Ep 57: Percolators, Ponchos, and Pendleton Woolens

Two Ewes

Podcasting about percolators, ponchos, and Pendleton woolens.  Plus, we have winners of the two giveaways!

Marsha's Projects

Marsha is making good progress on the Rodeo Drive poncho by Staci Perry.  She has been focused on this one project and is making good progress.  This despite a cabling accident caused by "knitting while podcasting" two weeks ago. 

Rodeo Drive Poncho.

Kelly's Projects

Kelly is continuing with the Curious Case of the Crazy Stitch Cardigan by Michele DuNaier.  She can't figure out why it seems to have two sides (since it is crocheted similar to the way garter stitch is knitted, doing the same thing on each side), but she thinks she now has it back on track.
Kelly has also been doing a small amount of spinning while sitting in the living room enjoying the Christmas tree.


Marsha visited the Pendleton Woolen Mill in Pendleton, Oregon.  She tells us all about the history of the company and the tour she had of the facility.

The wool that Pendleton uses is scoured in Texas--probably at the same facility that scoured the wool for the fabric in the fabric CSA that Kelly has purchased.  Here is a link to the scouring company and here is an article about the expansion of their scouring operation.

Here are some pictures of the Pendleton Woolen Mill and the milling process.

Pendleton Woolen Mill in Pendleton, Oregon


Making roving.


Weaving blankets

Lots of seven pound cones of yarn reading for weaving.

Marsha also discovered that the Beach Boys wore Pendleton shirts and called themselves the PendleTones.

Marsha's brother Mark splurged and bought a Pendleton blanket.

Pendleton blanket first side.

Reverse side.

Marsha was able to visit the mill because she was spending the weekend in Walla Walla, Washington, where she and Kelly attended Whitman College together.  She and Kelly reminisce about some of the familiar places and their college days.

Memorial Hall at Whitman College.

North Hall Dormitory, formerly Walla Walla Valley
General Hospital.

The entrance to North Hall where Kelly and Marsha met.


Two winners were drawn.  One lucky winner will be getting a skein of Countess Ablaze yarn and a totebag that the Countess was kind enough to throw in with Kelly's order.  The other will take home three skeins of Blacker Yarns from the Woolly Thistle Shop.  These skeins were contributed by Claire of the Woolly Thistle and the New Hampshire Knits podcast.

Upcoming Events

Kelly and Marsha will be attending Stitches West!  It starts on February 23, 2017 and that is also the deadline for the Great Poncho Adventure. 

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