,

Kelly 56:53
Let's say 3:30 or 4:00. Yeah.

Marsha 56:57

Kelly 56:58
It's not like there's a definite, it's not like, well, you know, it's a party, so come after 3:30. We might not be there if you come before 3:30.

Marsha 57:13
Yeah. We know a few people are coming to black sheep.

Kelly 57:15
And maybe we'll see some people who we've met in previous years. Who are going to be there too. They haven't had black sheep for a couple of years. So it will be really good. It will be fun to be back to another fiber festival.

Marsha 57:40
Yes. Okay, Kelly, I think that's everything

Kelly 57:45
I do too.

Marsha 57:45
Or anything else.

Kelly 57:46
Oh, no, I think that's it. Next episode. I want to talk a little bit more about my plans for the summer spin in. What I'm gonna do with the fleeces in my garage, maybe. But yeah, that's for next time. Maybe I'll have a sweater to work. Yes. Maybe it'll arrive in the mail someone else's sweater.

Marsha 58:08
Yeah, yeah.

Kelly 58:10
Okay. That'll give us something to talk about. Right?

Marsha 58:14
Yes, I know. Well, we'll talk in two weeks and we'll find out if you have a sweater.

Kelly 58:18
Okay, sounds good. All right. Okay,

Marsha 58:21
bye bye.

Kelly 58:22
Thank you so much for listening. To subscribe to the podcast visit Two Ewes Fiber Adventures dot com.

Marsha 58:29
Join us on our adventures on Ravelry and Instagram. I am betterinmotion and Kelly is 1hundredprojects.

Kelly 58:37
Until next time, we're the Two Ewes

Both 58:40
doing our part for world fleece

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