Ep. 4: And Thus Began Our Adventures

Two Ewes

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Marsha and Kelly talk about their current projects:

Marsha is working on her second Custom Fit sweater, the St. John Cardigan, with yarn (Rowan DK Soft) that she bought at a school auction. 

Kelly just finished her second Custom Fit sweater made with Berroco Remix.

She is currently working on a garter stitch stole that will be in a parallelogram shape.  It is out of one of her hand-dyed skeins, a variegated yarn in the color "Blue-eyed Giraffe."

They also talk about how they got started in the fiber arts.
My first skein of handspun yarn!

"I don't want a hobby with a lot of equipment," I said!

The L'il Herbie has been a great wheel!

A blanket woven with yarn that I took from sheep to finished project.

  Marsha talks about her great aunt Ruth Utterback who taught her to crochet. Aunt Ruth was a very elegant and fashionable woman. This picture of her was taken on a family trip to the Oregon coast around 1970. Marsha loves that she is wearing jewelry and scarf to visit the beach! It may not be clear in the picture, but she is also wearing a hairnet that has tiny pearls and a daisy that Marsha gave her. 

Great aunt Ruth Utterback.
Aunt Ruth's crocheted pot holders.
The red and green pot holder
 has the ric rac Marsha discusses.
Aunt Ruth's tea cozy.
Aunt Ruth's crocheted lace on pillowcases.
Marsha talks about the afghan her mother made for herself when she was a teenager in the 1940's. 
 Podie's afghan.
Marsha also talks about the first knitting project she made in the mid-80's in the knitting class she took from Karen Aho at Acorn Street Yarns

Marsha's first sweater.

Marsha couldn't find the sweater her mother Podie made, but she did come across the sweater Marsha made for her father Frank. He never wore the sweater bacause it was too big, too hot, and too heavy! Curious, Marsha weighed the sweater and discovered it weighs 2 pounds, 13.5 ounces. To put that in perspective, her Acorn Trail sweater weighs 14.2 ounces. :-)

This is the sweater Marsha made for her father, Frank.

Marsha's parents Podie and Frank
in the mid-80's.

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