Ep 213: As Summer Ends

Marsha Failor


We announce the winners of our Summer Spin and talk about the upcoming Winter Weave Along. Marsha dog sits, moves along on a sweater, and weaves vicariously. Kelly knits and ferments a fleece. Plus the usual chit chat.

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Marsha’s Projects

Flowers from My Garden: Starting a spinning project with fiber I bought at Stitches in March. I’ve spun three 3-ply skeins. I received the new motor for my Dreaming Robots EEW 6.0 espinner so I am back in business.

Snowflower: by Heidi Kirrmeier. Using Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool for the main color and Brooklyn Tweed Tones for some of the contrasting colors. Knit about 6” of the body.

Color work sweater with white flowers around the yoke on a green background

Nanny Meier Tea Cozy: Inspired by Lily Pulitzer colors. Using Cascade 220 in hot pink and lime green. Finished first side.

Santa’s Laundry Line: by Eleonore von Castelmur. Using Lang Yarn Jawol fingering in red, green and cream and some left over fingering weight gray. Finished his jacket and first leg of his pants.

Socks: Using Knitterly Things Vesper Sock Yarn in the colorway Sum-Sum-Summertime. Heels and toes will be Dream in Color Mini Smooshy in the colorway Bermuda Teal.

Kelly’s Projects

Still working on the baby blanket using the best parts of my mom’s acrylic leftovers.

classic ripple pattern baby blanket with stripes of gray, gold, white, and turquoise

Fleeces washed: 

The fleece portion in the suint bath came out after about two weeks. The smell was very sulfurous. I rinsed it out and left it out to dry. Just like it said in everything I read, the smell disappeared when it was dry. It is still greasy from the lanolin so I’ll need to use hot water. I might spin some of it in the grease just to sample. 

Window Shopping Queue

Hunting Creek, Laura Aylor

Barnes, Sarah Solomon – Into the Wool

Solomon Poncho by Cheryl Beckerich

Engi, Jennifer Steingass


Lambtown October 7-8 in Dixon

Winter Weave Along starts October 1 and goes through March 31. Join the planning chat in our Ravelry group!

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