Ep 138: Is That a Glimmer of Hope?

Kelly Locke


Thoughts on the recent tough days precede our project talk in this episode.  Before the project talk, we spend some time talking about the protests for justice for Black Americans and against police violence that were sparked by the murder of George Floyd. Since we recorded there have been even more protests and maybe even some signs that maybe this time, change really is on the horizon. To find a list of organizations involved in this fight, check out the Ravelry front page dated May 31, 2020 with links to places you can contribute. And be sure to vote!

Marsha’s Projects:

I continue to work on Summer Fjord by Trin-Annelie using Quince & Co Sparrow in three colors. I’ve finished the yoke and knit about 8” of the body.  


I’m also working on foot of first Arne & Carlos sock. These ultra bright socks are for my brother, Mark.

Simple Shawl will probably stay on the back burner for awhile since I am swatching with Elemental Affects Cormo for the Holey Comfort cardigan by Hinterm Stein. I haven’t measured my gauge for the swatch yet, but will be doing that and starting the sweater soon.

I spent a glorious afternoon with my spinning wheel out on the deck. I am spinning a camel, merino and silk braid from Huckleberry Knits for our Summer Spin-A-Long.

Kelly’s Projects

I finished the Babydoll Southdown socks. I am much happier with the finished socks than I was with the knitting. The fabric is sturdy and warm, and I love the color. 


I also started, finished and even wore my Handspun Targhee Hat. This hat may end up in the donate pile since it was slightly tighter than I like for a hat. It’s nice and warm, but I find that a looser hat prevents “hat hair.”


I thought I finished spinning a brown targhee lamb fleece that I had carded and it was ready to go in the stash. I’ve spun about 1500 yards of a 3 ply (DK to worsted), although I lost about 100-200 yards in shrinkage when it was washed. I was thinking of knitting The Grandpa Cardigan by Joji Locateli, however, I’m unable to knit a swatch with the correct gauge and I’m not willing to do the modifications needed to use my tighter gauge for the pattern. So, I’m going to be swatching in stockinette and looking for a new pattern.

I started the Paving Mitts by Ellen Silva (twinsetellen). This is a fun, fast, Tunisian crochet pattern for mitts with a thumb gusset. This is a great pattern for using scraps, although I’m using two yarns from my stash.


I finally ripped and restarted Mariannes Cardigan by Trine Bertelsen. I’ve added a purl stitch in the center of each group of underarm stitches. This purl stitch will continue down the side of the top as a faux seam and will allow me to hide the alternating of skeins. The area where I was alternating skeins before was turning out to be very noticeable.

Summer Spin-In

The Summer Spin-In started on US Memorial Day (May 25) and will continue until US Labor Day (September 7). Join in the chat thread and show off your finished projects in the FO

threads. We will have a thread for finished spinning projects and we’ll also include a thread for finished projects made with handspun. So non-spinners can be included, too!

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