Ep. 6: Here's to New Advent-ewes!

Two Ewes

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Marsha talks about her progress on her St. John Cardigan. She completed the first of her Merry Socks and cast on for the second sock.
First Merry Sock made with Punta
Yarns Merisock Hand Painted.
She is close to completing her St. John Cardigan and her needles can never be idle. Really, can anyone's? She talks about swatching with Hope 55 from Valkyrie Yarns & Fibers for her next project in her queue, the Featherweight Cardigan.

Valkyrie Yarns & Fibers Hope 55.
Kelly talks about her progress on the Gala tunic.  One side is done and the second side has been started.  No sleeves, so the end is near!  She hopes she looks this cute in the finished project ;-)

And then Marsha's reveals her BIG surprise! A Lil' Herbie spinning wheel. She discusses why she wanted a spinning wheel, why she wanted a Lil' Herbie, how she found it, and what it means to her.

Lil' Herbie safely strapped in
for the ride home.

Repaired, cleaned, waxed,
lubricated and ready to spin!

Signature, date, and number made. So cool!

Marsha's first yarn!

Yarn made with the merino fleece that
came with Lil' Herbie.

Kelly and Ben spinning on her Lil' Herbie.
Ben today. 

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Marsha, of course, talks about food. But, surprise, not Thanksgiving food! She made a Butterscotch Cream Roll Up (oops, she says caramel in the podcast) from her absolute favorite cake cookbook, Vintage Cakes by Julie Richardson the owner of Baker & Spice. Marsha got to visit the bakery on her recent trip to Portland Oregon.

Butterscotch Cream Roll Up.

"Mecca" :-)

Kelly talks about her sourdough starter.  This "pet" has been around almost a year now and is much less demanding than she originally thought.  The sourdough recipes that she uses the most are:
Rustic Sourdough bread from Instructables
Sourdough Pizza dough from Breadtopia
Pancakes from Yumarama
Biscuits from King Arthur flour

The website she liked the most when she was learning about sourdough starter was Sourdough Home with no-nonsense instructions.

Marsha talked about the college days so forgive them if they wax nostalgic and show a few pictures from the 80s of life at North Hall, Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington!

Kelly celebrating snow in front of North Hall.  Note the knitwear...to be discussed in future episode!

Robert makes Thanksgiving preparations in the North Hall (ex-hospital) kitchen. 

Marsha tries on her birthday present.  The perfect 80s sweatshirt!

Kelly and Marsha in 1983.

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