Ep 186: Happiness Is a Neutral

Marsha Failor


So much to discuss in this episode! We met at the Black Sheep Gathering, in Oregon for a weekend packed with friends, sheep, and fiber. Plus, hear about  Harvest Host camping experiences, our ongoing Summer Spin In, and project updates.

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Black Sheep Gathering

Black Sheep Gathering

Kelly had lots of fun shopping for interesting bumps of roving at the Valley Oak Wool and Fiber Mill booth, plus a purchase of some Debouillet and California Red roving. 

She also got a small California Red fleece from Lynda Silk’s flock at the fleece show. 

Plus a flick carder, a vintage sweater and got Duncan Carder repair instructions.

Marsha bought a blending board from Celestial Farms, plus two braids from Eugene Textile Center.

On the drive to the Black Sheep Gathering, Marsha stopped at the Willamette Heritage Center for a mill tour.

Marsha’s Projects: 

Happiness by Kyle Kunnecke using Yarn Snob PowerBall. I finished the back of the sweater, set it aside to start front, and realized I did the ribbing wrong. It should be a broken rib and not a 2/2 ribbing. I had the, “I think it will be okay” conversation with myself, and decided to unravel and start over. I have knit front and back and joined in the round. Need to knit 9” until I reach the armholes where some shaping will begin. 


Spinning: I’m still spinning the Manx Loaghton. I have spun 768 yards, or 15.2 ounces, of a 2 pound bag of roving. 

I’ve been playing with my new blending board from Celestial Farms. I can make a rolag but cannot pull the fiber off the board with a dizz to make roving the way shown in YouTube videos. I still have some learning to do but it sure has been fun.

Blending Board

Blending Board Skein

Here is a video about a DIY blending board.

Kelly’s Projects:

Finished the shortie socks out of Tomato and Mink Falkland handspun yarn. 

Shortie Socks

Trip Knitting/Crochet: I started and finished three hats using Invictus Yarns worsted weight yarn. I finished the two flat mother bears and made a third. 

I started plying the Columbia fleece blended with tussah silk top. I was planning to spin all the singles first, but I plied one skein of 3-ply at Black Sheep Gathering so I could start spinning a new braid of fiber.

That new spinning project was 70/30 merino silk from Eugene Textile Center that I planned to ply with the merino silk that I bought from the Huckleberry Knits fiber close out. I had finished the Huckleberry Knits at BSG and wanted to start spinning a companion braid to ply it with. I am now starting to ply this yarn and I love the way it is coming out. 

Silk/Merino Skein

Summer Spin-In 

Started June 1 and goes until September 5. (US Labor Day)

If you are on Instagram use #summerspinin2022.

Prizes: Shibui yarn hat kit donated by Dagmar (Dagger51), Alpaca sample fiber set from Cathy (Straightfork), pint of maple syrup from Cathy, plus other fibery surprises. 

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