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Ep 25: What's in Marsha's Suitcase?

Two Ewes

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In Episode 25 we discuss the purpose of Marsha's visit to Kelly....The Monterey County Fair Wool Auction! 
Marsha and Kelly at the Wool Show
This is a great destination for all knitters, spinners, and wool lovers!
Anne's Web spinners at the show.
Kelly discusses attending the judging the week prior to the auction. She explains the history of the wool auction, the judging categories and the criteria...

Ep 22: Town Ewe and Country Ewe

Kelly is camping in her newly painted trailer known as "The Clubhouse."  It is a 10.5 foot, 1967 trailer that has been decorated in a San Francisco Giants theme.

They have camped in The Clubhouse for 3 summers, but this is the first trip after it got the new paint job, had some water damage repaired, and had the interior re-paneled. This episode includes an audio field trip to the Mt. Madonna...

The Opinionated Spinner: Knitting with Handspun


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I'm a Spinner. Note the capital S. I don't consider myself a Knitter, just a knitter. I came to yarn and fiber through my desire to spin. I first remember this desire at the age of 7 or 8 when I went to the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show and saw someone spinning their dog's fur. I remember thinking that was so cool! I have an early 1970s photo of a spinning wheel at the Renaissance Faire. This...