Ep 62: The Ewes do Stitches West

Two Ewes

Knitting projects get finished and then the ewes are off on and adventure to Stitches West.  Wearing ponchos and taking names!

Marsha and Tracy

Marsha and Kelly

Marcy, Karen, and Marsha

Julie, Kelly, Marcy, Marsha, Barb, and Tracy

Kelly, her Mom, and Marsha
Marsha arrived on Wednesday and was able to hang out in the sun room finishing her NoCKRs shawl. It is Good Vibes by Nadia Cretin Lechen.  Kelly finished her Om Shawl by Andrea Mowry and her Funky Grandpa by Maison Rilillie, and was able to wear both at Stitches West.
Yarn, patterns for punch needle rug hooking, knitting needles for lace, and more yarn all came home with the Ewes. 

Marsha's Haul!
We loved meeting fiber friends and getting to know listeners we hadn't met yet.
Then Marsha left to go to SF for the second half of her California adventure.

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