The Crazy Button Steward

Marsha Failor

Are you spinning as part of our Summer Spin In and the Tour de Fleece? Join us as we discuss our spinning and weaving projects and wonder why Marsha can't find buttons for her baby sweater. No worries, though. The crazy button steward will look through her collection of vintage buttons. 

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Marsha’s Projects

Socks: The Artful Ewe Clackamas. Finished first sock and cast on second sock.

Emotional Support Chicken: by Annette Corsino

Poppy Tee: by Jo Cottle. Cast on using Rowan Purelife Revive in the colorway Loam. Picked up in the NoCKRs destash room. Wish me luck on this project!

Kelly’s Projects

Ten strips are sewn together on the woven squares blanket. That is half of them. 

A sixth Mother Bear is finished. Lifetime bear #42.

Two bobbins of Jazzman (CVM x Merino x Columbia) have been spun and I started the third bobbin last night. Soft gray with some brown. This is a pretty fine fleece, very clean and well sheared. 

Suint Bath Shetland project

Pride dish towels in German Birdseye weave structure are almost done. I’m on the fourth towel out of five. 

Towel 1: Tabby treadling (rib weave). Gamp color technique making stripes with the same colors as weft.

Towel 2:  “Tromp as writ” treadling. Used half red and half orange.

Towel 3: Birdseye treadling. Used half turquoise blue and half green. 

Towel 4: 3-1 twill birdseye on edge. Switched to the TAW treadling for the main body of the towel. Was worried that all the floats would make the wrong type of fabric for a towel. This towel will be an interesting sample.

Use all the Spinning Tools Challenge: I spun a small amount of fiber on the tahkli and I’ve put it all into a project bag so I can easily do more. 

Summer Spin In

Started Memorial Day - Ends on Labor Day

May 27 - September 2

Tour de Fleece

June 29-July 21 along with the Tour de France

Spin every day of the tour.

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