Ep 148:A Little Therapy on Either End

Kelly Locke

Comments 10

 Two (count them two!) therapy sessions on this episode! Plus we talk design--both architectural and knitting. And wait, there’s more! A live FO and Winter Weave Along talk round out the show topics. 

Ep 147: Can Row Gauge Make That Much Difference?

Kelly Locke

Comments 3


Moving, organizing, dog training, questions about row gauge and surprisingly only one real project each! Nevertheless we persist with the chatting!

Ep 146: Inspiration from the Summer Spin-In

Kelly Locke

Comments 12


We chat about bonsai trees and sled dogs, recap the Summer Spin-In, and draw lots of winners!

Ep 145: Extreme Shawl Collars and Daring Knitting Repairs

Kelly Locke

Comments 6


Kelly dreams of an extreme shawl collar and Marsha takes on a daring knitting repair  Also, we have a coupon code for gorgeous bags at 3GreenSisters Etsy shop. Visit their site and use the code TWOEWES to get 15% off and free US shipping. 

Ep 144: Home Improvement Before Knitting

Kelly Locke

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Lots of home improvement talk (and some power tool noise) before we get down to the knitting this week.