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Ep 65bee: Best Bee Weekend Ever.

Two Ewes

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This bonus episode is all about bees.  Our regular knitting, spinning, and fiber adventures episode will be published in Episode 66 on the weekend of May 12/13.
Kelly picked up two packages of treatment free bees to add to her apiary.  They rode home in the car and were successfully installed the same day.  She is so happy with the improvement of her beekeeping skills since 2015. 

The next day the...

Ep 65: Edie Tee Redux Times Two

Two Ewes

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The Ewes have been busy as bees outside of knitting, but still there's a finished top, one almost finished, and a couple things on the needles.  A bee shawl is on the maybe list, and Kelly is headed to pick up some real bees.  Join us for our adventures.

Marsha has finished her Edie tee! The Edie pattern is by Isabel Kramer and the yarn she used is Hempathy. This is her second Edie in Hempathy...

Ep 64: We're on a Dye-It!

Two Ewes

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A fabulous yarny time at the retreat and then a trip to a fiber mill and more time playing with newly milled yarn and dye pots.  The Two Ewes are on a Spring Break adventure!

Kelly's Projects

Kelly is making great progress on the Edie tee-shirt that she is making with Linen Concerto yarn she bought at Stitches West.

She is also moving along on the Havannah teethat she is making with Dragon Fly...

Ep 63: Finished Except...

Two Ewes

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I'm finished knitting except I still have to...Have you ever said that about a project?  The Ewes have projects in various stages of completion, but many things OFF the needles!  We may not have photos in the show notes this week, but take a look at our project pages!
Kelly's project page.  
Marsha's project page.
We hope to be back on track with normal show notes by Episode 64. Thanks for listening!...

Ep 62: The Ewes do Stitches West

Two Ewes

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Knitting projects get finished and then the ewes are off on and adventure to Stitches West.  Wearing ponchos and taking names!

Marsha and Tracy

Marsha and Kelly

Marcy, Karen, and Marsha

Julie, Kelly, Marcy, Marsha, Barb, and Tracy

Kelly, her Mom, and Marsha
Marsha arrived on Wednesday and was able to hang out in the sun room finishing her NoCKRs shawl. It is Good Vibes by Nadia Cretin Lechen. Kelly...