Ep 172: Where Have We Been?

Marsha Failor

A Crochet-A-Long is starting, we have project updates and we reconnect after a hectic month.

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Marsha’s Projects

Atlas (Ravelry link) by Jared Flood using Navia Tradition. The pattern is also available at his website. I have made the tiniest bit of movement. JoAnn (momdiggity) came to my house to offer help with my colorwork. She was a tremendous help and it was lovely to finally meet her. My plan is to knit a swatch with #10 needles and then determine my next steps.

Nanny Meier’s Tea Cozy by Amelia Carlsen. I am using Cascade 220 Heather in Red Wine Heather (9489) and green Irelande (2429). Nothing to report here. Still waiting for Brian to measure his teapot so I know when to start decreasing for the top of the tea cozy.

Garter Squish Blanket by Stephen West. I am obsessed with this project! Knitting with main color #7 of a total of nine and started repeating the contrasting colors. I’m knitting #2 of the second set of contrasting colors.

garter stitch blanket with hand-dyed yarn

Cast on a pair of basic socks using Patons Kroy Socks in the colorway Meadow Stripes.

sock yarn and a barely started knit sock


Kelly’s Projects

Faye’s Flower Blanket, made with the Persian Tile Blanket pattern by Jane Crowfoot is done and delivered. 

Colorful crocheted blanket

Another finished project, already mailed and no pictures! Fennec hat by Alicia Weisberg-Roberts and worsted booties from a free Bernat pattern. Used Invictus Yarns Captain Superwash in the Driftaway color. From the Heavyweight yarn club, September. After I finished those I used acrylic scraps from the blanket to make a slightly larger striped hat and a pumpkin hat. 

Dark Green Forest by Christina Korber-Reith. The yarn is handspun and overdyed. It’s a 3-ply made from CVM fleece from deep stash (2005 ish).


Crochet Along Dates November 1 through Jan 10.

The new Crochet Magazine, Moorit Magazine, has launched! We’re having a Crochet-A-Long to celebrate Alyson Chu’s great adventure! (Alyson of Keep Calm and Carry Yarn podcast). 

If you need Crochet Along ideas:

Tiny Spider by Anastasia Kirs. Crocheted with thread on 0.4 or 0.5 mm hook!

Postmortem by Ann Wanamaker. It’s a coffin shaped piece of crocheted lace with a skeleton inside. Ana Wanamaker has some interesting Victorian creepy doilies. If you like Blue Willow or Calamity Ware, check out the Deathware pattern. Marsha should make it to hang on Mark’s wall of Blue Willow.

Pebblebrook Beanie by Wish Upon a Hook has an interesting stitch pattern and would look good with multiple colors. 

Bees in Clover by Michele duNaier

I wear my Habitat Cardigan a lot!

Daydream Shawl by Toni Lipsey. An Aran weight big chunky fringed shawl in Tunisian crochet. Check out all her patterns! 

Winter Weave Along

Starts October 15 and goes through the end of March.

Full Transcript

Marsha 0:03
Hi, this is Marsha

Kelly 0:04
and this is Kelly.

Marsha 0:05
We are the Two Ewes of Two Ewes Fiber Adventures. Thanks for stopping by.

Kelly 0:10
You'll hear about knitting, spinning, dyeing, crocheting, and just about anything else we can think of as a way to play with string.

Marsha 0:17
We blog and post show notes at Two Ewes Fiber Adventures dot com.

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And we invite you to join our Two Ewes Fiber Adventures group on Ravelry. I'm 1hundredprojects,

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and I am betterinmotion.

Kelly 0:31
We are both on Instagram and Ravelry. And we look forward to meeting you there.

Both 0:36
Enjoy the episode.

Marsha 0:42
Hi, Kelly.

Kelly 0:43
Hi, Marsha.

Marsha 0:45
How are you?

Kelly 0:45
I'm doing well. It's a it's been a month?

Marsha 0:51
I know,

Kelly 0:51
Or I could say it this way. It's been a month, or I could say it has been a month!

Marsha 0:59
Yes. Well, it's been a little challenging, right?

Kelly 1:03
Well, yes, I I'll just say that my teaching load is and you know, teaching online, you know, is is not back to normal, because I'm not, you know, I'm not teaching in the way that I'm normally used to. And in the past semesters, there was a little bit of grace, right, everybody was kind of giving each other grace. Well, you know, we have this deadline for this, but we're gonna relax it for you because of all this online teaching. And, and now this this academic year, it's kind of like, well, the pandemic's over so back to work. It's like,

Marsha 1:43
No, it's not over. No, not really over.

Kelly 1:47
I'm I'm still struggling with online teaching. And my students are still struggling with their lives. And anyway, so. But you know, all the usual academic calendar deadlines are, are all back in full force. So it used to be just like the essential things. You know, last year, it was just the essential things that were there. And this year, it's it's... we're back to everything. So I'm just struggling to keep up. Working really hard on the weekends, and then getting resentful and saying I'm going to take the whole day off and doing nothing. And then the next weekend means I'm really...

Marsha 1:47
kind of paying paying the price, huh?

Kelly 2:13
Yeah. So I'm behind on grading and so... but it's really nice to be talking to you!

Marsha 2:39
I know it's been a while. Yeah, I don't know if listeners know, but you edit the podcast and then you post it and I noticed it had been a while. We'd recorded but the one that episode 171 I think or 172? I can't remember. Anyway, but it had not been posted and I didn't want to call because I suspected what was going on.

Marsha 2:59
You didn't want to add to my pressure.

Marsha 3:02
I did not want to add any pressure to the pressure. So well,

Kelly 3:07
thanks, Yeah.

Marsha 3:09

Kelly 3:10
I'm I'm I'm glad to be back. I'm I am sitting out in the trailer today and the weather is gorgeous. It's 71 degrees. It's a little hot in the trailer because now that the sun is lower, it comes right in the window. So it gets hot in the afternoon if, you know, if the sun is out. But we had like close to two inches of rain in a twelve hour period.

Marsha 3:37
Well, I was gonna ask you about that earlier this week. Yeah.

Kelly 3:41
Yeah. We didn't have we didn't have anything like what some parts of California had that whole day. You know, we kept waiting and waiting and waiting and there was rain everywhere but didn't come as far south as us. You know, there was a gap in the middle of the state and we were part of that gap in the middle of the state that didn't get rain all day. But then we did finally get rain in the evening. And yeah, the dog dish. I always use the dog dish as my rain gauge. Those metal dog dishes were almost totally full! About two inches. So that was pretty cool.

Marsha 4:18
Yeah, it's nice to have rain.We've had rain here and we had a windstorm coming through. The day... was it... Oh, Sunday because I had gotten together with Kim. And we took the dogs to Magnuson and it was pouring down rain and then we went back to her house to have a cup of tea and hang out for a little bit before I went home. And it was... we got out of the car while the wind just kicked up. Super wild blowing and then I walked... then an hour... I was there for two hours probably and then beautiful sun came out. B ut when I walked home there's all little branches on the road and everything. So we've had a lot of high wind and I got home in the, you know, the picnic table cover had blown off, the grill cover had blown off. And so, to me, it was not...I mean just having a lot of rain here is not a big deal. Right. It's it's an it's a non conversation starter. The amount of rain we have.

Kelly 5:22
Yeah. Well, and yeah, I mean, I, I can't ever remember having that volume of rain in such a short period of time. I mean, just it doesn't do that here. Even when it does rain, we don't have that sort of soaking rain going for hours and hours and hours and hours. You know, I'll feel like it's a lot of rain, and it'll be less than an inch. So to get two inches in one overnight period is a lot.

