Ep 188: Summer Vacation Edition

Marsha Failor


Summer Vacation! Camping in The Club Car and beach trips along with spinning and fiber preparation. We've got to get it all in before summer ends. 

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Marsha’s Projects: 

Happiness by Kyle Kunnecke using Yarn Snob PowerBall in the colorway Happiness. I’ve started the armhole shaping. 

multicolored sweater in progress

Spinning: I’m still spinning the Manx Loaghton. I have spun 768 yards, or 15.2 ounces, of a 2 pound bag of roving. No work on this since the last episode.

Started spinning the two 8 ounce braids I bought at Black Sheep Gathering. A corriedale cross and 70/30 merino/silk. I have finished three skeins (two ply of each single) and have about 753 yards/7.1 ounces. 

Here is a link to the listing for my mother’s 1968 Ford that we said goodbye to. 

Kelly’s Projects:

Currently spinning and plying yarn from a black Shetland. So far I have about 430 yards and 190 grams. But they aren’t washed yet so the weight will probably go down a bit. I have another bobbin of yarn done and I’m about half finished with the carded batts. 

I’ve also started carding the Wensleydale X Cormo that was already washed and waiting to be processed. I’m about halfway through the carding and I have about 9 large batts. On average the fiber is about 4 inches long and very fine. It isn’t carding up like a long wool at all. The staple length is longer than the Shetland, but the batts are super dense and puffy like a cormo or a merino would be. I’m looking forward to spinning it. Pictures don't show it as dark as it actually is. 


CVM Hats, one is finished, one is on the needles.

Future project: Wensleydale x Lincoln fleece from 2003 into a lock woven rugs for the dogs for camping or for their pillows inside.


Kelly went on a camping trip to Dumbarton Quarry campground in Fremont, CA. The campground opened in August of 2021 and has an interesting history.

“Tuibun Ohlone Indians inhabited a nearby village for 2,000 years before the arrival of Europeans. Their descendants preserve Ohlone culture with programs and special events at adjacent Coyote Hills Regional Park. Subsequent land use has included ranching and farming. 

Dumbarton Quarry was in operation from the 1950s through 2007. Quarrying changed a 190-foot hill into a pit 22 acres across and 320 feet below sea level at the deepest point, making it the lowest human-made elevation in North America.

The E quarry took 12 years to fill using six million cubic yards of dirt from major construction projects in the Bay Area, including the Bart extension to San Jose. The top 50 feet of dirt was then compacted with a 10-ton weight suspended from a crane.”

Summer Spin-In 

Started June 1 and goes until September 5. (US Labor Day)

If you are on Instagram use #summerspinin2022. Post your chat and FOs in the Ravelry group. We'll draw prizes from all three. 

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