Ep 137: Ready for the Summer Spin-In

Kelly Locke

 Get ready for the Summer Spin-In! Wash and card fiber, spin yarn, knit with handspun. It all starts Monday, May 25. Join the community on Ravelry or become a patron and support the show on our Patreon Page.

Kelly’s Projects

I’m still working on the handspun  Babydoll Southdown socks. I’m not really enjoying the feel of the yarn, though. It’s a good workhorse yarn and the gauge is nice and tight for a hard wearing sock. It’s 100% wool--no nylon, silk or mohair for added strength, so that’s good. But the fabric doesn’t have the bounce of the yarn as I knit it. 

 I finished plying the Fleeber’s Farm Tasmanian Comeback. Light brown wool overdyed with red-orange. It’s 210 yards and 129 grams. That sounds like a heavier weight than worsted but it also feels like a heavier fiber--more like a longwool. 

 I started spinning a brown targhee lamb fleece that I had carded and ready to go in the stash. I’ve spun about 1000 yards of a 3 ply (DK to worsted). It was two boxes of carded batts. Now I have to card more of this fleece to get enough for a sweater. I’m thinking of knitting The Grandpa Cardigan by Joji Locateli . Also a possibility, but not quite as high on the list is  Que Sera by Kirsten Kapur.  This spinning (and now carding) project is really inspiring me for the Summer Spin-In. 

Marsha’s Projects:

I cast on Summer Fjord by Trin-Annelie using Quince & Co Sparrow in three colors. Kelly and our friend Janis both have yarn to cast this on, too. We got it last summer in the clearance bin at Tolt. 

 I’m working on foot of first Arne & Carlos sock. These ultra bright socks are for my brother, Mark.

I recently picked up a Simple Shawl by Jane Hunter that I started March 2018! Using Michael’s CWD in San Francisco Fog, to put it back in the knitting rotation, but I haven’t made much progress since the last episode. This will probably stay on the back burner for awhile since I am swatching with Elemental Affects Cormo for the Holey Comfort cardigan by Hinterm Stein 

Show us your pattern!

This giveaway is closing June 4th! How do you use your patterns and how do you store them?  Check out the Ravelry group to participate in the thread. We will be drawing winners on June 4th for some beautiful Duren Dyeworks worsted weight skeins. 

Summer Spin-In

Starting on Memorial Day (celebrated this year on May 25 in the US) we will have a Summer Spin-In. Join in the chat thread and show off your finished projects in the FO
threads. We will also include a thread for knitting with handspun. So non-spinners can be included, too.  

Other News

Kelly is doing an online dog training class with Fenzi Dog Sports and one of the things she is learning is how to do shaping with Bailey. This video shows a dog that is already skilled at figuring out a shaping training session learning how to do the shaped skill of putting two feet into a box. 

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  • Ladies I LOVE listening to you both! And you both have the most wonderful, infectious laughs! Lovely to hear you giggling with each other! Keep up the great work, I look forward to each and every episode! Best wishes from The UK, Fran x

    Francesca J quinn

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