Marsha 5:51
That's a lot.

Kelly 5:51
That's a lot. I think San Francisco got four inches in one day, which again, it's probably the record. That's probably record rainfall.

Marsha 6:02
And they were showing on the news that there was flooding in San Francisco. Yeah, I'm sure there's flooding everywhere.

Kelly 6:07
Yeah. And we didn't have... I mean, we have a... there's a dip in the road where the slough used to be that sometimes will flood and a couple of times has flooded enough that it has run onto the sidewalk, and then down into our yard. And and that didn't, you know, that didn't happen. Even during the night that didn't even happen. So we didn't have anything like with what they had in other areas. But I'm just grateful that the fire season is now... at least the the all the current fires are considered to be are considered to be out. So that's good. Yeah, they haven't declared the fire season officially over but but I think it's probably likely that that will come soon.

Marsha 6:58
So well, should we talk projects?

Kelly 7:01
Before we do? We do have just a little bit of housekeeping.

Marsha 7:04
Oh, yes, that's right. Let's. I have the notes.... I have the notes in front of me, Kelly!

Kelly 7:10
We're good! I know.

Marsha 7:13
Oh my gosh. So okay. Yes,

Kelly 7:17
Well, last time, we were gonna wait till the very next time to to draw winners for the three green sisters giveaway thread. And then it took me so long to get the episode up. So I just want to do this right now and get it out of the way. I did the drawing right before we came on the on the podcast, Marsha, and we have a winner. It's stash46, who is Janie from Ohio. And she had two bags that she picked out of their website that you know, to say these are ones I like, or that I think are particularly cute. And both of them were sheep bags. One was a fabric that has sort of whimsical sheep on it. And then the other one was the fabric that was designed by Sherry Magnuson with the Icelandic sheep. So... Oh, and I was gonna I, I need to tell you. So this morning, this is when I was doing the drawing, I thought, I'm just gonna look through this thread, you know, one last time. And I looked through the thread and then I thought, I think I'll just go over to the Three Green Sister's Etsy shop one last time.

Marsha 8:30
Oh, Kelly,

Kelly 8:31
and I bought a table runner. She had a table runner that is kind of a burgundy and gold. Chenille Brocade.

Marsha 8:42
Mm hmm.

Kelly 8:42
And it just looked like the dining room to me. So I bought it for Christmas. Because I have one that I use. I have one that I had been using for Christmas. And it it um, it had candle wax had dripped on it and it's not really washable. Well, it's washable, but it's it's like a stiff kind of a netting fabric.

Marsha 9:06
Mm hmm.

Kelly 9:07
The candle wax that dripped on it kind of went into the netting of the fabric and I can't really get it out. And I tried ironing it, you know, with a paper towel to get it. And it didn't really work. But I've still been using it last couple of years. I've used it with a big wax stain on it. Just kind of strategically position things. But I thought, you know what, I'll just get a new one. And that one can go. And Robert will like it because it's fancy.

Kelly 9:34
Mm hmm.

Kelly 9:34
And it's 70 inches long, which is long. Yeah, and my table is long. So I just thought this has been sitting here waiting for me to buy it. So I did.

Kelly 9:46
Good for you.

Kelly 9:49
Yeah, so and I got the 15% off. There's a coupon code. E w e s 2... the number two. That's good for 15% off until then end of the year. So I got my 15% off and I bought a new a new table runner.

Marsha 10:07
I'm looking at their site right now as you're talking.

Kelly 10:12
Oh, yeah. I don't think you won't be able to see the table runner than I bought. It has kind of the same pattern on it as the wallpaper. So, anyway, yeah. So Janie, send me your address, stash46 Janie from Ohio. Send me your address. And I'll get that information to Suzanne at Three Green Sisters.

Marsha 10:38
Yeah, very nice. Congratulations. Yeah, yes. I'm sorry. I'm distracted. I'm looking at the website. Okay, I'm gonna close out that window. And don't look at that right now.

Kelly 10:47
There were some cute bags in the thread that people that people picked out. I liked... I really liked the ones that were that embroidered fabric kind of like the draperies that you bought.

Marsha 11:00
Yeah, cuz I bought one of those.

Kelly 11:03
Yeah, there are, there were a few more of those that people had pointed out as being as being nice. And then there were a couple of smaller ones that were just real, springy. Looked like... reminded me of spring. A small yellow one and another kind of floral one that just reminded me of spring and I thought those would be cute for project bag that you you know, get out in the spring and feel like spring colors.

Marsha 11:29
I need to... I should look on the website to see about how you clean the bags too, because I shouldn't admit this, but I will admit this in the podcast, but I went to Portland, just on my own. I went down. I was down there... left Tuesday came back Friday. And one night I had gotten a beer at the in the lobby. And I went up and put it on the nightstand next to the bed and I was sitting on the bed working on my blanket, my garter squish blanket. And I was charging my phone. And I went to look at my phone. And when I pulled it it pulled a half... Well, almost a full beer.

Kelly 12:08
Oh no,

Marsha 12:09
A glass into my project bag!

Kelly 12:11
oh no!

Marsha 12:13
In it! And fortunately, thank goodness, I had the blanket out of the bag. And the yarn was in a plastic ziplock bag so that none of that got wet. But the whole bag, I mean it went in the bag!

Kelly 12:26

Marsha 12:27
So it's not... it just smells like beer. And I was sort of worried driving home that you don't speed because if you're pulled over. My whole car smelled like beer. So I need to wash it and I hesitate to put it in the washing machine. I think I'm

Kelly 12:41

Marsha 12:42
I think I need... I think what I'm gonna do is just soak it in the bath. So fill the bathtub up and put some soapy water and kind of hand wash it just because you can't... it's not stained or anything but...

Kelly 12:53
yeah, you poured a beer into your project bag.

Marsha 12:57
Yes. But I all I could think was I thank goodness that blanket was not in there.

Kelly 13:03
Yeah, well, that would wash too. But who wants to wash it when you're still knitting on it?

Marsha 13:08
Yeah. Yeah, that would have been a pain.

Kelly 13:11
You could contact Suzanne see what she suggests?

Marsha 13:14
Yeah, I may do that. Because I don't see it just initially on here. I don't see anything about washing it. Yeah, well, anyway. Okay. So

Kelly 13:23
Speaking of your projects.

Marsha 13:25
Yes, speaking of projects. So since I mentioned the garter squish blanket, I will talk about that. I am completely 100% obsessed with this blanket. I need to stop knitting on it occasionally. But I really am struggling to stop knitting on it. So I had... Kelly I originally had nine balls of the background-- the main color--and I am knitting with ball seven. So I only have two balls left

Kelly 14:01

Marsha 14:01
I have about a three inch cake of... about three inch cake of the color I'm working with now so I just have two more.

Kelly 14:10

Marsha 14:11
balls for the main color. And then I have to start... I'm knitting with the the second of the contrasting colors Okay, so like you know, I went 1 through 15 and now I'm now I'm starting back at 1 . I will say I don't know what I did with my math. But you remember the last time we recorded I had bought three skeins of Cascade to dye because I thought I was going to be short. I'm not sure... I don't know why I got my math off, but I did. So I really did not need to get those three skeins. So I think what I'm going to have to do now is I have... so what does that mean? That means I have 13 cakes or 13 colors of the contrasting that still would need-- in theory still need to go in. But they're not going to all fit in. So I think what I'm going to do is start... I don't know exactly what I'm going to do. I mean, it's not the end of the world, but I, I have some sort of intense colored ones. And I'm wondering if I need to sort of repeat those intense colored ones to balance it out a little bit? Or? I'm not really sure.

