Ep 7: Rules? Ha!

Kelly Locke

A little knitting and a lot of permission to break spinning and knitting rules. Wait--there are no rules! The Ewes share anti-racism resources, plus, listener questions and feedback to round out the show. Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website: TwoEwesFiberAdventures.com. Join the community on Ravelry or email us with your thoughts. twoewes@twoewesfiberadventures.com is our email address or you click contact us on our website.

Project Updates


Kelly is continuing the Mystery Knit Along with Cozy Up Knits using the Two Ewes Replenish Rambouillet. She made only a little progress in the last two weeks but still plans to finish by the February 14th deadline.  She is dreaming of her next sweater, perhaps the Koru by Aroha Knits.

Marsha continues to work on her cardigan Cloud Cover by Heidi Kirrmaier. She is almost done with the collar and then will weave in the ends and block.

She has been spinning her Wensleydale x Cormo x Merino fleece. It has been slow but steady progress.

Marsha is also planning her next project. She plans to use Imperial Ranch Columbia, a mulespun worsted weight yarn in the colorway Juniper Green. What is “mulespun”? Below are two links with for information:



She is also thinking about starting her Snowflower by Heidi Kirrmaier using worsted yarn from Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool.

A Learning Project

The Ewes share some anti-racism resources recommended through the discussion about racism in the yarn community.

Me and White Supremacy, a workbook by Layla F. Saad

White Fragility by Robin di Angelo

Seeing White, a series on the podcast Scene on Radio

If you want to read the discussion on Ravelry and Instagram, here are a couple of places to start.

The Ravelry Thread Racism and Inclusion in the Fiber Community

#diversknitty and other hashtags on Instagram

 Listener Feedback

Although there was only a little knitting progress, listeners saved the day with some great questions and feedback. Momdiggity asked Marsha about how she splits braids for a combo spin so Marsha talks about that in the episode. The Ewes also had some feedback from the southern hemisphere. Leanne from South Africa shared with us about Knit-a-Square South Africa and the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day project. Aimee from New Zealand listens on her commute and was finishing up an epic project, her crocheted blanket. Meanwhile, back on the California coast, Stella provided an interesting article by Jilian Moreno about how your knitting style affects your gauge.

Podcast Event

We will be having a Thank You Patrons episode in March. We have reached a milestone and we’ll have our second quarterly drawing, this time for two winners. Patreon terms of service don’t allow us to advertise drawings for patron levels on our Patreon page so that information will be revised on the page. However, we’ll have quarterly Thank You episodes on the show and we can recognize our patrons there.

Other Events

Northwest Regional Spinners Association

Fleeber Farms

Twisted Straight Fibers

Whidbey Weavers Guild

Stitches West

Black Sheep Gathering

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