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The Opinionated Spinner: Knitting with Handspun


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I'm a Spinner. Note the capital S. I don't consider myself a Knitter, just a knitter. I came to yarn and fiber through my desire to spin. I first remember this desire at the age of 7 or 8 when I went to the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show and saw someone spinning their dog's fur. I remember thinking that was so cool! I have an early 1970s photo of a spinning wheel at the Renaissance Faire. This...

Ep. 4: And Thus Began Our Adventures

Two Ewes

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Marsha and Kelly talk about their current projects:

Marsha is working on her second Custom Fit sweater, the St. John Cardigan, with yarn (Rowan DK Soft) that she bought at a school auction. 

Kelly just finished her second Custom Fit sweater made with Berroco Remix.

She is currently working on a garter stitch stole that will be in a parallelogram shape. It is out of one of her...