Ep 28: Brain Like a Shaken Snow Globe--Again!

Two Ewes

The Two Ewes want to shine a spotlight on Front Range Bags by Nancy Totten.  
Nancy has generously offered a project bag from her shop to a lucky Two Ewes listener.  Kelly has one of her bags in SF Giants fabric and it's great!  High quality, nice and roomy, and lots of handy features. It was the perfect bag for the Crackerjack Cowl project during baseball season. To enter, take a look in the Front Range Bags shop and report back to the contest thread in the Ravelry group.  Tell us which bag you like best (exclusive of the custom orders) and let us know about your favorite features in the project bags you use. A winner will randomly selected during our podcast episode 30.  Thank you Nancy!  We appreciate the opportunity to spotlight your bags and your shop!

Marsha finished her AntarktisShawl by Janina Kallio.  The color is brighter than any photo can show!
Sunglasses required!
 Marsha continues to work on her Lanata Cardigan by Amy Christoffers and her Virus Shawl for the Two Ewes Crochet Along.

Kelly is continuing her crochet along project which she is calling Hippopotamine.  She is using the Happypotamus pattern by Heidi Bears.  She is also obsessed with finishing  A Bigger Affection using the Color Affection pattern by Veera Valimaki.

Color Obsession

A big oops! on the Crazy Vest needs to be repaired with surgery.  It's the Mielie pattern by Hilary Smith Callis.
Bad words might have been involved!
Kelly's only finished project is a swatch of 2-ply, handspun Wensleydale for the Knit British Breed Swatch Along.  Here is a link to the Knit British podcast episode and blog talking about the Swatch Along.  Kelly's swatch is also a sample of yarn she is now making for her Aunt Betty for a vest from the Wensleydale.
Wensleydale swatch
Marsha had a few "advent-ewes," one of which was Fiber Fusion, where she watched the fleece judging and succumbed to wool fumes and bought two more fleeces!  One is a silver Gotland and the other is Romeldale in a variegated color.

On the second day of Fiber Fusion, Marsha attended a class on how to select a fleece.  The class was taught by Judith McKenzie (a national treasure if ever there was one!).  Marsha also visited Yarnia in Portland.  At Yarnia customers create yarn by combining strands from multiple cones into one one-of-a-kind yarn. 

Kelly had an "advent-ewe" of her own at the Pacific International Quilt Fest.  This included a giant exhibit of mind-blowing textile art!  A photo gallery will be posted in a separate blog post. Meanwhile, here is a link to this year's competition winners!

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