Ep 10: Adventures Abound in 2015

Two Ewes

Marsha and Kelly talk about their Cast On Five challenge and all the knitting and weaving that has and hasn't happened yet!  Kelly talks about knitting lace and the progress of her Niebling piece.  Marsha talks about her spinning and the handspun and hand-dyed yarn that she has been knitting with.  The Two Ewes announce contest winners, and Marsha talks about her adventures outside of the fiber world.

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Marsha hasn't touched her Featherweight Cardigan in two weeks because she has been busy working on her other four projects. She finished her Peacock Scarf by Pipers Girls.

Peacock Scarf
Marsha continues to work on her Pismo Beach Socks using Conjoined Feet and her Double Scoop Shawl by Ash Alberg.

Pismo Beach Socks
Double Scoop Scarf

Marsha has spun about 300 hundred yards of Corriedale for her son's Patriot Socks. She is working on another 100-150 yards before dyeing them red, white and blue!

Hand spun waiting to be dyed.

Some non yarn adventures for Marsha included a trip to Apex, Washington for lunch with friends and family, a visit to Starbuck's new coffee experience, and leaping outside her comfort zone by agreeing to act as stage manager for her friend's play.

My brother Mark, my mother Podie, Gary's sister Holly,
Gary's mother Barbara, Gary, and me.
Starbucks Reserve on Capitol Hill.

Willy Wonka? Steam Punk?

Kelly is late to this show notes party!  Sorry about that.  The semester has started but her replacement in the grant work not yet hired.  Straddling two positions at the beginning of the semester makes for late show notes! 

I'm currently working on the Niebling Lace and getting zen with counting and double-counting the rows and putting in life lines.  It's one of those things that slows me down in the short run, but saves time and tears in the long run.  Using stitch markers like a fiend, too! It doesn't look like much all squished on the circular needle but here is my project page if you want to click through.  Here is the book I used to learn to knit lace, Knitting Lace by Susannah E. Lewis.

I finished the Another Door Opens Shawl designed by the host of the Yarns at Yin Hoo Podcast, Sarapomegranate.  By the way, we announced winners of the #knittedmemories Instagram contest and the "Looking Forward, Creating Smiles" contest on the Ravelry group.  Sara generously provided a pattern as a prize and I liked the finished shawl so much, I added another pattern prize!

Other projects in the works haven't really moved.  No weaving until after the job straddling sorts itself out.  No Opus the Octopus yarn dyeing until I get a new dyepot. I did start a pair of ankle socks out of Red Heart Heart and Sole, so I still have five projects.

My other notable adventure of the past fortnight was finishing the saurkraut and eating it.  All I can say is WOW, you've got to try this!  All it takes is a large mason jar, salt, cabbage and whatever other veggie you want, a small ziplock bag of water to make the seal at the top of the jar, and 3-4 weeks.  Yummy and apparently good for you!  Contact me on Ravelry or Instagram if you want to Kraut-A-Long!

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