Ep 171: Garter Squish Obsession

Marsha Failor


Moorit, a new crochet magazine and the Garter Squish obsession are topics in this episode. Plus, the Two Ewes are back at their respective homes and we talk about how it is going now that we are back to our “real lives”. 

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Marsha’s Projects

Atlas (Ravelry link) by Jared Flood using Navia Tradition. The pattern is also available at his website. No movement on this project.

Nanny Meier’s Tea Cozy by Amelia Carlsen. I am using Cascade 220 Heather in Red Wine Heather (9489) and green Irelande (2429). Bought shorter straight needles because mine were too long and kept hitting the arms of my chair. Bought needles at Seattle Recreative located in the Greenwood neighborhood that sells used crafting materials. I need to borrow Brian’s teapot to know when to start decreasing for the top of the tea cozy.

Garter Squish Blanket by Stephen West. Lots to report here! I am knitting with the third of nine balls of the background gradient and the seventh contrasting color. This blanket is so addictive! I needed to dye about 600 more yards of yarn of the contrasting color so bought 3 skeins of Cascade 220. I dyed them yesterday afternoon and I think the colors are gorgeous.

Kelly’s Projects

Dark Green Forest by Christina Korber-Reith. I’m making progress on the second sleeve.

Faye’s Flower Blanket, made with the Persian Tile Blanket pattern by Jane Crowfoot is almost done. I have an October 6 deadline for the birthday girl! I have triangles to crochet onto the edges and then the border.

New Crochet Magazine

Moorit Magazine has launched! Crochet along to celebrate Alyson’s great adventure! (Alyson of Keep Calm and Carry Yarn podcast)

Winter Weave Along

Starts October 15 and goes through the end of March.

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