Ep 182: Live, But Not From the Road

Marsha Failor

 Lots of the fun at the Northern California Knitting Retreat affectionately known as NoCKRs. Plus project updates, announcement of the winners of our Stitches West 2022 Celebration Giveaway, and a JUL Designs discount. We are still recording together at Kelly’s house in California so no editing again this episode.

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Jul Designs coupon code: 15% off with code TWOEWES

They have a wide variety

  • shawl pins
  • shawl cuffs
  • clever screw-on leather and metal closures 
  • sew-on metal closures 
  • “style tool kits” with a variety of the items
  • Bag handles
  • Free pattern downloads designed to use the closures and give ideas
  • jewelry

Marsha’s Projects: 

Garter Squish Blanket On the eighth of fourteen contrasting colors 

Unpattern Top Down Raglan Pullover by Karen Alfke. I have knit about 8 inches of the body.

I’m spinning a 2lb bag of Manx Loaghton in my stash. This is a protected breed from the Isle of Man. I am using a woolen spun technique and have spun 5 skeins or approximately 400 yards 

Kelly’s Projects:

The Garter Squish blanket using handspun leftovers.

Mielie vest using Schaeffer Yarn Company Little Danya mohair. Considered bulky so I did some modifications to the pattern. Color is Rosa Parks and it was spirit yarn from NoCKRs retreat in 2018. 

We Want to Hear You!

Give us a call and tell us about your favorite LYS!  Go to speakpipe.com/twoewes and leave a message. It will take 90 seconds or less. Or you can use the voice memo app on your phone and email us the audio file. We’ll put your voice feedback on the show!  

Stitches West 2022 Celebration Giveaway:

The giveaway ended on April 15. Thank you to everyone who participated. Listen to this episode to hear who won.

Stash-Busting Blanket Along

Ends May 31. We talked to so many people at NoCKRs retreat who were also blanketing along with us. Our friend Heddicraft actually finished her crochet flower blanket while at the retreat. We joked that she could use the Winter Weave(-In) Along to weave in all the ends. 

Here are pictures of our blankets so far and of us at the retreat.

Kelly and Marsha with Kelly's blanket

garter squish blankets


Black Sheep Gathering

June 24-26

Albany, Oregon

We will be at the event with details to follow.

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