Ep 211: Falling Out of Love

Marsha Failor


Sometimes we fall a little out of love with things. In this episode we talk about needing a break from our projects and things we love so we can fall in love again.

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Marsha’s Projects

Anzula Socks: Finished.

Bankhead Hat: Finished.

Bankhead Hat

Noromania: I am using 42 skeins of Noro Kureyon (Aran weight) to make a blanket for Mark. I’ve knit 76 inches and used 39 balls. I’m beginning to feel the end is in sight.

Flowers from My Garden: Starting a spinning project with fiber I bought at Stitches in March. I’ve spun three 3-ply skeins. I’ve been having problems with my Dreaming Robots EEW 6.0 espinner for a few months and it stopped working while on my beach weekend where I planned on spinning the whole time. I emailed Maurice at Dreaming Robots and he diagnosed that the electric motor is defective and is sending me a new one. Not happy the motor failed, but very happy with the quick response from Maurice.

Snowflower: by Heidi Kirrmeier. Swatched for gauge and hope to cast on today.

Nanny Meier Tea Cozy: Inspired by Lily Pulitzer colors. Using Cascade 220 in hot pink and lime green.

Santa’s Laundry Line: by Eleonore von Castelmur. Using Lang Yarn Jawol fingering in red, green and cream and some left over fingering weight gray.

Great Wall to Wall Carpet Removal Project

Kelly’s Projects

Finished knitting the Pride socks using Weird Sisters Wool Emporium yarn. They turned out really pretty and I’m excited to give them away. 

I’m still working on processing a Corriedale x Border Leicester from 2016. I’m flicking the locks before I feed them into the drum carder, trying to keep the fibers as aligned as possible (as is done in combing). I’m pulling the batts off the carder through a diz and making nests of pseudo-combed top. I’ve done another 2 oz of this relatively slow process. 

Finished my mom’s Chicks in a Basket and finished the antlers on her reindeer ornaments. Why, oh, why did she choose these patterns?

Chicks in a Basket

Finished the dyeing up the remainder of the Corrie x Targhee x Merino fleece that I started this summer with the purple skeins. Once it was dry I started carding the red/orange dyed fleece into batts. I also have blue/green, blue, and a red, purple and natural batches to card. 




Summer Spin In: Memorial Day - Labor Day, May 29 - September 4

SF Pen Show August 25-27 in Millbrae 

Monterey County Wool Auction–September 4 at Monterey County Fairgrounds

Lambtown October 7-8 in Dixon


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