Ep 15: Fits about Fit

Two Ewes

In this episode we have a phone conversation about what Marsha has finished, what both of us are currently working on, and the ever-perplexing topic of fit.  The Custom Fit patterns are a huge breakthrough and  have taught us a lot, but there are other components of how a sweater fits.  For example, the texture of the yarn and what we feel comfortable wearing. 

Marsha's Custom Fit version of the Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.

Marsha's Wisteria Shawl made with the Eidolon pattern by Lisa Mutch

In Progress for Awhile
Marsha's Tricolor and Pismo Beach Socks
Kelly has set aside her Frosty Mint Julep socks (Hoar Frost pattern by Louise Tilbrook) and the Niebling doily for the moment

Newly Cast On
Marsha's Blue Juno, in the Juno pattern by Yellowcosmo
We both started Crackerjack Cowls in honor of baseball season.  Kelly's cowl follows the SF Giants and Marsha's will be a scarf that follows the Seattle Mariners.

Warmth of Summer KAL Projects
Kelly is working on a cardigan in the Cherry Vanilla pattern by Thea Coleman in cotton, linen and silk threads held together.  She is also using this sweater for the Baby Cocktails KAL that Sarah and Kristi of the In a Sknit podcast are hosting.   And in order to continue with the Yarniacs "Love the Yarn you Have" challenge from the for the second quarter, she is also using coned yarn to make another Featherweight in cotton and linen.

Marsha is working on the Neskowin shell by Kay Hopkins.  This light shell is also in a summery cotton yarn.

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