Kelly 15:30
Yeah, lay it out and see. Yeah, because we had an elaborate plan.

Marsha 15:38
Yes, yeah. So in all of that planning, when you come right down to it, I am just winging it. So yeah. So anyway, I died all that yarn, which was unnecessary, I think, well, but it really is kind of, it's just such a fun project.

Kelly 15:54
And everything you've shown, every picture you've shown me has been really pretty. So I have no doubt that regardless of the change of plans, it's still going to be really nice. Yeah, it's going to be pretty. And I see that-- I didn't write down the name, but I know that there was somebody in our group who was inspired to start one with a fingering weight. I'm just going to go check this out while you're talking.

Marsha 16:19
Yeah, anyway, so I don't know when... I mean, I don't know when I'm gonna finish it. But I'm going pretty quickly here. You know it because it does go really fast. Because it's your it's on size 13 neeedles.

Kelly 16:28
Yeah. Yeah. So it was Audreycat, who is doing a garter squish along with you now. Barbara, and she's using...well she showed us a picture of her swatch in the group. And she's using fingering weight three strands held together on a size 10 needle, so

Marsha 16:49
Okay, yeah, so I think that's gonna be a lot of fingering weight yarn, though. Think of the yardage she'll go through!

Kelly 16:55
I know that's gonna be really good. I think I mean, she shows a pile in her project page, she shows a pile of, you know, leftovers of fingering weight. And then also it looks like some full skeins. Some full skeins, quite a few skeins that look like only a bit has been used. And then and then there's a whole Ziploc bag full of, you know, the leftovers that you have after you make a pair of socks, for example. She has a whole Ziploc bag full of those. So the combination of full skeins and partial skeins. Oh, I think that that sounds like a really fun project. I don't have enough fingering weight yarns to do it. But I like... I have made fingering weight held triple hats, Baby Hats, and I really like them... talk about squish. That's going to be squish extreme! Because putting three strands together, I don't know, there's just so much air in there.

Marsha 17:58

Kelly 17:59
Plus the garter stitch itself is a squishy stitch. So wow, that's gonna be interesting to see I'm interested to keep having updates on her project. So Barbara, Audreycat, you're gonna have to keep us updated on your progress!

Marsha 18:20
So but the, but the, I want to say, the thing about this blanket now, it's so big that it's a little challenging. Okay, so like, right now we're recording I'm sitting here and knitting on it. But I have to sit close to the microphone. So I'm trying to figure out how to get it on my lap. You know, while I record.

Kelly 18:38
Yeah. Yeah. Get it on your lap.

Marsha 18:40
It's getting. It's not exactly portable. But I do take it is everywhere I go.

Kelly 18:46
Well, and it's good for knitting in bed because you have room if you're knitting on a bed, you have room for it. But if you're sitting in a chair somewhere that's maybe not quite.

Marsha 18:56
Yeah, it's kind of...you have to sort of hold it in your lap. Otherwise, if you just lay it on the floor, there's too much weight on the needles. You have to support it somehow. Anyway, yeah. It's really is a very, very addictive project. And I like I'm really glad I split the skeins in half. So I think that's part of this. You want to see what the next color is gonna look like. Right? So you know, when you were up here, I actually have enough yarn to make another one that the yarns all dyed. I wouldn't have to dye anything. But I think I would probably split the skeins. Yeah, just because it's...Yeah

Kelly 19:38
It's a little more fun I think. If you know you're going to get to the next color relatively soon. And I think it in some ways makes the blanket more interesting too. Because you've got more changes going on.

Marsha 19:54
And I will say the one thing that was different about this one, so the other one I made I always made sure that I changed colors on the same side. Because there is a definite.. if you... Like on garter stitch, if you change colors, sometimes on the wrong side it can look, you can... How do I describe that? Do you know what I'm saying?

Marsha 19:54
Yeah, you get like, a straight edge or a more jagged edge depending on when you join.

Marsha 19:57
Yeah. So the first one I made, I always made sure I changed it on the, you know, the right side so that all it had those very clean lines between colors. This one, it doesn't matter. But literally, you cannot tell. So what I basically I'm just doing spit splicing when I change colors, so I have... I just have the very beginning where I cast on is the only thing I have to weave in.

Kelly 20:49

Marsha 20:51
So yeah, there's really... Yeah, you can't tell the difference.

Kelly 20:56
That's very nice. Yeah, yeah.

Marsha 20:59
So it's cool. Okay, so, enough of that. I don't know what I'm going to talk about when I'm done with this. So I'm also...also on my list here of projects is the Nanny Meyer tea cozy that I'm making for my friend Brian. But you remember when we recorded, it's been since the last episode. You know, I'd asked him twice to measure his teapot. I still haven't heard from him. So I need to contact him and say, Could you please measure that? Because I haven't. I've not picked up that tea cozy

Kelly 21:31
in a month. Yeah,

Marsha 21:32
yeah, it's been a month.

Kelly 21:34
He needs to hop to it. If you want this tea, cozy, buddy. Give me the measurement!

Marsha 21:42
Um, and then I also cast on a pair of socks, using Paton's Croix sock in the colorway metal stripes. And this is the yarn I bought, when we were down at the beach together in September. And Mark and I went into Aberdeen and Hoquiam. And I bought this at in Hoquiam. At that little...when I was at the shop where I bought the knitting needles, right. I also bought some yarn. And as you know, I don't need any yarn, but I supported them. So I bought and so I cast on a pair of socks using that.

Kelly 22:15
Now that's good. And I need to cast on another pair of socks.

Marsha 22:19
And the yardage is not a lot. It's I guess it might be enough for you. So where is it here? Each ball is 166 yards. And I usually get like usually they're like 200 yards, right? So I may...I'm gonna, I've only knit about an inch of the... it's about two inches I've knit so not very much. I may get some other yarn for the heel and toes just to stretch it.

Kelly 22:50
Oh, yeah, that's a good idea. So that's a good idea. Do you have something?

Marsha 22:58
I looked and I don't really have anything because I I got rid of all my yarn!

Marsha 23:02
Oh, right!

Marsha 23:03
Two trash bags went to the goodwill. No, that's well actually, you know? Well, so I should say about the colors they're like. Like, it's a pink, a coral and a pale pink and aqua. Dark Aqua. Like a light apple green and a dark green. So it's very pastel colors. And I don't know, I did buy some yarn for the the t shirt that I made the Walk Along. Yeah. In a Navy. And I don't know if that would work.

Kelly 23:39
Oh, yeah. For heels and toes.

Marsha 23:42
For heels and toes. Yeah, because I use just a very little bit of it for the t shirt. And I don't ... I'm sitting here I didn't even think about it. So I didn't write this down. But I don't remember the name of the yarn. But it's it's 100% wool. And then in the sock in the ball of yarn a tucked in a little roll of, excuse me, nylon that you knit into it. And so I you know for socks, you would definitely want to have that nylon in there. So I could, maybe I'll try it and see what the Navy looks like with it.

Kelly 24:15
Yeah, I mean, it's just your heels and toes. So even if it doesn't look, fabulous. It's still fine.

