Ep 165: Fiber Prep for Spinning and Some Rants

Marsha Failor


Wool fiber carding and preparation is our topic in this episode as our Summer Spin In continues. Current spinning and knitting projects along with a couple of rants are also on the program!

Ep 164: Pooling on the Left Breast 2.0

Kelly Locke


How to select a wool fleece and where to purchase a wool fleece are today's topics. This might cause money to fly out of your wallet so beware! Also, some interesting pooling shows up in an FO.

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Ep 163: Washing a Fleece and Drafting Techniques

Marsha Failor


Our Summer Spin In is underway and in this episode we answer listener questions on washing a fleece and drafting techniques.

Ep 162: Knitting with Handspun

Marsha Failor

In this episode we discuss knitting with handspun yarn, including estimating yardage, picking needle size, and selecting potential patterns. Kelly crochet's a blanket and Marsha is almost finished with her knit tee. 

Ep 161: Welcome Home Bear

Marsha Failor

Kelly shares happy news about adopting Bear, a big, sweet, eight year old shepherd. And Marsha has a surprise finish!