Ep 127: Part 2 of the Mega (Butt) Episode

Kelly Locke


Marsha's projects, an upcoming trip, and hopes for the New Year. If you haven't heard episode 126, please go back to get all the fun!  Join the community on Ravelry or become a patron and support the show on our Patreon Page.

When last we heard from the Northwest heroine she had a dilemma. To rip back and use the correct needle size or keep going and bind off, leaving a mistake that probably no one would notice. What did she do? Read on and find out!

Marsha’s Projects

Almost done with Shared Rib by Anne Hanson as a cowl. Old Maiden Aunt fingering in the colorway Crimson Lips. I finished the six rows of ribbing and was about to bind off when I realized the ribbing was suppose to be worked with the smaller needles. Ripped back and knitted ribbing again.

Daphne’s Skull designed by Ellen Sibelius of Wooly Wonders is not quite finished.I haven’t picked it up since we last recorded. I’ve set a goal to finish it by Stitches West the end of February because KnittyBarb wants me to bring it to the show.

I’m about to start the toe decreases of the first sock of my John O Groats Socks using Yarns From the Plains fingering weight in the colorway Cumbrian View. I bought the yarn from the dyer at the Caithness Craft Retreat in May. The pattern I’m using is the sock recipe from Nancy Lindberg, NL7 Knit to Fit Socks.

Thinking about casting on a sweater either using New Lanark DK or Dovestone Baa Ram Ewe. Need a project for my trip to Iceland in January.

Fix it or Nix It Ended the first of January. Neither Marsha nor Kelly got their button bands reinforced, but there were a few fixes for each and Kelly nixed a few pairs of half-finished socks.

Marsha fixed the shelves of her curio cabinet. 


Winter Weave Along--Started October 15 in the Two Ewes Ravelry Group. This weave along goes until the end of March so you have plenty of time for weaving projects.

Stitches West is February 20-23 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. There is a podcaster meetup hosted by Yarniacs and 2 Knit Lit Chicks on Saturday the 22nd in the lobby bar area of the Hyatt (connected to the Convention Center).

Fiber Goals--do you have them?

Kelly is interested in the tension between goals, challenges and to-do lists, and the idea that fiber crafts are a hobby that we do for fun. Do you have more fun when you have goals and challenges or when you have wide open choices? We can discuss this on the Two Ewes Fiber Adventures Group on Ravelry. Come join the conversation!

Marsha’s Hopes for 2020

  • Health (weight, walking, core, knees, vitamins, attitude)

In this part of the conversation we talked a little about developing habits and the book The Power of Habit

  • Fun (fibery stuff, travel, cooking, agility)
  • Fiber (colorwork class, Mark’s afghan, spinning, more projects for others)

Here Kelly said that she is looking for balance in her hobbies so that she is able to do all of them.

  • Decreased governmental chaos

Marsha's distress and anxiety over the state of the country transcends political "sides" and led Kelly to add the following resource.

Bryan Stevenson on Hope

To hear an excellent discussion on hop by Bryan Stevenson, jump to about 55:30 in this episode of the Stay Tunedpodcast. Bryan Stevenson is a death penalty attorney who founded the Equal Justice Initiative. He is the author of the book Just Mercy (also being made into a movie). Kelly highly recommends listening to this short discussion on hope.

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