Ep 126: Two Ewes Cooking-for-Days Adventures!

Kelly Locke


Marsha was a Marvelous Hostess for the Holidays and Kelly is considering a career as a Gingerbread Architect!  Holiday shenanigans meant the Ewes haven’t talked in awhile. Polling the Ravelry group led to splitting this MEGA episode into two regular episodes. This is the first of the pair. Join the community on Ravelry or become a patron and support the show on our Patreon Page.

We had lots of catching up to do so the fibery content starts late. Skip to about the 27:30 minute mark if you’d prefer to get right to the fiber adventures. In our conversation about Christmas I promised the Spruce Eats blog links to the gingerbread house recipes. Here they are:  

Structural Gingerbread

Royal Icing

Gingerbread House Tips

Kelly’s Projects

My newest cast on is a knitted Nativity from a Kit that my mom got me for Christmas.


I’m close to finishing the crocheted sweater! It’s the Habitat Cardigan crochet cardigan by Jess Coppom. I’m making it with the Lion Brand Heartland that is called for in the pattern. I’m doing the ribbing right now and I’ve made some modifications to the pattern due to my tight crocheting and maybe my choice of sweater size. I don’t think that the positive ease is built into the pattern. 

I’m still hooking along on the Dew Drop Shawl crochet shawl by Silke Terhorst.  My project is using a gradient handspun that I made from a Loop Bump in teal, purple, and gray. The rows are getting bigger and bigger as I go so they are taking a long time. 

I finished four towels (out of a warp of six) of my  Stashbuster Weaving. These dishtowels have yellow/gold/orange/brown tones in warp, and I used mostly a cream/yellow cotton weft. My favorite of the four towels I alternated wefts. I used the pattern LDLLD with the cream as the light and a gold cotolin as the weft. I also used pebbleweave and another twill variation so each towel was a different weave structure. They were given as gifts for Christmas. I will have to straighten out my warp before I tie back on. I had some tangling starting to happen and I’m not sure what I did wrong. It’s my first back to front warp and also my first time winding warp threads four at a time. Somehow in each bout of four there was twisting and tangling and it was ok until the end of the fourth towel. By that time the threads were so twisted it was affecting their ability to pull through the heddles as I advanced the warp. 

I’ve made two of the Mash it Up hats from the pattern Marsha talked about in a previous episode. I’m using sock yarn scraps that I had been saving for baby socks. I was tired of having so much and I wanted to deplete the jar. They will be charity hats. 

Marsha’s Projects

I finished a Mash It Up hat for Ben’s girlfriend using this free pattern by Babs Ausherman that uses sock yarn scraps. Great stash buster pattern. The first hat was too big so I knit a second (middle size) that fits great.

I also gave Ben and Bar each a skein of Shepherd’s Wool worsted to knit them an 1898 Hat. I hope to finish Bar’s before she leaves on January 9th.

I’m almost done with Shared Rib by Anne Hanson as a cowl.  Old Maiden Aunt fingering in the colorway Crimson Lips. Had a mistake and debated ripping back. Check the next episode to see how this ends!

The sequel to this cliff hanger episode will be published the weekend of January 4th!

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  • I have had the same problem with tangling warp when threading back to front. I think it is because I didn’t put fingers between the threads as I was measuring out the warp, so they were tangled initially. Maybe you could undo the remaining warp, comb out the tangles, then retie on and wind on?


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