Ep 104: Flurry of Finishing and Starting

Kelly Locke

Lots of finished knitting, a fleece processing and spinning project, and a new warp are all on the show this week. We also pull two winners for Stephany Wilkes’ book, Raw Material. Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website: TwoEwesFiberAdventures.com. Join the community on Ravelry and discuss the episode, or contact us with your thoughts. twoewes@twoewesfiberadventures.com is our email address. We’d love to hear from you.

Kelly finished the Unice Unicorn Hood for her grandniece.

She also finished a second pair of Jo’s Perfect Slipper Socks. They are in one of the Western Sky Knits merino cashmere sport weight skeins that she has used for criss-cross colors in argyle socks. This is a perfect gift knit!

The bulky-weight, 6-shaft weaving is finished, too. It turned out a little too narrow to be a loom bench cushion so it is now out in the cat’s house as a warm and comfy sleeping pad. It was a great way to sample bulky weaving and the 6-shaft draft and to get used to the Macomber loom.

The argyle socks are almost finished. By the time the episode airs, they'll be finished.

Kelly wound warp to make a new weaving project for the 4-shaft table loom. The yarns are fairly thin and the sett will be 24 ends per inch. She plans to use this to warp back to front for the first time as part of the Winter Weave Along. Join in the weaving fun in our weaving discussion on Ravelry. She made a video (click here for part 1 and here for part 2) showing her stash and selection process.

Marsha hasn’t made any progress on her scarf, Slack Tide - Poststitch or her Rabbit - Claire Garland. But she has been busy working on her cardigan, Cloud Cover - Heidi Kirrmaier and her “vanilla” socks with Austerman Step with heels and toes in Knit Picks Stroll.

Marsha also pulled out a fleece she bought two years ago at the Black Sheep Gathering. It is a 6 pound Wensleydale x Corriedale x Merino cross she split with Kelly. The color is a beautiful dark chocolate espresso bean. Marsha talks about carding the fiber and using her diz for the first time.

Marsha also talks about her planning for her next sweater, SnowFlower, a pullover with colorwork and plans for dyeing the contrasting colors.

Kelly is planning to join in the Mystery Knit Along with Cozy Up Knits. She’ll be using the Two Ewes Replenish Rambouillet for a 3 color shawl in 5 weeks.

Stephany Wilkes has donated a copy of her book Raw Material: Working Wool in the West and the Ewes donated a second. We’ve chosen winners. Check out the episode to see who won! Stephany has another book event at Books Inc. in Berkeley, California on January 8, 2019 at 7 pm. In February she will be speaking at the Treadles to Threads guild meeting February 27 in Contra Costa.

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