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Ep 22: Town Ewe and Country Ewe

Kelly is camping in her newly painted trailer known as "The Clubhouse."  It is a 10.5 foot, 1967 trailer that has been decorated in a San Francisco Giants theme.

They have camped in The Clubhouse for 3 summers, but this is the first trip after it got the new paint job, had some water damage repaired, and had the interior re-paneled. This episode includes an audio field trip to the Mt. Madonna...

Ep 14: The Warmth of Summer--it's coming!

Two Ewes

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“What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” 
 --John Steinbeck 

The Two Ewes are having their first Knit-AlongJoin us in knitting summer items over the next three months.  For details, check out our Ravelry group.

In this episode we give updates on our Promise-ewe-ous Knitting Challenge. Some the of the projects are finished, some are taking their own sweet...

Ep 9: Promisc-Ewe-ous Knitting

Two Ewes

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Promisc-Ewe-ous knitting alert!  Marsha and Kelly throw caution to the wind and start an alarmingly large number of projects all at the same time! ;-)

Kelly finished her Gala Tunic (her monogamous knitting) just in time to wear it Christmas Eve. It was her only project for quite some time and she said during the Christmas break she was going to cut loose and cast on five...

Ep. 4: And Thus Began Our Adventures

Two Ewes

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Marsha and Kelly talk about their current projects:

Marsha is working on her second Custom Fit sweater, the St. John Cardigan, with yarn (Rowan DK Soft) that she bought at a school auction. 

Kelly just finished her second Custom Fit sweater made with Berroco Remix.

She is currently working on a garter stitch stole that will be in a parallelogram shape. It is out of one of her...