Marsha 24:22
Yeah, yeah. Anyway, and then the other thing I want to talk about though, is the Atlas cardigan. Sorry, not a cardigan, the pullover that I'm making for my brother.

Kelly 24:33
Yeah, I want to hear about this.

Marsha 24:35
Yes, it's by Jared flood and I'm using Navia Traditions. Anyway, the last episode I was talking about how I was going to reach out to Joanne, momdiggity, who lives just a few blocks from me. And so she came over on Monday and brought some of her sweaters, which are beautiful. And we talked about color work and she thinks that she... her comments that she thought my color work was fine. She was really helpful. And I really appreciate her coming over. I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to do a swatch now of the yoke, the color work on size tens. So the sweater.. we... I've talked about this forever, but the body of sweater is on eights. The yoke is done on nines, you go up a size, I think I'm gonna go up to 10s. And I'm gonna do a swatch and see how I like it. Also, she was showing me how she knits color work. And what I was doing is what the the Jared Flood's tutorial, where you hold one color in your left hand, and you pick and the other color in your right hand, and you throw. And I wonder if too, if that's not my natural way of knitting, and it may throw it, I may have been pulling too tight. So she was showing how she doesn't pick it all. She always holds the yarn in her right hand, and she basically just drops the yarn and picks it up the next color drops that picks up the next color. And get there's no pulling at all with her knitting. Now, the other thing she said too, is a lot of the color work sweaters that she brought over, were fingering weight or DK, where I'm doing something that's a worsted weight or even a heavy worsted. So she said just the nature of the yarn, you're never going to have... the fabric with the color work is never going to feel like the fabric without the color work.

Kelly 26:37
Oh, that makes sense. Because the other sweater that you were saying, with your sweater from Iceland, that you were saying, well, the color work doesn't feel any different from the rest of the body of the sweater. Those are also finer yarns too, right?

Marsha 26:51
Well, it's...so the weight of the yarn is not. The weight of the yarn is like a worsted weight, probably. But it's so light, right? It's like a singles, they're singles, and they're full of air. Right. So it's a it's like a completely different yarn than this. Yeah, Navia Traditions is very dense. So woolly wool. And so she, I thought that was really good to hear that from somebody else who, who knows. Who does a lot of color work. Yeah. And as Joanne says, she's not a technical knitter, but she's just done so much. She kind of knows how it should feel. And she said, is just never going to feel that way. Because of the type of yarn is the reason why, yeah, and so I'm going to go up a needle size, do a swatch going up a needle size, I'm going to switch and not try and knit throw and pick at the same time. I'm just going to try dropping the yarn and picking up the other one and knitting that way. On this, on my swatch. And I'm going to see if, and then see what the gauges and how that's gonna translate to the yoke. Because when we were measuring an on Mark, remember, it's too small. It's too tight. around the circumference, right.

Kelly 28:13
But it's also too short. Correct.

Marsha 28:17
Right. And so, my, so I think I'm going to... so I guess my question is, do I need to go up? So the bodies a small, do I need to go up on to a medium on the yoke? I think I need to go to a medium on the yoke for the depth, right. But do I need to go to a medium in terms of the number of stitches around or just going to a larger needle size? Will that be okay?

Marsha 28:17
I don't think you'll know until you swatch

Marsha 28:24
Yes, I have to swatch because

Kelly 28:30
And your row gauge is going to be important in a way that... I never pay attention to row gauge, right? I never paid... Well, I shouldn't say that. I made a sideways sweater and I had to pay attention to row gauge right? But most of the time it doesn't really make any difference. So I don't pay attention to it and in this case it is going to make a difference because of the depth of the yoke.

Marsha 29:11
Yes, I agree. And as I... like I've never paid attention to row gauge and you should because I had the problem with that coral sweater, right? So anyway, so I got... it was really good to get her input .I really appreciated it and and it was nice to meet her.

Kelly 29:30

Marsha 29:31
So I'm going to... my first line is I'm going to rip out that I'm going to rip out the yoke. I thought, no, I'm not going to rip out the yoke until I do my swatch so I can compare.

Kelly 29:40
Oh that's really good idea. Mm hmm. Yeah. So

Marsha 29:44
So I have some work to do. And then the other thing to remember, not only do I have to make this the yoke longer, increase the depth because I was strangling marks armpits, but also I need to input more rows from where the color work stops up to the collar, because it... Do you remember it looked like a boat neck?

Kelly 30:07
Yeah. Yeah, sort of like a one of those... What do they call it? ballet? Ballet neckline? Yeah, yeah, maybe

Marsha 30:18
that's really what it's called ballet neckline.

Kelly 30:20
Well, I mean, I think they're, they're kind of similar. I mean, I've seen, I've seen men's sweaters with a boat neck. But the the neckline of this sweater looked very much like a more feminine sweater. I think. Yeah, it didn't really look like a man's.... It didn't look like the neckline you would traditionally see in a men's sweater.

Marsha 30:44
Yes. And I think the pictures don't look like that. Oh, yeah. And I think the problem is it's pulling because it's just not long enough. It's not doesn't have enough depth. So it's pulling. And the other thing, I might do, I mean, I don't need to decide today at all. But as I... when I get close to finishing it when I do the neckline, right now the neckline, you basically just do stockinette and bind off. I'm wondering if I might do stockinette and then do like a row at Pearl, and then stockinette and then attach it, like make it a little bit thicker? Because it does feel to me, it feels a little like you have this... the yoke is quite heavy. But then to have this sort of light collar. Yeah. Yeah, I'm gonna think about that, too.

Kelly 31:34
Yeah, that's a good idea. And I don't, I don't exactly remember how the collar looks. But sometimes when there's been a couple of sweaters that I've, that I've knit that I've thought, you know, I would really like this to be doubled. Kind of like in a commercial sweater. How the, like, the, the neckline is, is it's almost like it's faced, you know, it goes up and loops back in and, and connects back. And I kind of like, I kind of liked that look. And there's been a couple of sweaters that I've made that I've done. I think I would rather have had that in the neckline. But I didn't really know exactly how...I didn't know exactly how to do it. It was in a like a top down sweater. Like, I'm not sure I even would know how to do that. And I'm not going to restart it. But this you have the opportunity to do something like that if that's if that makes it look more more balanced. Yeah.

Marsha 32:36
So I have some work to do ahead of me. I have some work ahead of me. But I'm kind of thinking, you know, in hindsight... looking back at this I don't know that this is the right yarn for this sweater. I think you know... like Mark fell in love right? And he wanted color work. But I think it's a case of like me trying to... and I thought, I don't do-- I have not done color work, so I didn't really think about the fact that that may not be the best yarn right? For a color work sweater.

Kelly 33:09

Marsha 33:10
And you know how... you know how you look at the pattern and then you can pick yarns, like recommended yarns? Or like what other yarns people have...I should say on Ravelry I didn't say that. People probably know I mean that, but on Ravelry you can look up the pattern and see what other yarns. Nobody's used this yarn. There's a reason, because I think it's just a little bit too dense and heavy for this.

Kelly 33:37
So I'm looking right now at Navia Traditions. And let's see what they have for projects. They have pattern ideas but I'm just going to go and see what projects people have made. Oh here's a sweater. It looks really stiff. It's just a V neck sweater. And a V neck with ribbing in the V neck and ribbing on the sleeves on the waistline. Knit in pieces and seamed but it does look rather stiff. Now here's a color work one is called Sietsmas Troikia vielmehr

Marsha 34:23
Yes, I see that one that's actually very pretty. It looks nice. Mm hmm. So let me see what

Kelly 34:31
Somebody made a Felix sweater. That's the one, the raglan with the lace detail in the glan.

