Ep 189: School Us On Minecraft

Marsha Failor

Summer, spinning, and carding are in full swing for us and we count down to the completion of our Summer Spin In. Plus, more camping adventures and some future project plans. And who the heck is Steve?

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Marsha’s Projects: 

Happiness by Kyle Kunnecke using Yarn Snob PowerBall in the colorway Happiness. I’ve knit about 2” of front armhole. 


Spinning: I’m still spinning the Manx Loaghton. I have spun 768 yards, or 15.2 ounces, of a 2 pound bag of roving. No work on this since the last episode.

Started spinning the two 8 ounce braids I bought at Black Sheep Gathering. A corriedale cross and 70/30 merino/silk. I have finished four skeins (two ply of each single) and have about 994 yards/9.6 ounces. 

Kelly’s Projects:

Finishing up spinning and plying yarn from a black Shetland. This fleece was purchased in 2017 at the Monterey County Wool show.

I plan to continue carding the Wensleydale X Cormo from Black Sheep Gathering in 2017. It was already washed and waiting to be carded or combed. I have about 9 large batts so far. On average the fiber is about 4 inches long and very fine. It isn’t carding up like a long wool at all. The staple length is longer than the Shetland, but the batts are super dense and puffy like a cormo or a merino would be. I won’t be spinning this right away since I need a break from spinning black yarn!

My next spinning project will be on the Wyatt Norwegian wheel. It’s been stored in the bedroom under its cover for quite awhile now. It’s time to get it out and start using it. The L’il Herbie spinning wheel needs a rest and repair. I’ve decided not to do it myself and will be working with our friend Stella and her husband Ron to get it professionally repaired.

Hats: finished the second CVM hat with an added stripe of some variegated leftovers to have enough yarn. Another hat is on the needles. This one is using those same variegated leftovers along with the brown targhee lamb handspun from my Dark and Stormy and some leftover Rauma Tumi, an alpaca and wool yarn in an acid green color. 

I am also considering a blanket project for my grand nephew. But I don't know anything about Minecraft. Minecraft Blanket


Kelly went on a camping trip to Casa de Fruta RV park where Vintage Camper Trailers was holding their Vintage Trailer Bootcamp. Robert took classes and Kelly sat in camp spinning yarn and spent time walking and training the dogs. 

This coming weekend (as this is published) is the Wool Show judging at the Monterey County Fairgrounds. Kelly hasn’t attended since 2018–broken foot and then pandemic… She’s planning to scope out some fleeces. 

Summer Spin-In 

Started June 1 and goes until September 5. (US Labor Day) Less than a month left!

If you are on Instagram use #summerspinin2022. You can also post in the Ravelry group.

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