Ep 193: Adult Layettes: Are We Starting a Trend?

Marsha Failor


We have finished projects to report, plus lots of excitement for Marsha’s upcoming visit to Kelly’s.

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Marsha’s Projects: 

I finished Happiness by Kyle Kunnecke using Yarn Snob PowerBall in the colorway Happiness. The ends are woven in, the sweater is washed and blocked, and I sewed in my label.


Finished spinning the Manx Loaghton. I have 16 skeins, 1,463 yards, or 31 ounces. 

Manx Loaghton

Cast on a Socks for Mark using Weird Sisters Wool Emporium fingering weight called Luke in colorway Mermaids of the Black Lake with heels and toes in Dream in Color Yarn fingering called Mini Smooshy in the colorway As A Bird. I finished the first sock and about to start heel flap of second sock

Kelly’s Projects:

I continued working on the Adult Layette shortie socks. One sock is finished and I am on the heel of the second sock. 

Swedish Lace weaving for curtains is moving along. The sample is done. 

Winter Weave Along

October 1 - March 31


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