Marsha 34:37
So I'm just looking at this Troikia here. It's a... I think this is Norwegian or something. But it is the it says the yarn weight is bulky and they use nines is the largest and I think I need to go up to tens. I'm kind of curious...

Kelly 34:54
and the color was not as intricate so you don't have as many strands going across.

Marsha 35:01
I am looking though. There's a lot of people have made hats. Yeah, no way would I ever... No, I don't know, I just think it'd be so itchy.

Kelly 35:14
Now there's another sweater called Zappi Cats Dying Breed sweater. Yes, I see this has a colorwork yoke.

Marsha 35:23
Yeah. And what size? She used 10s. US 10. Oh, using US 10 needles for the color us eight for everything else. But you know the other thing too is you can't just people knit loose and they knit tight. So yeah, it's just kind of interesting. Here's somebody else. Wildcat, paus. Wildcats paus, she used six and eights.

Kelly 35:46
Okay, yeah. But I think, I think you're onto something.

Marsha 35:53
What am I onto? Which part of all of this?

Kelly 35:54
No, just the all the things I said-- just the fact that the the color work's not going to feel the same as the rest of the sweater, that you need to balance out the collar or the neck line thickness with the thickness of the yoke, color work. And information that you've gotten is probably going to make it a lot easier for you to kind of know what you have. Doing a new swatch on a, you know, bigger needles, and then just figuring out do you need to go up even a pattern size?

Marsha 36:04
Mm hmm. I like things fitting a little loose. Sometimes they can be too loose and they look frumpy and sloppy. But I don't like and I'm trying to... like with T shirts. I'm trying to make knit things now that fit more slim fitting. My brother really likes things slim fitting. Yeah. And I think this sweater, like Icelandic sweaters. They have to be kind of loose fitting. Yeah, really. They have to have a lot of ease because you are going to wear them over. You know, a Pendleton wool shirt or a flannel shirt because the sweater is really designed for being in the cold

Kelly 37:10

Marsha 37:11
It's outerwear. Yeah, yeah. should go out fishing in this sweater. He's never gonna go fishing! This sweater you would wear fishing and hunting, you know where you're sitting in a duck blind, right? he's never gonna do any of those

Kelly 37:24
ice fishin in one of those ice fishing huts?

Marsha 37:27
Yes, yeah, you drill a little hole in the ice. And yeah, yeah,

Kelly 37:31
that gives me the... I have to say, all of you who live in places where you actually can go out on ice and drill holes in it. And sit out there all day with a fishing line. That gives me the willies. The idea, the idea that you're on ice above all that water? I don't think I could make myself. I don't think I could actually make myself go out there. But you know, I'm a I'm a Coastal Californian. What do I know? [laughing]

Marsha 38:04
Anyway, so it's just been a really... Uh, this project, I have to say I was really hoping it'd be done. But it had, but I'd say I'm learning a lot. And that's good. That makes it interesting. And I'm grateful to Joanne that she came up and she had some really good input and and it was nice just to meet her and talk. She was at my house for about a little over two hours. And just it was really nice. Just talking tonher .

Kelly 38:32
To talk to a knitting person in person!

Marsha 38:36
Yeah, in person. Well, and I see so few people really, like all of us. You know, I think we're all...

Kelly 38:43
Yeah, I'm so looking forward to next semester when I actually get to be in my office and having students in my classroom. Yeah. Seeing my colleagues face to face and yeah, I'm really looking forward to that. So that's nice. I'm glad you got to get together.

Marsha 39:01
Yeah, yeah, it will. I'm sure we're gonna get together again too, for maybe knitting or something. And also, she's a hiker. Maybe we'll go hiking.

Kelly 39:09
Oh, yeah, there you go.

Marsha 39:11
Anyway, that's it, Kelly. So that's all I have for my projects. Okay. So how about you?

Kelly 39:17
So since the last episode, when I was realizing in my frantic calendar looking that the deadline for Faye's birthday was like four or five days away. I did finish the Persian Tile blanket that I'm calling Faye's Flower blanket. Yes, finished washed, dried, photographed, ends woven in. Thinking about your blanket and all the ends-- I had a lot of ends. Mostly I wove them in as I went, but there were still a few stragglers that I ended up having to weave in. And I got it delivered to her. For some reason I was thinking her birthday was the 10th at first, and then it was like, no, no, wait, it's the sixth. Well, I was wrong. It was the fifth. But I did get to deliver it to her on the sixth.

Marsha 40:08
So, okay.

Kelly 40:09
Yeah, she wasn't home. She was staying with her grandma, my sister, for her birthday as a birthday celebration. So she didn't. She didn't-- I didn't get to deliver it right to her. But, but yeah, it was a hit. So it's super cute. Yeah, the pictures. It's really beautiful. I really like it. I'm tempted to make another one. But I'm not going to start

Marsha 40:35
I have to ask was, was Faye as excited as everybody else was about it? ,

Kelly 40:39
Oh, no, you know that you can't, you can't count on a 7 year old... You can't count on a seven year old to be that excited about a blanket honestly.

Marsha 40:53
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Kelly 40:56
Or to show it in a way that yeah, it would be you know, yeah. But no, I'm sure she loves it and thinks it's really cool. And you know, she doesn't even rememberthe picture of the the thing made out of doilies. Like, I'm sure she doesn't even remember that. So, But I but I know she'll like it. She'll get a lot of use out of it over the years, so and I had a great time. So that's done, finished, off my plate. And of course, I have my Dark Green Forest out of overdyed handspun, from CVM fleece, and it's not had much love. A little bit of knitting over the course of the month. But I still have about, I think I maybe have about four inches, three to four inches of sleeve, the last sleeve to go. I'm kind of bored with it to be honest. You know, I don't like magic loop. And I'm doing the sleeves magic loop. Because I don't have exactly the size I need of needle in the size of the sleeve. So magic loop. It's just not that much fun. I have to count because of the cable, and I keep losing track of where I am. And wait, am I supposed to start the cable now? Did I mark off that last row? Or did I not? You know that kind of irritating stuff. So it's yeah, it's like not on my not on my list of like, things I most want to do when my day is over. So, but it's it'll get done. I mean, that fleece has been around since 2005. So you know, it's not like I need to finish it in the next week or anything. It's it's been around long enough that it's, you know, it might have a shock if I finished it too fast. [laughing]

Marsha 42:54
Yeah, yeah.

Kelly 42:55
So But meanwhile, Robert did come home from work and say that he had a friend who had a baby. And so would I make a hat and booties? And so I made a hat. I made the Fennec hat by Alicia Weisberg Roberts. And this pattern is I think really cute. It has a the I don't have a picture of my project because I didn't even think to take a picture of it. I have a siren going by I'm out in the trailer today because I had work... I have work on either end of this recording. I just didn't feel like packing all my stuff up. But anyway, it has a cute-- this hat pattern. It has a cute little point at the top. Not not like quite like a gnome, but sort of. There's just a hint of fairy or gnome in the in the shape of the head, don't you think?

Marsha 43:56
Yeah, there I'm looking at it and well, the baby's cute. Yeah. So yeah, you're right. And it's an interesting pattern because it has that. I don't know like what do you call it has like the yarns carry-- like slip stitch.

