Ep 135: Finished Knits and Spins

Kelly Locke

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Live recording again this time! Two finished knitting projects, some “show and tell” and some finished spinning. Join the community on Ravelry and be part of the conversation!

Ep 134: Cabin Fever Dreams

Kelly Locke

It could be worse and Marsha's dreams prove it! Marsha has dreams of camping, training a horse in her house, and a line of people, six feet apart, waiting to rent rooms in her boarding house.

Ep 133: It Takes a Long Time to Talk About Nothing!

Kelly Locke

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Our first episode recorded while livestreaming! It takes a really long time to talk about nothing… Because we are recording live, people will actually see how long it takes! 

Livestream of Podcast Recording!

Kelly Locke

Hi everyone, Marsha and I are trying something different when we record on Thursday. We will be live on Zoom.

Ep 132: Suspected Yarn Bomber

Kelly Locke

Yarn talk, pandemic talk, and an eye-opening airport security experience. Full notes with photos and links can be found in the podcast section of our shop website: TwoEwesFiberAdventures.com. Join the community on Ravelry or become a patron and support the show on our Patreon Page.