Ep 209: Summer Spin In Pop Up Winners

Marsha Failor

 Our Summer Spin In continues with winners of our Pop-Up Giveaway. Plus project updates with fiber and beyond. An automotive project named “Raven” and “The Great Wall to Wall Carpet Removal Project” are in this episode. Join the community on Ravelry or become a patron and support the show on our Patreon Page.

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Weird Sisters Wool Emporium

Chelsea and Megan of the Weird Sisters Wool Emporium in Aberdeen, Washington, offer our listeners a 13% discount with promo code: TwoEwesAndWeirdSisters.  Code is active through July 31

Marsha’s Projects

Noromania: I am using 42 skeins of Noro Kureyon (Aran weight) to make a blanket for Mark. I’ve knit 67 inches and used 34 balls. I’m beginning to feel the end is in sight.

Anzula Socks: Using two shades of Anzula Dreamy (blue) and Squishy (coral) that I bought at Stitches 2022. Working on the foot of the second sock.

Flowers from My Garden: Starting a spinning project with fiber I bought at Stitches in March. I’ve spun three 3-ply skeins and am back to spinning singles.

Bankhead Hat: Using Dimond Laine Elmer Tweed worsted from Lamb & Kid in the colorways Fir and Farmhouse. Here are links to the tubular cast on tutorials from Brooklyn Tweed and Purl Soho. I’m about half way done. Using 2 stripes Farmhouse and 5 stripes Fir.

Rose Colored Glasses Towels: I’m calling these finished. Used a weaving kit from Gist Yarns to make two monk’s belt hand towels. I learned a lot on this project.


Great Wall to Wall Carpet Removal Project

Kelly’s Projects

I’m continuing the pair of socks for myself using the yarn from Purl 2 Walla Walla called Epicurean Kitchen. I’m on the foot of the second sock. I have a skein of Gay Pride Flag from Weird Sisters Wool Emporium waiting to be cast on for my next pair of socks (for a gift).

I finished spinning the Cormo x Merino x Wensleydale fleece. I have about 1500 yards of a 3-ply that is about fingering weight. The staple length gives the yarn a nice sheen but it is soft enough that most people could probably wear it in a pullover. This is a Black Sheep Gathering fleece from 2016. I still have another box of this for another project.


I’m now spinning the Corriedale x Targhee x Merino fleece where I dyed the wool and then carded. The batts are a nice heathered blue/purple and I’m spinning woolen. I have 9 ounces of the purple carded batts to spin. This is a Black Sheep Gathering fleece from 2017. I still have about 2 lbs of this fleece left and I was losing about 10% in the carding process on this fleece. 


I am also working on processing a Corriedale x Border Leicester from 2016. This fleece has nice long locks so I am doing the same as with the black fleece. I am flicking the locks before I feed them into the drum carder, trying to keep the fibers as aligned as possible (as is done in combing). With this fleece I’m pulling the batts off the carder through a diz and making nests of pseudo-combed top. This process has resulted in about 20% loss.  I think I’d like to finish processing the whole bag (about 36 ounces). I’ve processed about 8 ounces in the first batch and ended up with 6.25 ounces of nests.  I will probably use this for rug yarn. 


Pop Up Giveaway: 

Valley Oak Wool Mill:

California Red Roving 8oz

Targee/Alpaca Roving 8oz 

Debouillet Roving 2 oz

Shetland Roving 4 oz


Summer Spin In: Memorial Day - Labor Day, May 29 - September 4

Monterey Wool Show Fleece Judging–August 12 at Monterey County Fairgrounds

SF Pen Show August 25-27 in Millbrae 

Monterey County Wool Auction–September 4 at Monterey County Fairgrounds

Lambtown October 7-8 in Dixon

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