Ep 69: Come See My Vacation Slides

Two Ewes

Are you old enough to remember vacation slides? Did you ever go to someone's house for dinner and see their vacation slides? If so, you know exactly what you're in for in this episode. If not, don't worry, once you've listened you'll understand exactly what the experience was like!

 Marsha and Kelly were both on vacation. So, in addition to sharing their current projects, they share some information about their vacations.

Kelly was in in the Texarkana area, visiting cemeteries in Red Lick, Texas and Lockesburg, Arkansas to see Robert's family graves.

She also visited Civil War sites and stayed in an antebellum home in Vicksburg, MS. Marsha spent some time on the Washington coast with her brother and Enzo.

Kelly and Marsha will be at The Black Sheep Gathering. Join them for a meet-up on Saturday, June 24 outside the wool show building when the show closes. There is a no host bar before the Black Sheep Potluck and the Ewes will be there. Come say hi! Or find us in the fleece judging on Friday and Saturday.

Soon Kelly will post her vacation photos. Check back here or stay tuned in the Two Ewes Ravelry group!

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