Ep 163: Washing a Fleece and Drafting Techniques

Marsha Failor


Our Summer Spin In is underway and in this episode we answer listener questions on washing a fleece and drafting techniques.

Ep 162: Knitting with Handspun

Marsha Failor

In this episode we discuss knitting with handspun yarn, including estimating yardage, picking needle size, and selecting potential patterns. Kelly crochet's a blanket and Marsha is almost finished with her knit tee. 

Ep 161: Welcome Home Bear

Marsha Failor

Kelly shares happy news about adopting Bear, a big, sweet, eight year old shepherd. And Marsha has a surprise finish!

Ep 160: Just a Few Ends to Weave

Marsha Failor

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This week we have lots of ends to weave and finished objects to discuss. 

Plus we announce the winners of our Winter Weave Along.

Ep 159: Spring Break Project Heaven and a Whole Lotta Tree Talk

Marsha Failor

Tree removal competes with Spring Break weaving and the stuffing of Frog and Toad for the content this week. You never know what you'll hear about on the Two Ewes show!