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Ep 32: Happy B-Day to Ewe!

Two Ewes

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In this episode Kelly takes over the beginning of the podcast to throw Marsha a surprise virtual birthday party!  After some fiber adventurer friends give Marsha birthday wishes, the episode resumes with our knitting, spinning and yarny adventures.

Marsha has finished her Lanata, a lacy cardigan designed by Amy Christoffers.  The fit is perfect and she is wearing it while she podcasts!


Ep 27: Swept Away by Crochet

Two Ewes

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 In this episode Kelly and Marsha have lots to talk about!  So much, in fact, that part of it won't be heard here, but will be released as a bonus episode about fiber myth busting later this week. 

The Two Ewes Crochet-a-Long started October 1st and ends December 31st. To view the rules, check out our Ravelry Group thread.   We are thrilled that our listener Wendy of Knitty Kitty Bagshas donated...

Ep 26: Year in Rev-"Ewe"

Two Ewes

Tags CAL, crochet, knitting, podcast, spinning, wool, yarn

Kelly and Marsha are celebrating the first anniversary of the podcast!  To celebrate they first talk about all their knitting, spinning, and crochet projects and plans.  Then they have a conversation about the podcast and the past year.

Kelly finished her Cotton/Linen Featherweight making a few modifications to the beloved pattern by Hannah Fettig.
Featherweight Cardigan

This is her fourth...

Ep 25: What's in Marsha's Suitcase?

Two Ewes

Tags auction, crochet, friends, knitting, podcast, spinner, spinning, wool

In Episode 25 we discuss the purpose of Marsha's visit to Kelly....The Monterey County Fair Wool Auction! 
Marsha and Kelly at the Wool Show
This is a great destination for all knitters, spinners, and wool lovers!
Anne's Web spinners at the show.
Kelly discusses attending the judging the week prior to the auction. She explains the history of the wool auction, the judging categories and the criteria...