Ep 34: What's New with Ewe?

Two Ewes

Knitting, some spinning, lots of yarn project planning, and some fiber processing are the highlights of this episode.  Kelly and Marsha do some goal setting with two-week goals and discussion of long-term projects.  Join our Two Ewes Ravelry Group to become part of the wonderful and supportive Two Ewes community and participate in knit or crochet alongs. ›

Kelly happily finished two projects that have been on the needles 9 months or more.  First, the Hoarfrost sock pattern by Louise Tillbrook was used to make the Frosty Mint Julep socks.

Second, Kelly finished the Niebling Doily!

Herbert Niebling lace patterns have an Arts and Crafts era style that is very distinctive.  The Doily Head blog has a great collection of Niebling eye candy for your enjoyment!  Kelly started her doily on Christmas day 2014 and finished it just over a year later.  It was a fun and challenging project and there will definitely be another Niebling on the needles at some point.

Most of Marsha's projects have not seen much progress since she has been working almost exclusively on her Mystery Wool Cardigan (#241 Neck Down V Neck Shaped Cardigan) by Diane Soucy. The body is almost finished.

She is also considering three T-shirt patterns for her next project.

Edie by Isabell Kraemer


Brandilyn Top by Quenna Lee


Ricky for All Seasons by Veera Sanon.


Marsha made two goals between now and the Two Ewes next episode. She will walk three times a week and add her training schedule to her calendar. Big Sur 21-Miler, here we come!

Her long term project goal is to complete the Garter Squish afghan by Stephen West.

This means unraveling the sweater she made for her father years ago to use as the main color. She has been collecting various colors of worsted yarn, plus some blank yarn to dye, to use for the second color.

Kelly has two new projects on the needles.  She is making a stockinette scarf for her husband.  It is being made with a LUSCIOUS merino and silk laceweight yarn from Bumblebirch.   Good thing the yarn is nice, because the project is on size 3 needles!

She also started a sweater using deep stash handspun!  The Funky Grandpa cardigan, by Maison Rililie Designs, will be a perfect pattern for this handspun yarn in both natural gray and overdyed colors.

Kelly's two week goal is to walk the correct mileage during the next two weeks.  No cheating on the training schedule.  She will also finish spinning 3 skeins of the Corriedale yarn that she is making for her Mom as a substitute for Shibui Pebble.  Long-term, Kelly will be working on putting together the quilt that she started in high school over 30 years ago!

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