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Ep 70: That Old Black (Sheep) Magic

Two Ewes

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The Black Sheep Gathering 2017 was so wonderful the Two Ewes can't stop talking about it!  The wool judge was Judith MacKenzie so of course it was such a learning experience.  There are also a few finished knits, some new fiber, yarn, and, you guessed it, FLEECE!

Kelly arrived in Eugene after a long hot drive through the northern California heatwave. Marsha and Kim came down from Seattle on the...

Ep 69: Come See My Vacation Slides

Two Ewes

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Are you old enough to remember vacation slides? Did you ever go to someone's house for dinner and see their vacation slides? If so, you know exactly what you're in for in this episode. If not, don't worry, once you've listened you'll understand exactly what the experience was like!

Marsha and Kelly were both on vacation. So, in addition to sharing their current projects, they share some...

Ep 68: Experiment in Time Travel

Two Ewes

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This episode is an experiment in time travel. Because Kelly's Dead Relatives Tour conflicted with the recording schedule, the Two Ewes prerecorded this episode.
The Duff Green Mansion B and B where Kelly was staying.

Marsha shares her experiences of the shops she visited on the Puget Sound LYS Tour.

Mad Cow Yarns in Lake Forest Park
Wild Fibers in Mount Vernon
Great Yarns in Everett
Pinch Knitter...

Ep 67: Real, Fantasy, and Travel Knitting

Two Ewes

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It's been a wild week, but some real knitting,  a little fantasy knitting, and lots of travel-knitting planning are all in this episode.

Kelly finished the Havannah.  This pattern by Heidimarie Kaiser is a great casual tee.  Put in the beads that are called for in the pattern, or replace them with yarn overs for a more lacy style.

Marsha is on track to finish the Easy Folded Ponchoin time to wear...

Ep 66: Projects and Plans

Two Ewes

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This episode is all about the knitting projects and the plans.  Kelly continues to work on two summer sweaters and has cast on a couple new small projects.  Marsha finished a small project while keeping up progress on her stockinette rectangle!

Marsha's Projects

The Easy Folded Poncho project continues, but meanwhile Marsha started an finished the Greenery Beret by Melissa LaBarre. She is having...