Kelly 44:10
It has a stitch pattern where you pull, like you slip a stitch and then you pull it over like three or four stitches. So okay, so you've got a yarn that's, you know, that's carrying horizontally around some stitches. And so that was kind of fun. It was a fun stitch pattern. It's a fast hat because I made the newborn size. And then I made worsted. It's called worsted booties. Actually, I'm not even sure that's really the name of it. The pattern doesn't even have like a title on it. It's from Bernat. And they're just their booties I've linked to them in the show notes. It's the standard kind of booty pattern that sort of looks like a boot at the bottom.

Marsha 44:56
Mm hmm.

Kelly 44:57
And then and then you do short rows for the toe when it comes up and you have a big cuff, so I made those and in the same yarn. I had been in the club Invictus yarns, Heavyweight Club, where it was there like everything above fingering, so I have some sport, some DK, some worsted, some chunky. And this was a worsted weight one that came in September. I think this was the last one I got, I think after this when I stopped I had done it for I think I'd done it for like six months, which was kind of fun. I got some different yarns and different weights that I don't have, you know, that I didn't have a lot of. So I used that. That superwash is a worsted superwash by Invictus yarns, in a blue and it's a kind of a blue and gray and teal colorway called Drift Away. And then I was done with those two and I thought I'll make another hat. So I used some of the scraps from Faye's blanket. And I made a hat, a striped hat in sort of some of the fall, more fall colors that were in the blanket. And then when I finished that I thought, oh, you know what, I have this orange and it's almost Halloween, I'll make a pumpkin hat. So I used some orange and green and made you know, one of those typical orange hat with a stem on top, made a couple of leaves and a little crocheted curly Q and so Robert mailed off the package. It had three hats in it and a pair of booties, and one you know the one hat and booties, the hat and booties that matched and then just a couple of extra hats. And the second hat I partially made it because I was afraid the newborn hat might be too small. You know, you never really know for sure. So I thought, Well, if the newborn hat's too small, I'll make a little bit bigger hat. And that way, you know, the baby can wear one of these hats. Or both of them, maybe. So, and then I made and then I just thought a pumpkin hat would be good. So I did that. And I I gave them all to Robert. I don't know what I was thinking. I gave them all the Robert and never took a picture. Not one picture. Not not the hat, not the booties. Nothing. So

Marsha 47:17
well, maybe they'll send a picture. Yeah, maybe they'll send a picture of the baby in the hat.

Kelly 47:25
Yeah, that would be good. Because then I would have at least a picture to put into my into my project page. So I could put a picture of the yarn in the project page. But you know the the heavyweight that Invictus yarn, Captain superwash. I could put a picture of that in but yeah, I have no picture of the project at all. So that's been my month. Finishing the tile blanket right after we talked last and then nothing. And then a few nights in a row working on hats and booties.

Marsha 48:01
I wish I knew somebody with a baby. I could make a hat. And

Kelly 48:04
I know

Marsha 48:05
Booties are so cute.

Kelly 48:06
I know.

Marsha 48:06
But I don't know any. That doesn't mean I can't knit them...and I could keep them until...

Kelly 48:09
Well, you could knit them, or you could knit them and you could see if there's a place you can donate baby stuff.

Marsha 48:15
Or maybe if I knit them somebody will have a baby. It's true. Like if you build it, they will come...

Kelly 48:24
That could be a little scary.

Marsha 48:27
Yeah. Ben's not old enough to have children.

Kelly 48:30
Well, he is... he is old enough.

Marsha 48:33
But he's shouldn't have them it. Yeah.

Kelly 48:37
Funny. So anyway, yeah. That's, that's my yarn projects. I have another project to talk about. It's a dog project of a sort. So it entertained my evening for a couple of evenings. So I had gotten the DNA test to do for Barry. And so I was afraid it was gonna be really hard to actually get that thing in his mouth and get enough DNA on it. But he was actually pretty good. I had Robert hold him and I stuck the thing in his mouth and scooped up enough DNA and sent it off. And so I get the results back. And one part of the result, I was really kind of surprised that his results were 94% German Shepherd DNA. Like that's a lot. He doesn't look that he looks like a mix. But but they said, you know, it's his distant background where there's is it's either his distant background or the distant background of his immediate ancestors that have, you know, some other, some other the other breed and the most likely other breeds that they that they gave me was Rottweiler. But because it's such a small amount, yes, because it's mixed and they're such a small amount, they couldn't be certain but but they suspect Rottweiler is one of the breeds in that in that mix, which makes sense, because he's such... he's so much more heavy boned. Right then a shepherd would be. Even now that he's lost weight. He just, he just has heavier bone. And I had asked one of the biology teachers at school would, you know, Would all of that excess weight at a young age actually cause the bone structure to be different?

Marsha 50:27
Mm hmm. And, and what do they say?

Kelly 50:31
Well, I didn't get really a good answer. It was kind of like, well, you know, dogs, genetic, No what's it called? Phenotypes, their look, essentially, the genes that create the look of a dog are so varied, right? Everything from a chihuahua to a Great Dane, even though it's the same species, that it's kind of hard to know if the changes in him would be due to that or just due to normal variation. But it is possible that, you know, the extra weight could have triggered a different way of the bone growing. Right? So not a very satisfying answer, honestly. I wanted... Well, I wanted to know, you know, exactly, could that happen? Could that create a dog that is just now going to be heavier? Not because he's overweight, but because he has now a bigger bone structure than he would have otherwise without all that extra nutrition?

Marsha 51:31
Well, I, I would say, I think it would, because I know that people, you know, who don't have as good nutrition, are shorter, they're smaller. So like, we, we used to be smaller. Right? So I don't know, it's plausible that if you have, like, if you have less nutrition, you're not going to be as tall, as big as if you have just healthy nutrition. But then if you go to the other side of having too much nutrition, that would make you heavier, maybe, I mean, you're not just fat, but just your bones.

Kelly 52:12
Right. Bigger.

Marsha 52:13
I don't know. Yeah, it makes sense. Yeah. If it can go one way could go the other way.

Kelly 52:16

Marsha 52:17
I don't know. Well, and like we're not scientists,

Kelly 52:19
Right. And as my friend said, you know, perhaps he's like the Shaquille O'Neal of German Shepherds. Like, you know, there are people that are just bigger.

Marsha 52:32

Kelly 52:32
And so that was her, that was so unsatisfying an answer. But then I got and then when I got the DNA results and saw Okay, so there's potentially Rottweiler back there that could have also shown up. But the best part of this, the best part of this is that they gave me a match to a potential sibling. 68% DNA match. Potential full sibling, I guess is what if you have that much DNA match, that indicates like a full sibling, and that

Marsha 53:09
could be same... That could be same litter or different litter, but same parents?

Kelly 53:14

Marsha 53:15

Kelly 53:15
So I was like, Okay, this is really cool. And the woman who had... Well, I'm assuming it was a woman. I don't know why I'm assuming that but I'm assuming it was a woman who did the DNA on this dog that is a potential sibling. She listed an Instagram account. So I went and looked at the Instagram account. I messaged her in Ancestry, and I also messaged her on Instagram.

Kelly breaking in while editing 53:40
Correction, I wasn't on Ancestry that's for people. I was on EMBARK the one for dogs.

Marsha 53:49
I'm gonna stop you there for one second. So you register your dog on Ancestry just like you do with people?

