Ep 27: Swept Away by Crochet

Two Ewes

 In this episode Kelly and Marsha have lots to talk about!  So much, in fact, that part of it won't be heard here, but will be released as a bonus episode about fiber myth busting later this week. 

The Two Ewes Crochet-a-Long started October 1st and ends December 31st. To view the rules, check out our Ravelry Group thread.   We are thrilled that our listener Wendy of Knitty Kitty Bags has donated a project bag as a prize.  Check out her shop to see her beautiful stock.  Contact us if you would also like to add to the prize list!

Kelly talks about her crochet project,  Happypotamus by Heidi Bears.

Marsha reports on her beginning crochet class and her project, Virus Shawl.

Virus Shawl

Don't I look a little maniacal here?!

Marsha's Crackerjack Cowl

Kelly has also started a Color Affection that she is calling A Bigger Affection since she is modifying it (of course!) to use DK yarn and be as big as possible to use up some very old stash.  The peacock blue and the acid green have been waiting in stash to be used together for about 5 years!
Don't these just beg to be a Color Affection?

Marsha continues to work on her Lanata Cardigan by Amy Christoffers and her Antarktis Shawl by Janina Kallio.

Lanata Cardigan

Marsha also tells about the fabulous yarn she found at the Goodwill.

Goodwill yarn.

Kelly will be attending the Pacific International Quilt Show in San Jose on October 17th and 18th.

Marsha will be attending the Fiber Fusion in Monroe, Washington on October 17th and 18th.

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