Ep 136: Particularly Irreverent

Kelly Locke

It was a fun chat this episode after a long week. Knitting, old cookbooks, vintage Norwegian sweaters, and a few tangents! We also announced the winner of the Cosmic Crisp giveaway. Join the community on Ravelry or become a patron and support the show on our Patreon Page.

Marsha talked about finding photos of her family living in Norway in 1959 and the sweaters her parents bought.  Here is Marsha and her dad and the sweaters today.

Here is Marsha and her mother and her mother’s sweater today. 

And here is Marsha’s brother and his sweater today.

And finally, here is the ditto sheet Marsha’s parents gave to friends if they wanted to order a sweater for themselves.

Marsha has also been finding fun little cookbooks that companies would giveaway to promote their products plus old clipping from her great aunt.


Marsha’s Projects

Finished John O Groats socks made with Yarns From the Plain sock yarn.

I also cast on Summer Fjord by Trin-Annelie using Quince & Co Sparrow in three colors. Then I picked up a Simple Shawl by Jane Hunter that I started March 2018! The yarn I'm using is Michael’s CWD in San Francisco Fog.

There's a new project coming, too. I'm swatching with Elemental Effects Cormo for either Holey Comfort by Hinterm Stein or Waits by Bristol Ivy and I'm swatching with North Ronaldsay DK for a Phrancko custom sweater for Ben.

 Kelly’s Projects

I started a pair of socks using handspun Babydoll Southdown yarn. First sock is done and I went through some gyrations to use up as much yarn as I could while still doing a top down sock. I can see the benefit of toe up socks, but the problem solving gave my brain something to focus on that was kind of a fun puzzle.

I started another spinning project with some Fleeber’s Farm Tasmanian Comeback. It is light brown wool roving overdyed with red-orange. I’m planning a 2-ply dk to worsted weight yarn. One bobbin is spun.

Show Us Your Pattern. Closing June 4th!

Show us your pattern! In the Ravelry thread show us how your used patterns look and tell us how you store your patterns. Marsha’s patterns are folded and mutilated by the end of a project. She has friends who keep their patterns pristine.  Check out the Ravelry group to participate in the thread. 

Summer Spin Along Starts May 25 (US Memorial Day)

There’s currently a thread in the group for planning for this. It will start on May 25 so there is time to think and plan. 

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