Kelly 53:55
Yeah, yeah, it was... It's not called ancestry, it was Embark is the one that I used,

Marsha 54:01

Kelly 54:01
It's like the same idea, that's the same idea. You can choose to make your information... to make certain amount of your information public. So that then if your dog matches another dog, they they'll let the other people know. You can also choose not to make that information public. And if your dog matches another dog, no one will know. But I wanted to know and I wanted to make my information available and so did she, which was lucky for me. So I went on to Instagram and I sent her a message about Beary and that I thought he was young. So I was trying to figure out... I thought he was not 8 years old like they told me. So I was trying to figure out his age, get some indication of his age. And were there other puppies at the SPCA when she adopted her dog? So she messaged me back and we spent one whole evening messaging back and forth on on Instagram. She messaged me back and she said yes, there were. Let me go find the picture. So she goes back into the SPCA social media. And she finds this picture of a whole litter of puppies and a post. So she sends me the link to the post and it's like "the San Francisco Giants puppy litter is available. Don't you want to start the baseball season (because it was March) with these cuties?" And it's got... there's, you know, Madison and Pence and Buster and then Brandon, all four giants, San Francisco Giants, on this date in 2018, which is when she got her puppy. And honest to God, one of those puppies... Right away when I saw the pictures like, oh, yeah, that one's Beary. And she said, I think it's the one on the far right. And I messaged her back and I said, No, it's the second one from the right. I just know it looks exactly like him and the ears are crooked like his ears. And his expression on his face looks just like his expression now. And so then she went back into the, I don't know if she was getting it from Facebook or Instagram. But she went back into the SPCA social media and got the individual baby picture. These are all like professional pictures that were done for their campaign, right? This individual baby picture of Beary and sends it to me. Oh my god! So, so cute. So I'm, I'm almost 100% sure. I mean, I feel 100% sure, but I guess I can't really be 100% sure that this is him. He was born in February of 2018. So he's three and a half. And he was adopted out with this litter of San Francisco Giants boys in March of 2018.

Marsha 56:45
So he's not eight? That's the take away?

Kelly 56:48
He is not eight. That's the takeaway. He is not 8!

Marsha 56:50
You don't have an old dog!

Kelly 56:51
No, I have a pair of youngsters, which is adding actually to my... you know, my lack of time for things. Because young dogs take time. And now I just... I don't just have one young dog and one old, you know, lay-in-the-patch-of-sunshine-on-the-carpet dog. I have two youngsters who need exercise, attention, brain stimulation. Fun and games. Yeah, training, all that.

Marsha 57:25

Kelly 57:25
So anyway, super exciting news. I was just... I was thrilled to have this information!

Marsha 57:33
So cool. Yeah. So, but it's interesting though, that Bailey... I'm sorry, Beary was Buster Posey. As a puppy they named him that but, and he was adopted out from the Monterey Bay SPCA, and that's where you got him, too.

Kelly 57:54

Marsha 57:55
So if he was turned back into the same, but they don't because he's not chipped right? So they wouldn't know.

Kelly 58:00

Marsha 58:01
he's not chipped right is he?

Kelly 58:02
He is chipped. Robert reminded me of this. He is chipped. But, but I'm wondering if the original... if maybe he... maybe they weren't chipping the dogs back in 2018. The, you know, the, the puppies? Maybe the puppies weren't chipped? Or if they were maybe with all of his weight they just couldn't... I mean, I have no idea how those work, you know, but maybe they just couldn't find it. If they just couldn't read it because of all the weight? Yeah, I don't know how the chips work, but it would seem like if he had been chipped as an SPCA dog, when they got him back, they would know that it was one of theirs. And I have no idea what happened to him after he got adopted out. That person could have given him to someone else.

Marsha 58:55
Mm hmm.

Kelly 58:56
But you know, the pandemic, so the pandemic could have caused somebody to have to give up their dog or their apartment or whatever. You know, you just don't know.

Kelly 59:07
Yeah, you don't know and that person, the people who adopted him may not have been the ones who surrendered him right, you know.

Marsha 59:14
So how they got eight, you know, I don't know, it was it was eight years, three months. It was so specific that I thought it was for sure an age that was told to them when he was surrendered to the SPCA. Because if they were going to make an estimate of his age, they wouldn't make an estimate. I don't think they would make an estimate that was that specific, you know? So, anyway, I don't... I don't know. I mean, maybe they estimated his age at eight when he came in, in January being you know, 60 some pounds overweight and low thyroid. And then and then it was three months later that we adopted him. So his age was now estimated as eight years, three months. That I have no idea about. But it's a, there's well, there's mystery here that we will never know.

Marsha 1:00:11
There's mystery and, and maybe he was three, someone wrote down three and someone read that as an eight.

Kelly 1:00:16
Yeah, that's true.

Marsha 1:00:17
You know, it could be a simple clerical error or typo, or...

Kelly 1:00:20
yeah, we'll never know. But I do know he has a sister who lives in Santa Cruz who looks a lot more like German Shepherds than he does.

Marsha 1:00:36
So I just think this is so cool. Yeah, able to get all this and find all ...Yeah, it's just it's very cool.

Kelly 1:00:44
Well, and it's, it was all dependent on the fact that that, you know, the other family got the DNA test and made their information available, and had an Instagram account, because I don't know that she would have ever noticed that she had a message in in Embark. I don't know, maybe they sent her a message. But a lot of times when you have something like that you put in an email address that you don't always look at, because you don't want commercial email. Right? So anyway, lots of lucky accidents, or coincidences, leading up to the fact that I now know that my boy is three, three and a half. And not eight.

Marsha 1:01:30
Well, if you weren't... even before you did the DNA, you were suspicious.

Kelly 1:01:36
Oh, yeah.

Marsha 1:01:36
That he was younger, because his teeth were so good.

Kelly 1:01:40
Mm hmm.

Kelly 1:01:42
And then as he lost weight he didn't actually

Kelly 1:01:46
He got very naughty

Marsha 1:01:49
Yeah, yeah.

Kelly 1:01:51
The more, weight he lost, the more naughty he got. And yeah, I mean, so if he was eight, when we got him, he'd be on his way to nine. And I this, he's not-- he wasn't acting like any eight or nine year old dog that I'd ever had. And we had dogs that did dog sports, you know, so they were not...they were not inactive dogs. And at the age of eight or nine, you could see the decline. You know, the, the lower amount of energy, the more desire to sleep in the sun. You know?

Marsha 1:02:29
[laughing] I'm sorry, I just--you're talking. I'm turning and looking over my shoulder at Enzo laying on the bed. Yes, flat as a pancake. He's gonna be--so he'll be six December 5 and he acts more like an old dog than a young dog.

Kelly 1:02:49
Yeah, no, Beary. So I suspected he was younger. But I didn't know. I didn't know how much and, and I couldn't be sure it was as young as... It's just knowing--and this is kind of silly too-- but knowing just changes everything. Right? It just...It means that I'm sort of having to reframe my view of who he is and what he's like and what his potential is. And what I need to be doing with him right now at this age. You know,

Marsha 1:03:24
Yeah, he needs a lot more brain stimulation. And more training, you know, and, and, you know, you can't go I have an eight and a half year old, almost nine year old dog, who's set his ways, I'm gonna let that slide.

Kelly 1:03:43

Marsha 1:03:43
That's just his thing, that's his thing. Now it's like, okay, well, we are going to change that!

Kelly 1:03:47
Right. Exactly. Yeah, exactly. You know, I wasn't planning to take him to class.

Marsha 1:03:55
I was gonna say he has no idea what's about to how his life is about to change.

