Ep 72: Swatching and Washing Linen

Kelly Locke


Planning and swatching for linen sweaters, a round-up of Tour de Fleece spinning, and our listener appreciation drawing winners are the main topics of this episode.

Kelly's Projects

Kelly's Tour de Fleece was successful and she will be entering a skein of Santa Cruz Island yarn in the Monterey County Wool Show.

Santa Cruz Island 3-ply fingering weight


She also made progress on two different weights of California Variegated Mutant yarn and now has a sweater quantity (or close) of each.


Her other finished projects for this episode are bears for the Mother Bear Project.  She has crocheted 4 bears and knitted 1 bear.

Flamenco Bear


Marsha's Projects

Marsha has made good progress on her Summer Cardigan and her goal is to finish it by next episode.


Summer Cardigan

She continues progress on her Twice Born Shawl and is enjoying the knitting.


Twice Born Shawl


As part of the Tour de Fleece Marsha tried to spin every day. She didn't finish spinning the Targhee roving but made good progress.


Marsha swatched the Done Roving Yarns DK Sweater Pack with #4, #5, #6 needles. Marsha wanted to make the cardigan called Cloud Cover, but thinks the yarn may too springy for the cardigan that needs a yarn that drapes. More planning is necessary!


Done Roving Yarns DK



Linen Sweater Swatching

The Two Ewes are both swatching for linen sweaters.  Marsha is using Fibra Natura Flax yarn in Tarragon.  Kelly is using a couple of truly golden skeins of Sincere Sheep Linen lace weight yarn that is no longer available.

Golden Skeins



While swatching, both found that the linen stitches don't make a very nice fabric.  Once washed, the stitches relax and are nicely shaped, even at the larger gauge.  The fabric also feels much better after being machine washed and dried.  The swatches originally had the feel of a kitchen scrubby! Kelly also found shrinkage with her swatch so will expect her sweater to appear too large during the knitting process.  These swatches will be an important reminder during the sweater knitting process.


Fibra Natura Flax Unwashed


Fibra Natura Flax Washed

Left is unwashed, right is washed. 


Upcoming Events

Want to see some wool judging?  Mark your calendar for Saturday, August 12.  The Monterey County Wool Show judging will be held at the Monterey County Fairgrounds starting at 9 am.  If you are attending and want more information, contact us at twoewes@twoewesfiberadventures.com


If you see a fleece you want to buy, the wool auction will be held during the fair on September 4, 2017. 

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