Ep 187: Knitting Happiness and Spinning Beauty

Marsha Failor

Our Summer Spin In 2022 is in progress and we both have doing lots of carding and spinning. Hear what we've been up to. 

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Marsha’s Projects: 

Happiness by Kyle Kunnecke using Yarn Snob PowerBall in the colorway Happiness. I’ve been knitting this sweater exclusively and have knit about 7” of the total 9” needed to start armhole shaping. 


Spinning: I’m still spinning the Manx Loaghton. I have spun 768 yards, or 15.2 ounces, of a 2 pound bag of roving. 

I finished spinning the fiber I blended on my new blending board from Celestial Farms. I have about 250 yards of worsted weight. I still have some learning to do but it sure has been fun experimenting with the board.

Blending Board

Started spinning the two 8 ounce braids I bought at Black Sheep Gathering. A corriedale cross and 70/30 merino/silk. I have finished one skein, a two ply of each single, and have about 260 yards/2.6 ounces. 


Kelly’s Projects:

Previously I had finished the Oxford blend that I had made with mohair and silk noil (about 600 yards of worsted weight) and I finished off a 3-ply sock weight with the Santa Cruz Island fleece that had been carded (about 2 ounces).

I finished the 70/30 merino silk plied with the Huckleberry Knits fiber close out. I love the way it turned out. I used the extra of the merino silk to make a skein that was just a two-ply of that yarn. About 8 ounces of the first batch and 4 ounces of the leftovers. 


I finished plying the Columbia fleece blended with tussah silk top. I got about 10 ounces of yarn.

I'm currently carding a black Shetland fleece (~3 lbs). I also skirted and sorted the California Red fleece that I bought at Black Sheep Gathering. 

raw fleece unrolled for skirting



Kath and Kim on Netflix

Summer Spin-In 

Started June 1 and goes until September 5. (US Labor Day)

If you are on Instagram use #summerspinin2022.

Prizes: Shibui yarn hat kit donated by Dagmar (Dagger51), Alpaca sample fiber set from Cathy (Straightfork), pint of maple syrup from Cathy, plus other fibery surprises. 

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