Kelly 1:03:59
Exactly. Yeah, yeah. So anyway, but that so that was really good news. That was a fun little project. It was a couple of nights on the on the Instagram and, and then going back and I did my own little dig into the SPCA social media and I found a picture of him in January. When they did some campaign, some fundraising campaign and he was he was the dog that they had sitting there next to the giant check. You know, how, when they do fundraising things. They have those giant checks. So they had a giant check. And then Beary sitting there next to the giant check. Oh, and that was that on Instagram. That was on Instagram. Yeah. So so that was kind of fun. I had never, I don't know why but it never occurred to me to go digging through their, their Instagram account. And then there were two other pictures of him on Instagram that the were the same pictures that were on the website. So I had seen those pictures before. They were the ones that they had on the website when when I first saw him and decided we needed to rescue him. Give this old dog a few good years. Oh, my goodness! well, all right. Well, that's all the news from our end, Marsha.

Marsha 1:05:23

Kelly 1:05:26
We talked a little bit longer about him than I intended. I do want to talk about our crochet along. And maybe I will leave some of these patterns to talk about next time. But we're going to have a crochet along. We're going to start November 1 about when this goes out. And it's going to go through mid January like January 10. And this is inspired by the new crochet magazine that has come out Moorit magazine. We're gonna do this to celebrate Alison Chu. She's the editor. She's also the host of the Keep Calm and Carry Yarn podcast. And I'll just mention a couple of ideas today, since they're related to Halloween, which is coming up. The very first one I saw when I started looking in the hot right now crochet patterns is called Tiny Spider by Anastasia Kirs and is crocheted with thread on a 0.5 millimeter hook. It is so tiny. It's like a thumbnail size. And I'm sitting here at the table in the trailer and I have a point five millimeter mechanical pencil here. Like the hook that you would use is the diameter of a small mechanical pencil. The pencil lead I mean, that's just that blows my mind! But it's so

Marsha 1:06:55
It's like a little crocheted spider. That is like the size of a thumbnail.

Kelly 1:07:00
Yeah, amazing. You have to take a look at this. I am intrigued, but also, like I'm not sure I would ever want to do something like that.

Marsha 1:07:09
You could lose your project when you were working on it. If you set it down in the wrong place, you would lose your project.

Kelly 1:07:15
Exactly. It's so small. And then the other pattern that I saw and actually, if you go to her website, she has all kinds of miniature things. And the miniature things range in size from, you know, a bear that actually holds in your hand like a hand-sized crochet bear, to this thumbnail size spider, little rabbits that are also about thumbnail size. She has all kinds of miniature things on her website, but really cool Worth a look at her patterns! And then the other one that I saw is called Post Mortem. And it's by Anne Wanamaker and it's a coffin shaped piece of crocheted lace. And then the inside of the lace is a skeleton. It looks very Victorian. And a lot of her patterns have this sort of Victorian lace look, kind of creepy Victorian look.

Marsha 1:08:13
Mm hmm.

Kelly 1:08:13
And so that's there's that pattern, which I think would be really fun to make. And then I also noticed when I went to her website, because she has a lot of that kind of stuff. She has this one thing like a it's like a doily around pattern called Deathware and it looks like blue Willow except it has skulls in it. So it's like the size of a blue Willow plate. But it's got these this design that you wouldn't notice right away. You'd just think oh, it's a crocheted blue Willow plate kind of looking pattern.

Marsha 1:08:55
It reminds me of that Calamityware. Yeah, that has like zombies and like pterodactyls and zombie poodles on it.

Kelly 1:09:02
Yeah. No, it's it's really, it's really cool. It says on it that it's an intermediate to advanced crush. I think I would love to do it. But I don't know that I will. I don't know that I will do it. But that but then that skeleton in the coffin is kind of cool. That would be that's kind of a fun doily to have. I think so. Anyway, so I mentioned those two. I'll have a few others that I mentioned, that I mentioned. Oh, you know what? Might as well just mention them now since they're in the show notes. Yeah, so there's the Pebblebrook beanie by Wish Upon a Hook. And this would make a really good pattern for leftovers. Anyway, it's a nice puffy stitch pattern. And then there's a shawl by Michelle du Naier, Bees and Clover which caught my eye because of the bees. And then the other designer that I would would like, I would like to recommend people go look at is Toni Lipsey, T O N I, Toni Lipsey. And the thing that I saw that I put in the show notes is a Daydream Shawl. But she has a lot of crochet patterns, nice crochet patterns, garments, shawls, hats, just a whole wide variety of, of crochet patterns. But the shawl is a big chunky, fringed sort of Bohemian looking Triangle, triangle shawl, but it's made in Tunisian crochet. And I know that looks kind of cool. So those are some crochet patterns. And then finally, the one I'm wearing today is... well I was wearing this morning because it was cool... is the Habitat Cardigan. And I have a link to that in the show notes as well. So there's some things to get you started if you're interested in in joining us for the for the Crochet Along

Marsha 1:10:58
Well, and while you've been going through these, I've been looking at them and the the project pages and I this Pebblebrook Beanie is interesting, because it makes--like they look like bobbles kind of, you know, and so on the pattern page, it's like a solid color. But then if you look at some of the patterns, apparently they they've made the stripes but the stripes don't look like stripes. They look like dots. Yeah, different color dots kind of.

Kelly 1:11:27
I was thinking that would be a good one to use for my, my leftovers. You know, I can make quite a few of them out of the leftovers.

Marsha 1:11:37

Kelly 1:11:39
Sometimes, I mean, I like stripes. And I like doing the sort of fade kind of thing with leftovers. But sometimes sometimes you want something that's not quite that definite line of a stripe.

Marsha 1:11:53
Yeah. Oh, so this is cute pattern. Really cute stuff. I might, I don't really crochet a lot, but I'm interested in that beanie.

Kelly 1:12:01
That's pretty good. There you go. Yeah. And I if you are interested, though, for those people who really are thinking of doing a larger project, although she has some small projects, too. I do recommend looking at Toni Lipsey's page because she's got a lot of crochet patterns. And, you know, there's some really cute ones. A number of shawls, she's got a basket, I think... And oh, I need a basket to go in my bathroom. In that cabinet that I have in the bathroom. I can make a basket. So there are blankets and all kinds of stuff. So she's a pretty prolific pattern designer for crochet. And I would recommend taking a look at her. T L Yarn crafts. She has a blog. She has a blog T L yarn crafts. And then she also has her patterns on Ravelry. Yeah, okay, so check it out.

Marsha 1:13:01
Cool. So that's great. Well, hopefully you won't have to do too much editing to this. So.

Kelly 1:13:14
Yeah, well, and I'm, I've got some time carved out for it. So I'm not going to let that happen again. So okay. Yeah.

Marsha 1:13:22
All right. Okay, well, I guess on that note, we should say goodbye. All right, we're over an hour now I'm seeing here so.

Kelly 1:13:22
All right. Goodbye.

Marsha 1:13:32
Goodbye. I'll talk to you in two weeks. Okay.

Kelly 1:13:35
Okay. Bye.

Kelly 1:13:36
Thank you so much for listening. To subscribe to the podcast visit Two Ewes Fiber Adventures dot com

Marsha 1:13:43
Join us on our adventures on Ravelry and Instagram. I am betterinmotion and Kelly is 1hundredprojects.

Kelly 1:13:51
Until next time, we're the Two Ewes

Both 1:13:54
doing our part for world fleece!

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