Ep 53: Long Project Blues

Two Ewes

There is knitting in the show, but we spend the first 15 minutes in non-fiber chit chat.  Does that tell you how we feel about our knitting right now?  We are both in a project low right now with long term projects and projects in transition phases.  Finishing these items and the excitement of new cast-ons will come in time, but for right now we battle the long project blues.

Marsha's Projects

Marsha continues to work on the Stephen West Garter Squish afghan she is calling Frank's Spirit Yarn Afghan. She is working color twelve of fourteen and is ready to be done. It is hard to work on because it is getting so big and heavy. Definitely not portable!

Marsha has been highly distracted by her new addiction...wash cloths! She as made WAHMingIt by Amber Perry, Spa Day Facecloth by Anne Mancine, Atomic Washcloth by Nanette Cormack, and is working on Ballband Washcloth by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne.

WAHMingIt Washcloth

Spa Day Facecloth

Atomic Washcloth*
 * As I was writing the show notes I realized that I made the Atomic Washcloth completely wrong. The peach color should be stockinette and the blue garter stitch. Oh well. It's a design feature. :-)
Ballband Washcloth

Marsha is planning for her next project. She is looking at shawl patterns to use the Duren Dyeworks yarn she purchased at the NoCKR's retreat. Javala by Cailliau Berangere and Asunder by Lisa Mutch are under consideration.



Marsha is also inspired the the poncho discussion and thinks the universe is sending her a message because she found eight skeins of Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in navy at the Goodwill. Two possible poncho patterns are Easy Folded Poncho by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas and Mesa by Yumiko Alexander.

Kelly's Projects

Kelly has finished the knitting on the octopus and decided to wash and block before stuffing and sewing.  Sewing will be a loooooooong project with eight tentacles longer than sleeves, plus the underbelly.

The NoCKRs shawl came back out long enough for Kelly to make a mistake and then proceed for two more rows.  Now it is back in the bag awaiting a little tinking.  Ugh!  She did successfully start a new pair of socks just for knitting during the recording.  So now there are two pairs on the needles--both from yarns she bought this month at Lambtown. The green, yellow and orange pair are Invictus Yarns and the red, gray, and yellow pair are Duren Dyeworks.











Marsha wants to learn more about crochet. She loves Kelly's sweater Latticework Cardigan by Michelle DuNair. She also loves Irene Floral Lace Cardigan by Vicky Chan and Cairo Jacket by Doris Chan. There is an afghan call Modern Blanket of Flowers that is gorgeous, plus an intriguing shawl by Esther Sandorf called Stash Buster Blarf.

Upcoming Events

Kelly will be attending the Fibershed 2016 Wool and Fine Fiber Symposium on November 19.  The event has an interesting mix of talks-from fiber producers at one end of the fiber pipeline, to artisans and retailers on the other. 


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