Ep 210: Why Block A Sock?

Marsha Failor

Why do some knitter's block socks after washing? We don’t and are wondering if there is an important reason to do so. We need input from our listeners. Plus, project updates, and lots of spinning as part of our Summer Spin In.

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Marsha’s Projects

Noromania: I am using 42 skeins of Noro Kureyon (Aran weight) to make a blanket for Mark. I’ve knit 70 inches and used 37 balls. I’m beginning to feel the end is in sight.

Flowers from My Garden: Starting a spinning project with fiber I bought at Stitches in March. I’ve spun three 3-ply skeins and am back to spinning singles. Spun one bobbin

Bankhead Hat: Using Dimond Laine Elmer Tweed worsted from Lamb & Kid in the colorways Fir and Farmhouse. Here are links to the tubular cast on tutorials from Brooklyn Tweed and Purl Soho. About to start decreases for the crown.

Great Wall to Wall Carpet Removal Project

In planning stage of Snowflower by Heidi Kirrmeier. Bought a different fourth color…rose! Also bought lime green and hot pink Cascade 220 to make a Lily Pulitzer inspired tea cozy to go with my Lily Pulitzer tray. Also bought Lang Yarn Jawol fingering in red, green and cream to make Santa’s Laundry Line by Eleonore von Castelmur. Suppose to use sock scraps but I don’t have any in Christmas colors. I do now! 

Kelly’s Projects

Finished socks for myself using the yarn from Purl 2 Walla Walla called Epicurean Kitchen.


Currently knitting socks using a skein of Gay Pride Flag from Weird Sisters Wool Emporium .

I finished spinning the Corriedale x Targhee x Merino fleece where I dyed the wool and then carded.  This is a Black Sheep Gathering fleece from 2017. I still have about 2 lbs of this fleece left and I was losing about 10% in the carding process on this fleece. 

I started and finished a 3 ounce braid of mixed BFL that was overdyed by Two Guys Yarn. It’s a two ply yarn in muted primary colors


I’m still working on processing a Corriedale x Border Leicester from 2016. I’m flicking the locks before I feed them into the drum carder, trying to keep the fibers as aligned as possible (as is done in combing). With this fleece I’m pulling the batts off the carder through a diz and making nests of pseudo-combed top. This process has resulted in about 20% loss.

I worked on the quilt and completed the eleventh circle of quilting out of twenty. 


Summer Spin In: Memorial Day - Labor Day, May 29 - September 4

Flock Fiber in Seattle August 4-6 Magnussen Park

Monterey Wool Show Fleece Judging–August 12 at Monterey County Fairgrounds

SF Pen Show August 25-27 in Millbrae 

Monterey County Wool Auction–September 4 at Monterey County Fairgrounds

Lambtown October 7-8 in Dixon

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