Ep 181:From Ohio to the Faroe Islands: Listeners Report In

Marsha Failor


What a fun episode this week! Two listeners sent us reports on their travels to yarn shops from Ohio all the way to the Faroe Islands. Kelly and Marsha are together at Kelly’s house, so once again this episode will not be edited so we have more time to play with string.

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Marsha’s Projects: 

Meadow Stripe Socks using Patons Kroy Sock in the colorway, Meadow Stripes and Lang Yarns Jawoll Superwash fingering for the heels and toes. I’ve “lost” somewhere in my house the navy yarn for the toe.

Garter Squish Blanket On the seventh of fourteen contrasting colors 

I frogged the Phrancko Designs crew neck from Phrancko.com by Frank Jernigan as it was too small. I don’t think this is a problem with the Phrancko program but a problem with my gauge. I started a new sweater using Unpattern Top Down Raglan Pullover by Karen Alfke.

Still knitting on cowl with four colors green (Amazon), blue (Cornflower), light blue (Rain), and mauve (Plum) 

I’m spinning a 2lb bag of Manx Loaghton in my stash. This is a protected breed from the Isle of Man. I am using a woolen spun technique and have spun 5 skeins or approximately 400 yards 

Kelly’s Projects

I’m still working on spinning (Oxford this time) so I can keep working on the Garter Squish blanket using handspun leftovers. So far there is only one yarn that was from a commercial braid of fiber. All the rest are small mill or  hand carded and dyed by me. We’ll see if I’m able to continue that. 

I also started a Mielie vest. I’m using Schaeffer Yarn Company Little Danya mohair. Considered bulky so I did some modifications to the pattern. Color is Rosa Parks and it was spirit yarn from NoCKRs retreat in 2018. 

We Want to Hear You!

Give us a call and tell us about your favorite LYS!  Go to speakpipe.com/twoewes and leave a message. It will take 90 seconds or less. Or you can use the voice memo app on your phone and email us the audio file. We’ll put your voice feedback on the show!  

From Janie- Stash 46

Hear all about her LYS, Around the Table Yarns in Ohio. 

From Cat-Catitude:

Here is the last of the audio on The Faroe Islands. It's about Navia, the most visible yarn company both locally and internationally. They've done a neat thing: they designed vests and sweaters for a brand new detective series 'Trom' (available on viaplay.dk) which is set and filmed on the Faroes, the first of it's kind here on the islands. Scandinavia has a long standing tradition of thrillers and detectives, sometimes referred to as Nordic Noir. 

Some people may know the Danish series 'The Killing' (Forbrygdelse) from 2011 which features a very popular knitted sweater worn by detective Sarah Lund. That sweater was designed by Faroese fashion designers Gudrun & Gudrun and can therefore not be sold as a pattern. (Although there are charts floating around Ravelry, and it's easy to make up your own version. I've seen at least 30 Faroese people this week wearing a homemade sweater just like it, including children.) The sweaters are still being sold in all sizes by Gudrun & Gudrun here in Torshavn.

Navia wanted to get in on the action this time, and they worked together with the director and team who produced 'Trom'. One of the Navia-family members even wrote on the script. 

There are only 60.000 Faroese people (in total!) so you can imagine that a lot of locals were involved in the filming. The Mayor of Runavik, the third city here, even plays a part as a security guard! 

I talked at length with the lady in the Navia flagstore at the village of Toftir (in Faroese) about Trom. I included some short audio bits, might be fun to hear a totally different language!

She pointed out that there are also a lot of older knitted sweaters in the series, which makes sense because everyone here wears wool all the time. Lots to look at, even for knitters who are not into murder mysteries! And of course you get a glimpse of this fabulous archipelago.

She has also given permission for both the audio and her picture to go onto the podcast and shownotes, I told her about the Two Ewes and asked her permission specifically!

Audio "Navia Toftir": english info by me

Audio "What is Trom": she explains it's a detective series and Navia has designed vests and sweaters.

Audio "Nerd": she explains we knitters can really 'nerd out' when watching the series, as you can look at all the sweaters and knit them at the same time!

The patterns for Trom will be available in English on the Navia website shortly: www.Navia.fo

Also, please see pics for the beautiful store. 

Best wishes from your foreign correspondent :) :)  Cat

The Wool Islands video about the Faroe Islands 

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